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Delightfully, JaipurKaleenPark.com is the one of the authentic web windows to gather useful information and knowledge about Jaipur and one of its major economy boosters- Jaipur carpets. Also, known as the Pink City, because of color fuchsia, Jaipur is fairly mused as a city of romance too. Whenever one comes across the name Jaipur, synonyms like Jaipur tourism, its vibrant culture and tradition, and its lovely mouth-watering cuisine float in mind. Series of pink colored Jaipur bazaars appear as if a dream alley full with all required articles to buy. For a Jaipur traveler, Jaipur shopping is a treat to his wallet. Jaipur products, low at cost, always delight people who come for Jaipur vacations.

Coming back to the focus point, Jaipur carpets or kaleen are a major attraction as a consumer fetish. Kaleen as rugs and durries are also woven and sold in Jaipur. Such is the finishing, durability, and quality of Jaipur rugs and durries that they are even exported worldwide on demand. However, a small introduction on carpets is always required for beginners. Kaleen or carpets is a textile floor covering which comprises of an upper layer of “pile” attached to a backing. “Pile” of a kaleen is mostly made out of wool or cotton. Originally, these were hand woven or knotted whereas the Industrial Revolution accompanied it with machine made kaleen too. An ancient home décor born still continues to charm in the form of special Jaipur kaleen. In different forms, these manmade marvels actually woo customers.

In addition, kaleen is so amazingly woven in varied styles that it's simply awe-inspiring to be aware of such intricate and meticulous weaving. Impeccable styles and fashionable trends reflected by every unique piece of art as carpets or kaleen, rugs, durries, sumaks, and many more. You can find them embellishing every floor across the world. Be it your home or a professional center, kaleen epitomizes the beauty of the whole area. Innovation combined with matchless beauty yet accompanied with quality and durability turn Jaipur rugs peerless in its field. Suiting all pockets, buyers can choose from loaded inventories of various world renowned kaleen manufacturers such as Jaipur Rugs Company. Unbelievably, they always come up with newer yet admirable, designer as well as contemporary designs in all sections of their catalogs. Such cozy and tickling warm softness offered by such feathery marvels do provide a pleasurable feeling inside as if a happy walk in a green natural park with one's own beloveds. Sparing positive curves on pouts, kaleen is definitely a source of contention for many a proud owners. Nevertheless, these bristling darlings are just one more thing to require maintenance and upkeep.

Most kaleen owners, unknowingly, take it as an amusement park to be enjoyed in. In simpler terms, they always try to be playful and walk on kaleen with dirty shoes. Most number of homeowners come up with the obvious idea of vacuuming their carpets once or twice a month. However, this isn't enough always. In fact, enlightened consumers do get their kaleen professional cleaning too. In order to increase the longevity of one's own Jaipur carpets, below are some simple and basic points to follow:

* Try to avoid contact of kaleen with dirty shoes. They simply track dirt inside the set-up. Install a heavy duty door mat and wipe off the dirt before entering.

* In fact, everyday vacuuming actually helps and is a practical solution to half of your cleaning problems.

* Accidental spills on the kaleen should be cleaned immediately to prevent the stain to be a permanent addition to the room.

* In addition, cleaning as rubbing should be done carefully. Frantic rubbing would only spread the stain onto the kaleen and even weaken the threads.

* To clean, a mild soap or dish detergent is suggested. Shampoo is also another good option.

* In case of a liquid spill, try to weigh down the affected surface with a thick tissue or a towel. This would soak the excess liquid to seep through the woven material and save the back getting stained too.

* It is advised not to use any blow-dryers or iron to dry a stain. Apprehensively, it would seal the stain onto the kaleen.

Masterpieces spun with hands, special Jaipur kaleen with natural fibers are easy to breathe with. They are non-allergic to skin contrary to major misconceptions. In fact, kaleen or carpets act as traps for dirt or allergens and hold them to significant levels. According to a research on kaleen in 2002, two schools acted as subjects for the study conducted by Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and University of North Carolina (UNC) examiners, proper cleaning and maintenance of rooms with kaleen as carpets, contained lower levels of dust mites and allergens than rooms with hard surface floors. Similarly, recently a reputed paper titled "Carpet, Asthma and Allergies - Myth or Realty," by Dr. Mitchell Sauerhoff, Ph.D., DABT, studied on both positive and negative characteristics and long-held beliefs on carpets.

He said, “ ...based on the available science, carpet does not cause asthma or allergies and does not increase the incidence or severity of asthma or allergies symptoms. In fact, with respect to asthma and allergies, multiple studies have reported fewer allergy and asthma symptoms associated with carpet."

Skilled kaleen weavers who are underprivileged and downtrodden actually become able to sustain a decent standard of living with kaleen weaving. Thanks to various non-profit organizations like Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF) who sincerely work towards social upliftment of the poor. Started by Mr. N.K. Chaudhary, trustee of JRF, the foundation aims towards elevating the status of the innocent yet skilled kaleen craftsmen who are oppressed by tyrannical contractors. His enduring message to the world has persistently been to identify the power within. Thus, anybody can potentially change the world with his or her good deeds and saving the innocent. Over the years, Jaipur Rugs Foundation has been able to do welfare activities through respective government funding plans and has healed around 40000 people, all over the country.