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James Dyson and the Cyclonic vacuum cleaner.


James Dyson is the sort of person who solves problems that others can't and he enjoys making products better. He has been one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. This report will highlight the most famous and influential design he created - the first bag less vacuum cleaner, but will also touch on some of his more obscure designs and one of his latest creations.

Dyson the History

Born in Norfolk on the 2nd of May 1947 James Dyson is the youngest of three children. He was educated at Gresham's School followed then went on to study art at The Royal College of Art London. James Dyson then went on to study industrial design in the Sixties due to not liking his time at The Royal College of Art London.

Previous Designs

James' first graduate job in 1970 was the design, marketing and sales of a product called 'Sea Truck'. This was a boat that was designed to be able to transport equipment, stores and also livestock between islands.

James Dyson's first solo venture was the ball-barrow. This was a standard wheelbarrow design with a couple of changes. One of these changes was the introduction of a new plastic bin which differed from the old which was metal and tented to rust easily. But biggest change he made to the wheelbarrow was he replaced the original thin wheel with a large red pneumatic ball that helped to spread the weight of the wheelbarrow this meant that the ball-barrow could be used on softer ground. The sale of the ball-barrow grew steadily. But the company hit a barrier due to a patent infringement in the USA, which lead to James leaving the company.

The next design that James designed was the Trolley-Ball which was a boat launcher that floats on the water and will not sink in the sand due to the use of the same technology that is used in the ball-barrow. The signature large red pneumatic ball.

One of James Dyson's latest designs is the 'Dyson Air Multiplier™' it is a bladeless fan that was created by James and his team of designers. The design works by accelerating the air through annular aperture and over a 16° aerofoil ramp creating an uninterrupted flow of air through the fan.

Cyclonic vacuum cleaner

The most famous and arguable the best, of James Dyson's designs is the bag less hoover. James was renovating his home when he realised that a hoover with a bag loses suction the longer you use it. He realised this was due to the pores in the bag becoming clogged with dust. So James had the idea to create a new style of hoover without a bag. It was on the way home one night that James saw a cyclone on the roof of a local saw mill. This led to him enquiring how it worked. James subsequently came up with the cyclonic design.

After 5 years of designing and 5,127 prototypes James finally had a product he could take to manufactures. Initially his idea was not well received and one by one the major manufactures of the time turned him down. The main reason for this was due to the fact that at that point in time the sale of the hoover bags was bringing in a lot of money. So undeterred James took his Design to Japan were he sold it through catalogues. This was a great success even winning the International Design Fair prize award in Japan.

After failing to sell designs to manufactures, but the success in Japan, James Dyson decided to set up his own manufacturing company and produce the bag less hoover himself. It was in June 1993 that he opened a research centre and factory in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. The product has been such a success ever since and now outsells most of the companies that turned down James' initial designs that he had presented to them all those years ago.

The first design that James Dyson launched under the new company name of Dyson was the DC01. The DC01 was launched in 1993 and was a radical new design for the British market that up till now only used bag hoovers. It was the first vacuum not to lose suction due to its cyclone technology. It also had a stair hose and multiple tools which had not been seen on a vacuum before. But one of the major changes was the fact that you could see the dust collecting in the clear bin. It was so different people thought that this design would not take off. How wrong they were 16 years on from release in 1993 the Dyson vacuum is going as strong as ever.

A stream of air is sent through one or more cylinders. This is done at high speed along a spiral path. As the air stream starts to spiral all the dust particles are forced out of the air stream. Thus the dirt is extracted without using a filter and collects in the bottom of the cylinder.

This is the latest design of the cyclonic technology. James and his researchers discovered that by spreading a higher airflow through many cyclones generated a higher suction power. This in turn will allow the vacuum to suck up more dust making it more efficient. The name of this new cyclone technology is the 'Root8Cyclone™'.

Dyson's vacuums were so revolutionary that the major companies turned them down. Ironically it has taken years for the competition to catch up. When they did it caused a patent infringement which lead to a court battle and eventually the company that broke it having to pay Dyson £5 million in damages. But even then after this had finished the new bag less vacuums that were being designed by rival companies were still not as good as the designs that Dyson had and they were still clogging. Though today many companies still sell bagged vacuums and some have created bag less models, none of them have managed to create a match for the Dyson vacuum. This is in part due to the fact that James Dyson and his team of scientists are constantly evolving and improving their product to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Current products

At current there are 13 different designs and styles of vacuum that Dyson sells. These range from the small hand held Dyson to the conventional vacuum.

DC25 Blueprint-Limited Edition is a special edition model of the DC25 range that celebrates engineers. This is different in the design as it is in a blue and white design that is reflected in the name Blueprint. This is a change from the normal Dyson colours of a metallic grey with another colour.

DC25 Animal is an upright vacuum with the Dyson Ball™. This vacuum is specifically designed to pick up animal hair and rides on the ball for greater manoeuvrability in-between and around obstacles allowing for easier usage.

DC25 All Floors is an upright Dyson Ball™ vacuum that can be used on every floor type and also rides on a ball for greater manoeuvrability around and in-between objects.

DC24 All Floors is an ultra lightweight and compact upright Dyson Ball™ vacuum that can be used on every floor type and also rides on a ball for greater range of movement.

DC28 Animal is a vacuum that is a standard upright vacuum. This vacuum has Airmuscle™. Airmuscle™ is used for removing pet hair. This design doesn't run on a ball I has the normal wheels.

DC17 All Floors is a wheel Dyson with an upright design. This vacuum has level 3 Root Cyclone™ technologies for cleaning all types of floors.

DC14 Telescope Reach™ All Floor is an upright style vacuum cleaner that is designed for use on all floor types. It is also designed for use when cleaning the stairs and high places.

DC31 Animal is a hand held vacuum that is designed for the home with pets. It has a motorised brush bar. This Dyson is ideal for quick clean ups and spot cleaning. This model has duel power mode, this gives the vacuum a longer run-time for long jobs and also extra suction when needed to remove stubborn dirt. The DC31 is powered by the new Dyson digital motor. This motor is 3 times faster and the most power efficient engine of its size.

DC3l is a hand held vacuum that is designed for the home. This Dyson is ideal for quick clean ups and spot cleaning. The DC31 is powered by the new Dyson digital motor. This motor is 3 times faster and the most power efficient engine of its size. This model has duel power mode, this gives the vacuum a longer run-time for long jobs and also extra suction when needed to remove stubborn dirt.

DC22 Turbinehead is a canister vacuum that is powered by the Dyson digital motor. This vacuum is 1/3 smaller than a full-size normal Dyson machine. But the machine has no compromise on pick-up. So no suction is lost.

DC22 Motorhead is 1/3 smaller than a normal full sized Dyson machine. This is a canister vacuum that is powered by the Dyson digital motor. The design does not compromise the suction power.

DC23 Turbinehead is a canister vacuum with level 3 root cyclone™ technology giving it great suction. This model has a turbine head for all-round performance.

DC23 Motorhead is a canister design vacuum. It has a motorised brush bar to remove pet hair and stubborn dirt from the carpet. This vacuum has level 3 Root Cyclone™ technology.

One of James Dyson's earlier designs can be seen in the design of his vacuums today. This is the red ball that is part of the Ball-Barrow and the Trolley-Ball this is now seen in 4 of Dyson's 13 vacuums on sale today.


James Dyson's vacuum is now the best in the world, this is proven by high sale. But also the fact that all the completion has developed their own versions of his cyclone technology to now work with their vacuums. This proves that Dyson has set the standard when it comes to the market of vacuum design, also with constant new innovations and designs Dyson stay one step ahead of the completion.

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