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If India is proving to be a proud face amongst world's major economies, Rajasthan, especially Jaipur is the most sparkling charm on it. Welcoming you to JaipurKaleen.com, it is a privilege to spare such an intriguing introduction about Jaipur's origin along with its art and culture, mainly carpets and rugs. Jaipur city is the first planned yet erstwhile princely state established by the then Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in early 18th century. The ruler of Amber was very proud of this first planned city of desert. The vividity and vibrancy resting in its lively culture, tradition, monuments, and cuisine is simply yet astonishingly magnificent. The intriguing ‘Kalbelia' dance form to the spicy ‘ker-sangri', everything is unexampled about Jaipur.

Jaipur holds many surprises for somebody who is new to this land. Mostly, Jaipur handicrafts are peerless. They comprise of carved furniture, antiques, papier mache, pottery, outlasting paintings, Pichwais, miniature paintings, sculptures, clothing, accessories, handmade office accessories, toys, traditional games and many more things, which can be of interest.

To provide an insight in Jaipur carpets and rugs, this portal aims towards fulfilling this target. Carpets (also known as Kaleen in Kashmiri language) are woven all over India as a well paid business for weavers. Moreover, carpet is an English word and in India it is well known as carpet as well as ‘Kaleen'. Kaleen as carpets or kaleen as rugs are commonly used terms to address such materials for home furnishings and decorations. Carpets or kaleen in other forms are commonly seen as durries which are used to provide an inviting touch to your décor. Jaipur durries come into various lively colors and are exotic and comfortable. Unique blend of colors with hand spun add an exemplary and exciting imaginations to dreams.

Jaipur carpets are woven in both natural as well as artificial fibers. Natural fibers like wool, silk and jute provide safety from skin irritations whereas artificial polyester and nylon carpets are durable and easy to wash and dry. Kaleen love amongst customers is seen so deep-rooted that almost every house in India as well as abroad anticipates possessing one classy woven Jaipur kaleen covering their floors. However, taking care of kaleen rugs or kaleen carpets is also a very tedious job or else they easily lose their grace and sheen.

Below is a description about following types of fiber carpets:

* Wool- Kaleen woven with wool is mostly seen in high humid areas. Therefore, wool kaleen offer some best durability with impeccable finishing. Since wool is conveniently dyed and has excellent piling characteristic, they are an exact match for rough hilly areas. Even oriental kaleen and rugs are likely to be seen in wool. Although cotton foundation provides better strength, they need to be cleaned and protected. In fact, kaleen cleaning consists of four essential steps to save them from getting marred eventually. The following steps can be checked out by clicking on the link: http://www.jaipurrugsco.com/Cleaning_Tips.html

* Silk- Being a highly lustrous fiber, it is tensile too. Its lustrous factor overwhelms weavers at times and confuses them with the actual hue of the thread. Beautiful silk kaleen in rich decorated patterns come at great price. Sometimes they fashion woolen highlights too. Such stylish fibrous kaleen area rugs are preferred in areas with soft flooring and arid climatic conditions. Due to severe delicacy of the fiber they demand extensive care.

* Jute- Economical and favorite amongst masses, jute kaleen is woven in various mesmerizing as well as abstract patterns to woo customers. They act as a perfect example of kaleen area rugs or accent rugs. It may be a bad host in rainy areas or dampness but are versatile ones which can be woven, knitted, twisted, corded, sewn, or braided.

* Synthetic fibers- If one is quite carefree and wants quick maintenance with low nagging then nylon carpets are his best friend. Even polyester is considered an ideal synthetic kaleen material. However, it's not so durable but easy to maintain.

Various online retailers of kaleen and rugs offer some great looking yet vast product range to choose from. For example, Jaipur Rugs, one of the leading manufacturers of handmade carpets in India, is a giant in this field. They are a master in blending various colored threads and creating an ecstatic outcome into various kinds of kaleen and rugs. Their complete product catalogue is loaded with kaleen in:












Such is the diversity of kaleen provided to buyers that they showcase a whole wide range of luxurious and comfort trickle reflecting the essence of rural craftsmanship. Moreover, just like the awe-inspiring pantheon of gods in Hindu culture, these products endlessly provide choices as the pure bliss of happiness with satisfaction guaranteed.

India is a prime yet ideal tourist place to soothe and refresh your senses. It is the point of one of the oldest civilizations in the world and some attractive travel destinations to explore. Enriched with a vibrant culture to boast about, India provides a bamboozling tourism experience. Every year tourists come in great flocks for Jaipur vacations and roam around the city. Although tiresome, the complete itinerary becomes fabulously hectic. Great attractions such as temples, architecture, jam-packed streets like clammed sardines are all treasured within Jaipur photographs. Jaipur images flushed with happy pouts and royalty in background make some worthy Jaipur trips accomplished. Jaipur tourists always keep a Jaipur map handy, in case they miss out something. In addition, vacation in Jaipur provides a good tourism business to people here. After coming here, Jaipur tourists find ample number of boarding and lodging facilities.

Jaipur's best hotels comprise of five star ones like Rambagh Palace, Hotel Rajputana Palace and Hotel Jai Mahal Palace etc. Travelers always choose from lovely Jaipur resorts too, as traps to heavens yet close to nature. Jaipur bread and breakfast and Jaipur inns also prove to be a profitable haven to stay awhile. Nevertheless, Jaipur tourism department always helps out confused ones to find an appropriate accommodation.

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