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Relations are the bonding that people make within social boundary. But relation in the workplace is totally different from that we create in day to day life within social boundary. Personal relations are bound upon with trust, faith, relations (personal) and same with the professional relations. Both types of relation need time gap. Difference between personal and professional relations can be classified as follows:

  • Relations in the workplace is time consuming and may be permanent or long-term based.
  • As they both are focused on common objective & goals, there might be possibility of high competition and it is often possibility that both of them fight against each other. And leave no stone unturned to defeat each other.
  • One can only have mutual trust, faith and respect and it should be from both the side.
  • People working in the workplace should have high emotional quotients and should have o point of difference between personal and professional emotions

Types of relations that exist in the work place

  • Employer and employees
  • Manager and subordinate
  • Colleagues and co-workers
  • Internal service provider(finance ,human resource etc.)
  • External agents (vendors , clients, customers etc)
  • High group people

It is seen that lack of trust in relations in workplace results very costly to company and loss cannot be made out in figures. Lack of trust can make the decision making process delay. It also results in lack of communication process. Healthy trust relations also affects the motivation and rule of parties involved.

Hence there's a number of question arise

  • Factors that help to make mutual trust relations between the workplace
  • What factors spoil that trust
  • From where the trusts starts
  • How to maintain trust
  • What are the measures taken to cover the trust etc?

Following factors play an important role in building trust in work place

  1. Always use cool words and never defeat your words
  2. Communications should be fast, free and honest
  3. Have trust on your organization and its goal
  4. Its consistency and reliability
  5. Good and effective response
  6. Integrity and equality
  7. Appraisal of talent, knowledge, moral support and experience of the team members and employees
  8. Commitment towards work

Therefore we can say that quality of relationship is justified by trust. In larger organization, you cannot manage the trust that you experience, but you can act in number of ways that build your trust inside continuously with the work environment. When people acting under such guidelines of openness , honesty, tolerance & respect, it will lead to confidence and security.

This will automatically create trust among organization. If there is no such trust in relationship of organization, a large amount of energy is wasted such as redundancy and rework.

trust : a new vision of human relationships for business education, family & personal living" the whole book is on hope. This is very much practical, inspirational and based on research.

The book shows many dimensions of trust and they are

  • Unresearchable
  • Unrefundable

"The world and the people in it ARE trustworthy...the future is in us and it is bright."- Jack R. Gibb


Today, we all have such busy lives, what with the household chores, social activities and work; we hardly get to spend any time with our children. But as you know, spending quality time with your children is one of the most important things in bringing them up. It is through this that the bond between child and parent is strengthened, and the child begins to count on you and trust you. Parents who spend enough time with their children find that their child is doing better in school, hobbies and sports. Though you can schedule the time you spend with your child, spontaneity is always the best option. Therefore, it is best you spend time with your children in a relaxed environment and that you do things that you can both enjoy.

You might be wondering where you will find that kind of time. But you need to prioritize and dig out enough time from your busy schedule.

Here is a list of things you could do with your child to make the most of the time you have available.

Go through the list of household chores and see which you can leave out or spend lesser time on in order to spare some time. You can also keep some chores for after your child's bedtime so that you can spend that time with your child.

You can even make some of your routines together interesting. You can sing songs together on your way to day care. You can even use the time spent in the car while driving to and from school to discuss things going on in your child's life.

When you have two or more children, it is important to give each individual attention. It might be difficult for you and you might really have to try very hard, but make sure you are creative and flexible while spending time with each child. And at no cost should you cancel out on time spent with each child. If you do this, the child may feel that he or she is less important than the grocery shopping or the dry cleaning.

Children need routine and stability, so ensure that the quality time you plan takes place regularly. You can use weekend mornings to take the dog for a walk together, or you can choose one day per week to have an eat out. There are many ways of spending time together, just make sure that it counts.


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Learn to Develop Trust in Your Relationships

It cannot be said enough that trust is the anchor in any and every relationship that we maintain in our lives. The said relationship may manifest in the form of a friendship, business, family or even love - whatever it might be, the most fundamental aspect to that relationship has to be trust in and respect for each other. You must understand that, for any relationship to work out and blossom further, you have to constantly work at maintaining and strengthening that 'trust' factor.

Any relationship finally breaks down if there is extreme lack of trust in it. No matter how hard you try, that bond will never be able to flourish completely without both parties perfectly understanding and accepting each other's motives. Not placing enough trust means that there exists a lot of worry and doubt in that association

Of course, it sometimes gets difficult to totally trust someone, especially if you have been hurt in some way in a past relationship of some kind. So how do you unlearn your conditioning from all those previous unfortunate experiences and learn to get back that trusting quality you once possessed?

