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Executive Summary

PC Tech will provide computer and technical consulting repairs, training, networking and upgrading service to local and small business as well as home PC users. The Company will focus on marketing, responsiveness, quality and creating customer relations.

PC Tech was initially formed as a sole proprietorship, but was reconfigured as an PC Tech in January 2003 PC Tech will at first be a home and office start up, utilizing one studio room in the owners home and serving customers in the local Karachi and Hyderabad area. In the third month of our plan, we will move into a leased office space and hire second technician. As sales increase, we will hire additional personnel.


PC Tech has decided to focus on small business market, as these clients don't have permanent IT Technicians but they have strongly IT technician needs. PC Tech will offer cheap rates, on call services for these clients. We can also offer Contract base agreements that create additional monthly financial income. For residential clients we offer a very reasonable and friendly base 24/7 service Pc Tech target market will focus on Karachi and Hyderabad and surrounding areas. Market result showing that in Karachi and Hyderabad there is a lot of PC repair business for PC Tech.

Funding and Financials

To start the PC Tech the owner is financially support cash and assists. We are also looking for bank loan, and we will repaid within four years. Our sales forecast based on market research within local areas. projected sales in one year steadily grow through year three. To achieved these tasks, we will desperately advertise to exploit PC Tech competitors weak points. With good expense control, we will check a modest, comfortable, 1st year profit, even hiring new technicians.


  1. To provide good quality services in a reasonable price.
  2. To advertise PC Tech publicity frequently so that PC Tech is common name.
  3. Maintain sales growth from start-up through year three.
  4. Customer satisfactions at least 60% so customers will gives us more business.

PC Tech Mission

Pc Tech goals to set standard for on call or on site PC support through fast, remotely service response and on site as well. Our clients will always receive 24/7 service at a very reasonable price. Our clients will receive highest quality customer support service. We will gives training to our employees, great environment to work, pay plus benefits and bonus and car, In return our employees gives good judgment to solve customers' problems.

Keys to success

  1. Creating brand identity and recognition brand through marketing.
  2. On call response with great customer service.
  3. Quality : No fix no fees
  4. Developing customer relationship-retainers.

PC Tech Company Summary

PC Tech is located in Karachi owned by M.Amir . With small bank loan 3 years. PC Tech will grown their service in 1st year from 1 man, home and office based , computer repair shop to profitable 2 person business in rent location. We will provide necessary design to fastest and efficiently respond to clients computer requirements ,fastest speed , and reasonable rate of technical support.


  • PC Tech will provide computer repairing , technical support, creating computer networks infrastructure, virus removal, Server design. As PC Tech clients demands grow, So PC Tech will offer web designing, software development, to our clients.
  • Day first , PC Tech on site, on call ,remote access and consulting service. So that we can save our clients or customer time to drop their PC's in PC Tech workshop.
  • PC Tech will offer network maintenance contracts so customers can deal technical support and repair, rather than to plan unexpected data loss or system crashes and problems.
  • PC Tech offer limited free software installation so our clients will gives us more business, we will provide backup recovery, saving data with multiple operating systems like windows, Mac, Linux, Unix .PC Tech focus on hardware and networking support.

Market Analysis

PC Tech will provide network support in both consulting and technical issues to small business and home based users. Since PC Tech is currently a one man operation, the first three months growth of PC Tech will be limited by the owner's capacity to complete work. These first three months are critical for PC Tech establishing credibility and reputation getting the job done as quickly as possible. PC Tech focus forward on delivering excellent customer support and technical support using good word of mouth for this initial period to network with other potential clients. Personal market research indicates by the owner an attractive market niche for PC Tech services, of which PC Tech will take full advantage. Customers need help with everything from installation of software and hardware assistance, networking, network cabling, transferring files from old PC to new PC. Small business owner s need reliable and quickly help with their computer needs, since every hour down may mean an hour or lost of revenue specially for those business who using website for e-commerce transaction and E-business.

Market Segmentation

We have broken our potential market down into two groups, based on customer needs, Home-based users and small Business user.

Home-Based User

Home-Based users use sophisticated applications generally have enough tech knowledge, from technology experience at work to do their own computer repairing and hardware upgrading. They change their hardware and will include computer itself, monitors, keyboards, mouse, printer and scanner. Home-based group slightly growing faster than the overall population growth in our area, due to the increasing on-demand computers old and retire people and young families, about 8% a year.

Small Business Users

Small business users will gives good business to PC Tech, with 4 or more PC's or a network which they use for commercial or business purposes at least 40% of time. Small business clients use include minor usage like windows or software updating, website updating, book keeping, inventory tracking, POS systems, data entry, online product/service delivery and product development , graphic designing and writing letters or copies for press release. The more intensive computer usage for small business, more critical it is to them their tech work well and reliably, and that quality repairs and support PC Tech are available in a crisis. Their PC's require will include same items which home users need, plus their server backups, system backup, storage their data, and wifi networking. Small business we are targeting is growing around 4% a year.

Target Market Strategy

Although there are more home-based customers , we believe the majority of PC Tech revenue to come from small business clients, they need our urgent service attention, and they are investing in tech as part of their small business strategy. Our marketing focus forward on small business owners. Most of the small business customers do not have full time IT Technician, but they need full time IT Support . Home based computer using multiple users , they use it for multiple purposes. PC Tech home-based users need help managing setting to integrate the different needs household members they need technical assistance.

PC Tech are also selling peace of mind we provide on-call service in friendly environment, efficient help just a phone call away. As compare more companies transfer their call to automated call centre's or touch -tone menus , Simple reassurance of hearing another voice on the phone within a few rings is immeasurable. Within a few hours someone will help you and solve their problem. In computer Technology both in software and hardware side continue to turn release new PC components at alarming rates. For PC Tech this means job security well into the future.

Business Analysis Service

Secondary research market shows IT service customers tend to be very sincere to providers that do good work and gives their clients 100% satisfaction of their needs .An analysis of PC Tech main competitors shows no overwhelming strengths that would be significant protocol to entry into market, as local competitors have major weakness. Computer repair and maintenance industry is fragmented, with some large, national players and hundreds of small, local stores. Most Pc's are repair in store, near the customer, computer repair parts come from well-known companies and distributers, delay receiving parts can slow down repair process. Large companies solved this problem by keeping vast amounts of parts in stock at all times, while local shops offer customers of personal interaction and trust that may fixed the part for some delay. PC Tech will establish a relationship with a local distributor to do special-ordering, although this capability is more expensive than normal channels. It will enable quickly establish a good reputation as efficient and responsive to their customer needs. For small business users We will advertise leverage this customer loyalty with great word of mouth marketing and steady growth.

Strategy and implementation Summary

PC Tech Strategy and implementation on three key points

  • A value proposition of timely and practical solutions, at cheapest rate as compare to market rates, with 100% guarantee.
  • Exploiting PC Tech competitors weakness,