Time Travel: An Example Research Project

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Today, we connect to our loved ones through the use of our mobile devices,which is the easiest way to catch up on updates of their daily lives. With the advancement of technology, there has been an vast and increased growth in the use of Social Networking sites.

This sudden boom in Social Networking sites has come along of recent and is very relevant to our current generation. On average, 58% of people globally are hooked onto a form of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., just to name a few. This serves as a means to stay connected with loved ones, friends and family, acquaintances, or perhaps even to expand one’s network to make new friends or find a dating partner.

Beyond being able to maintain and expand one’s social circle, an individual can benefit from the internet in many aspects, which in turn can enhance and improve the quality of life. From job hunting to shopping to seeking knowledge, it is all within the reach of a fingertip. If one is looking for a job, they can be spoilt for choices by being able to look for vacancies of a particular role in the company that you have always aspired to work in and of many others too. Purchasing of products have become an ease as well with the use of the internet to do E-shopping or online shopping. With a single click of a mouse, an abundance of products from gadgets to apparel to household goods can be found. The desired product in mind can be delivered to one’s doorstep in much less steps and with minimal physical strain, as compared to the conventional way of shopping. The internet has definitely brought about convenience to our lives.

With the advancement of technology, many children of this generation are able to operate a mobile device like an iPhone or an iPad at their tender age - something which would not have been possible a few decades back. The role technology plays in our current day and age cannot be underestimated. People have become so dependent and reliant on it such that it has become a way of life. Without technology, our future would look very dim. Year by year, humans have become increasingly creative in advancing technology and the innovative nature allows almost any dream to become a reality, within a matter of time.

Every idea starts with a simple thought. These simple thoughts can be nurtured in brilliant ideas with great vision into the future. Opportunities in our future is vast and enormous. Are humans today equipped with the essentials to face the future or is there something beyond what we envision it to be? Could there be a possibility of being able to literally move around the clock as we wish to or in other words, travel through time? Would it be a possibility to fast forward our time to have an insight to our future? These are thoughts that shall wander in our minds.


Time travel is a wondrous concept that has baffled and mystified man for centuries. We grew up with the likes of stories such as A Christmas Carol, cheered on Marty and Doc Brown in the Back to the Future franchise, and fantasized about being the Doctor’s companion and travelling through time and space in a Tardis that is bigger on the inside.

So how amazing is the possibility of such an opportunity coming to reality!

The good news, while stating that time travel to the future might be possible also comes with bad news that travelling back in time might be impossible, if not entirely more complicated.

Studying from such predecessors as Galileo and Poincare , Albert Einstein created some of the major stepping stones regarding theories of time travel such as theories of special and general relativity. And it is due to these studies that man sees a glimmer of hope into the possibilities of traveling through time.

The Einstein- Rosen bridge or the wormhole was a theory brought forth by Einstein along with physicist Nathan . Scientists such as Stephen Hawking and physicist as CalTech Kip Thorne who are well known for studies under this subject, both based their theories upon Einstein’s suggestions in 1935 in the existence of wormholes, although the discover of one is yet to take place.

Assuming that wormholes do indeed exist, Thorne brought forward a theory that they could be turned into a time machine while Einstein states that a wormhole could act as a bridge through space and time, connecting two distant point with a shortcut enabling time travel in either direction, according to the theory of general relativity.

However there are several loopholes regarding these theories. One of them being the simple fact that we would require to actually create a wormhole and the other being that it would only enable us to travel back only up to the point at which it was created, bringing down high hopes oh travelling back centuries to witness the building of pyramids and walking with the dinosaurs.

Another unrealistic requirement with current state of technology is that one end of the wormhole would need to move at the speed of light, to which Thorne and his colleagues state that there might be beings with technology advanced enough to achieve this motion by means of pulling on the required end gravitationally or electronically.

What we have currently achieved is the ability to travel ahead in time in a minute level, which indeed is a minute step but in the mean time a ray of hope for a world of possibilities regarding time travel.

Need Of Project

The need of this project is taking into account the suspicions of what the future may have for us. In the event that time travel is conceivable the ways to the future will be broadly open to the general public. There are hypotheses of how time travel may at present be conceivable. Then again, they require that

(1) the past can't be changed by any means,

(2) or can just change in ways that don't modify the present,

(3) or can just change inconceivable parallel universes, different planets with comparable traits, which don't causally influence the one the explorer is from. Regardless of the fact that the last two are conceivable, we would need to ponder what is the purpose of real travel on the off chance that we are not able to change terrible history in this world that matters most to us. (Reflecting these contemplations, they are just as appropriate on thoughts of time travel to what's to come.)


The configuration of this space means to address the issues of the general public. This space does not cater just a group of individuals as it is interested to experience the vision of what's in forward in our time span. There are many of us astonishing in interest to know the potential outcomes of going through time. Age does not assume a part in the characterising of a demography in this admiration as any age over 16 years perhaps suitable in these measures.

Site Analysis

There is an astonishing and unexplained relic of an ancient advancement of Sri Lanka cut on the rock in Ranmasu Uyana (Gold Fish Park), which is found in the old city of Anuradhapura. This relic is called Sakwala Chakraya, otherwise called The Stargate of Sri Lanka. It is in between the Thissa Wewa reservoir and the Isurumuniya Rock Sanctuary.

Sakwala Chakraya (Star Gates) is placed just past the northern restrictions of Isurumuniya Rock Temple, at the very foot of the dike of the Tisa Wewa tank, this spot is otherwise called Ranmasu Uyana, which implies the garden of gold fishes. There are loads of ponds in Sigiriya.