Accept and trust yourself

To unlearn all the negative patterns of thought you have developed through the years, you have to first learn to let go of the past. Forgive yourself and others for all mistakes committed and all the misunderstandings that have come in the way. Acknowledge your mistakes and accept yourself for what you are. All of us have our negatives, some which we simply have to learn to live with.

Learn to trust yourself and your own capabilities. You will only be able to shed your distrusting attitude if you first learn to accept, trust and love yourself. Remember, the macro is the micro. The external world, for us, is only a manifestation of our internal selves. If we continue to be positive, we will have positive experiences in our own lives.

Learn to let go

Learning to let go is a major step towards shedding that over-watchful attitude of yours. This step is most essential if you are experiencing an alarming amount of turbulence in your relationship with your partner or spouse. It happens very often that small day-to-day skirmishes over some truly silly reasons finally snowball out of all proportion and create an irreparable rift between both parties concerned.

Learn to take it easy and talk with the person concerned and express your feelings and thoughts openly. Also, do not keep an "account" of anything. Let the bygones be bygones - leave alone the past and focus on building a better tomorrow with your relationship.

Of course, it has to be noted here that a relationship just will not work out right if one is trying to take undue advantage of the other. If you are being the victim in such a situation, the only way out for you would be to discontinue meeting that particular person and walk out of that relationship altogether.

In conclusion, you should understand that any relationship never completely works out unless there is a complete, 100% trust between both you and the other person involved. So learn to stop doubting people's motives and learn to place trust in each and every one of your relationships, starting today!

Quality in workplace

There is a difference between functional literacy and workplace literacy. Functional literacy may be defined as written information that functions in society whereas workplace literacy is defined as communication skill that is necessary for functioning in todays workplace. These skill include effective communication, direct writing ability and solving problems.

Most of the companies are planning to improve the skills of their employees. It can be seen that with the overwhelming populations, human resource executives have increased communications skill (80 percent) and interpersonal skill communications (75 percent). But there is a shrinking number of companies undergoing with employment tests.


good work place is a concept in new focus. It is given a new focus through positive actions but also through negative reports of poor working conditions. Management quality is an organizational concept. It says that how the organization involved high quality of management and leadership in all parts of organization.persons who are appointed as managers results in good management is always said that whenever a good workplace is to be started, it shoul be started from a poor work-place as starting point. It may be seen from the unclear responsibilities , no feedback or response, unfairness in wages, promotions and dismissals, lack of personal opportunities, poor environment. Work place is characterised by uncertainty, hostility and fear of rivals.

There is a vicious circle, between lack of motivation and trust will lead to low productivity, which in turn forces cost reduction and threats offlay. Those who can do this can move to the better employers. This results in work load and internal competition . sickness and absenteeism are erased by temporary signs of progress. This way trust and motivation increases


  1. maintain one another self-esteem
  2. support & praise one another

  3. keep sensitive information confidential
  4. stand up for one another
  5. avoid gossip or unfair criticism of others
  6. appreciate one another's skill & differences.

Trust is very important to organizational performance, and keystone to good leadership. If executives have high trust environment, teams are effective and people work better and they feel positive for their work. Trust minimizes the cost of building business.

Research measured the six factors fundamental to trust:

  • ability
  • understanding
  • fairness
  • openness
  • integrity
  • consistency

It is for senior leaders, trustworthiness is totally determined by just two factors:

  • ability
  • integrity

Leaders who want to have trust among the employees, personal integrity is not easy to communicate.

Real personal integrity cannot be vague thing. It is difficult to share and easy to perceive through learned and developed. " signal value" is the term used on work on improving. This says that behavior tally your values that you have. Gap should be reduced between leaders and employees in large organizations. It provides opportunities to get in communications with the staff , beliefs and trust build.

It mainly focuses on:

  1. Treating people fairly
  2. Listen to them
  3. Try to be consistent in behavior
  4. Trust build
  5. Hard work
  6. Regular senior management


Workplace trust is the thing that join two individual each other and the organization mission. The organizational trust promotes productivity and quality by relationships at all level. trusty workplace is well relaxed, open, creative and productivity. Where trust is absent there is no limit of growth and there there will be no opportunities.


This study result in intermediate process that find relationship between work structures and organizational commitment. This results suggests that create conditions that empower to practice according to standards of profession and that working relations within an atmosphere of trust and respect.