HIV/Aids virus

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HIV/Aids Prevention and Support Survey Questioner

Dear Students

You are one of approximately 1000 university of Windsor students we are asking to complete a questionnaire designed to learn the best way to address the issue of HIV/Aids in at the University of Windsor. This survey conducted by Student Health Organization will be useful in understanding different social conditions contributing to the spread of the virus. We hope your participation in this survey will help us with knowledge and advice that we will apply in prevention of HIV among students. A response form is attached and we would appreciate your feedback on or before April 15, 2009

The purpose of this survey is to gather information on social conditions that contribute to the spread of HIV/Aids in among university students by looking at cultural conditions and day to day activities that people involve in related to HIV virus prevention.

Knowing the sensitivity of the information that we are asking you to provide, we should first assure you that this work is voluntary and confidential and anonymous, we will not be able to link or relate any result to a particular person. So feel free to provide us much information as possible

The result of this work will be submitted to the Canadian Aids organization in Toronto that will look for ways to support our lovely city in different areas related to disease prevention to support those who are infected.

There are organizations in Windsor including Windsor Aids Communities that provide HIV/Aids information and services so we hope your answer will help us with information to provide more and better services to students.

Attached are the questionnaires

Based on your personal experience and knowledge about HIV/Aids in your community please choose the most appropriate answer to the following questions by ticking on the empty square

Have you used intravenous drugs in the past year?

1) Yes

2) No

3) Don't know

Have you ever been treated for an STD in the past year?

1)  Yes

2)  No

3)  Don't know

Have you ever been given money in exchange for sex in the past year?

1) Yes

2) No

3) Don't know

Have you ever received money in exchange for sex in the past year?

1) Yes

2) No

3) don't know

Have you had anal sex without a condom in the past year?

1) Yes

2) No

3) Don't know

Have you ever had sex without condom?

1) Yes

2) No

3) Don't know

In the past 12 months has a health professional talked to you about preventing sexually transmitted diseases through condom use?

1) Yes

2) No

3) Don't know

Have you ever been tested for HIV?

1) Yes

2) No if no go to question 13

3) Don't know

What were the main reasons you had your [last] test for HIV?

1) ………………………………………………………………………………………

2) ………………………………………………………………………………………

3) ………………………………………………………………………………………

4) ………………………………………………………………………………………

10. What was your Test result?

1) Positive

2) negative

3) don't know

11. Did you partner also tested for HIV?

1) Yes

2) No

3) Don't know

12. If yes what was his test result?

1) Positive

2) Negative

3) Don't know

13. How useful was it for you to know your HIV status

Very Much somewhat neither somewhat very much

1) 2) 3) 3) 4)

Important      useless

Simple      complex

Recommendable      condemn Enjoyable      Loathsome

14. Beside each of the statements presented below, please indicate whether you strongly agree (SA), agree (A), Disagree (D), strongly disagree (SD), or are undecided (U)


1) HIV is a disease of poor people     

2) condoms should be proved free to people     

3) Most HIV infected people are sex workers     

4) Gays are the only infected people in Windsor     

5) Everybody should go for HIV test     

6) Women are at risk than men to get the virus     

7) Helping HIV infected people is wasted money     

15. Have you ever used condoms?

1) Yes

2) No

3) Don't know

16. If yes: Which of the following categories best describes your last experience using condoms? Would you say that your experience was?

1)  Very pleasant

2) Somewhat pleasant

3) Neither peasant nor unpleasant

4) Somewhat unpleasant

5) Unpleasant

17. Where do you get your condoms?

1) Buy

2) Get at the health clinics for free

3) My friend brings them others

4) Other places

18. If you buy condoms how much do you pay for a packet of three condoms?

1) $1.00- 5.00$

2) $5.00-10.00$

3) $10.00 above

19. How often do you use condom?

1) Every time

2) Sometime

3) Don't know

20. What is your age range?

1) 15-30

2) 31-40

3) 41- and above

21. What is you gender?

1) Male

2) Female

3) Don't know

Thank you for your participation and please return these forms to the mentioned address above

Party two

My survey will be studying university of Windsor students, as it is well known we have more than 15000 Undergraduates students and more than 1000 graduate as my population size. My focus in this research is to understand how social conditions contribute to the spread of HIV virus among university students by looking at their understanding, behavior as well as their mode of protection.

The most important part of this survey is to see how poor student understand the risk of getting the virus also look at what they have been doing to protect themselves.

In this survey we will use systematic sampling, as it is defined systematic sampling, sometime called interval sampling, means that there is a gap, or interval, between each selection. This is when we randomly select a starting point in our sampling frame and then select every kthcase systematically for inclusion in the sample. So with a population size of 16000 students, we realized to avoid biasness in this survey or reputation of some people twice using this method will help us give every student a change to participate in this survey and get as much information as possible from a variety of students across the campus to give us their understanding on this disease and how it affect them in general, but also look at how their life condition can contribute to their vulnerability of getting the virus.

Moreover knowing that each sampling method has it weakness, systematic sampling method is seen to be the most important method that should be applied in this study due to the following reasons.

First we have a large population size so using simple random sampling might not be easy. As it was explained in class, simple random sampling Feasible only with the simplest sampling frame and is not the most accurate method available. Other method that we lent in class like stratification sampling have similar limitations as SRS and It requires that the sampling frame contains information regarding the stratifying variable it is also bias because it chooses who should fill the form. However beside stratification sampling weakness it could be used if we were looking at the difference between two different groups or if there was an indication that some people might not be represented which was not the case in this survey with the student roster there are high probability of every student group to be represented. The last sampling method that could have been applied is cluster sampling but it was seen as a west of time to use this because our populations are all together and we have the easiest method to get them. In short we used the systematic sampling because it seen to be the most appropriates sampling method.

Further more in this work we will use the university of Windsor student roster as our sampling frame. We will get this list of all 2009- 2010 registered students from the registration office.

It is well known that the more sample you have the better for generalization, for me to have a good understanding of students' life condition and their risks of getting the virus I will be using a sample size of 1000 students; with this sample size we will have a sampling ration of 0.0625 and sampling interval of 16 students with 7 as starting point. This survey will be cheap to contact because all these students are at school and as mentioned above it will make sense if we generalize from these students, because they are randomly selected and it is a big sample size that represents the whole population.

In conclusion my survey will be studying university of Windsor students life conditions and how these conditions contributes to the spread of the HIV virus at the campus, as said in my paper poverty and others conditions are know to be the main source of the infections because they make people vulnerable to a life that can affect them for example prostitution, drugs and others risky behaviors. we will use systematic sampling as the method to study this group because it is well define and to avoid west of money and time systematic method can give us the best result, our sampling frame will be university of Windsor university roster with a sample size of 1000 students so we believe this will allow us to make a generalization as we have a large sample size.