This site being in the city of old anuradhapura, which has the three principle stupas Jetavana, Mirisavati and Ruvanweli also known as the Cultural Triangle. The three sides of the triangle in the ground design of the three stupas, constructed between 161 B.C. and A.D. 331, are corresponded unequivocally with the three sides of the triangle of three stars on the right hand wing of the constellation of the Orion.

Precedence Study

Albert Einstein

The father of modern physics, the 20th century scientist Einstein himself, has made revolutionary declarations in regards to time and space in which he said that they are aspects of the same spectrum, with the highest achievable speed being 300,000 kmps at which light travels. He states further that theoretically, the closer you travel to the speed of light, the slower time is spent in comparison to those living beings you would have left behind at you journeys commencement, making them have had experienced and aged more than you would have at the end of your journey.

Einstein also theorizes that time passes slower for objects within a gravitational field as opposed to those not in what is known as the theory of General Relativity.

To which scientists add theories regarding black holes and wormholes which create shortcuts in time due to space and time distortion. However what most such theorists agree upon is that whilst traveling to the future in time would be theoretically possible, the possibilities of going back in time is a science with a logic yet to be discovered, even in a theoretical nature.

However in order to experiment and achieve any of these theories on a practical level, it is apparent that massive amounts of energy would needed to be generated for initiation.

Another popularly discussed paradox involves a man with a time machine who for some deranged reasons decide to go back in time to kill his grandfather. The question at this point is that if the man did indeed go back in time and kill his grandfather, would he be existing to do the killing in the first place? For if his grandfather ceases to exist, he would not have had a child who would be the father of the man, which in turn would not have resulted in his birth, which would result in no deranged man to make the trip in the first place. However there are theories brought forward to justify the possibilities of this scenario occurring. One of them being the possibility of alternate timelines or parallel universes, often seen in such subjects as science fiction. This theory would depict the man going back in time, thus creating an alternative timeframe in which he kills his grandfather and therefore is not born, while in the original timeline where the him and the grandfather are both alive. There is another theory stating that in a fixed timeline, it would be impossible for the man to do the deed and that even if he does travel through time, that some unavoidable circumstance would prevent him from killing the grandfather.

One of the most valid questions asked about time travel to the past is, that assuming that time travel would have been invented in the future, how then is it not so that visitors from the future do not visit times that have passed, especially some of the more momentous occasions in history. One explanation for this query is that traveling back in time would be possible except for the time before the invention of such a time traveling apparatus. A more sinister theory is that mankind would have been destroyed before the invention of such a machine, which would be a possibly preferred to be disregarded.

Every solid object has a degree of gravitational pull towards it that makes space time to bend around it, however the percentage of gravitational pull is almost minute compared to the mass of the object. This is why it take an object the size of earth to have a pull of gravity to attract objects such as us towards it. However this means that even though not detectable, we humans too have a certain amount of gravitational pull within us. However quantum mechanics always works in a way that the effects of both objects don't need to be taken in to account as in most instances it is one object over the other. What is not yet detected is the outcome of both quantum physics and gravity having an equal effect and overlapping. One example that could be taken is the black hole theory where a star collapses in on its self due to its own gravitational pull. The singularity at the center of the black hole would be an instance where quantum mechanics comes in to equal accountability as gravity. Another possibility is the invention of a machine that could measure the universe with an accuracy of an exact level, which would enable us to observe the curving of time-space because of extremely low mass objects such as atoms. However the realization of both these possibilities are far beyond our technology. But a day might arrive upon which the probing of such extents would be possible, where in a theory incorporating both gravity and quantum physics would come in to play. For the time being with just over a 100 years of research in to these subjects, meshing quantum mechanics and gravity is simply not possible for reasons that would be entirely too advance for this discussion.

Nikola Tesla

A discovery that led to the infamous Philadelphia experiment and the Montauk travel projects, came in the year of 1895 when Nikola Tesla saw a glimpse in to the potential influence of time and space, through experimenting with radio frequencies and the transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere, using a step-up transformer.

Experimenting with high voltage electricity and magnetic fields led him to discover a breach in time and space that would create a doorway leading to different time frames.

He however experienced a near fatal electrocution, but lived to give a fascinating account of being trapped in an electromagnetic field , being able to simultaneously witness the immediate past, present and future.

Tesla's experiment has not been recreated successfully since, leaving us in the shadow wondering when these secrets would be revealed.


Social Networking has been a significant use in our day by day lives. We have extended our social circle in much more unmistakable approach to unite with our friends and family. With slow progression of innovation we can increase our considerations with an extraordinary vision into what's to come. The present life we are living now simply begun with a thought or an idea, where people have worked through a ton to attain to something inventive and produce astonishing innovation to the general public. This extraordinary elevating science and innovation will develop towards a point where we can apply these speculations to bring time traveling a win. Looking at the considerable twentieth century physicist/ Researcher Albert Einstein's past advancement of his hypotheses, he expresses that it is unrealistic to adjust any time of the history yet probabilities of leaping into what's to come is conceivable.

Nikola Tesla, an extraordinary inventor, engineer and a futurist has encountered a close deadly electric shock having the capacity to witness the past, present and future. Taking into account all these examination theres a solid conviction that this task would help the future to tackle our issues of time traveling.

Design Proposition

The main thought which is as yet coursing in the present is about time traveling. Our arrangements to witness the greater part of this began hundreds of years back however this venture would confront all needs of human time traveling. The space will consolidate a working Stargate and Portals to get to the future ahead us. Likewise included in the space will be facilities to teach the young and old with history and the experience of users. Our future is a boundless way we can not anticipate.