Interested in painting and sculpture, I finally chose interior architecture designer as my future career

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Employment Status Report

Goals and philosophy

Interested in painting and sculpture, I finally chose interior architecture designer as my future career, for residential design involves both architectural aesthetics and practical value. A perfect design requires a comprehensive knowledge in aesthetics and professional competence that involves high technology(Kadir,2009). As mathematics and painting serves as basic skills for interior architecture design, to enhance the proficiency in working with technology serves as my short-term goals, which requires a continuous practice in using graphic software such as Auto Desk 3D Max and Adobe Photoshop. I wish to grasp those skills over the next 3 months. In terms of long-term goals, I wish to work in large design companies such as GHD and AXS Satow because of its good prospects for development with original concepts in design.

A reflection of aesthetic and practical value in interior architecture design is my artistic philosophy. I believe that the design of interior decorations and furniture must meet customer’s material and spiritual needs of the indoor environment. The artistic philosophy has been reflected in my experience of designing a wedding room for Art Studio in Beijing. The space environment met the corresponding requirement of clients with a reflection of romantic atmosphere despite a dissatisfaction with small items. When dissatisfaction arose, I would illustrate my artistic philosophy that all the designs work as a whole to create an expected effect so that he finally accepted my advice.


Due to the immense economic potential of interior architecture design, the competition of the industry has become quite intense. According to a study made in 2011 by New York Observer, the average income of a junior interior architecture designer in medium-sized companies was about 0.56 million dollars a year while a senior designer received 1.2 million in average(Mark,2011). In order to figure out what kinds of architecture designers were competitive, I had an interview with Liang Zheng, the HR of AIO(Shanghai) international landscape and architecture design company. He listed several important qualifications and qualities in selecting a competent designer, including a master’s degree, overseas education backgrounds and working experience in architecture design. In addition, those with a good team-work spirit and communicative capacities would be more likely to be selected. To promote myself in facing the fierce competition, I should cultivate a good communicative skills and team-work spirit.

Skills and tools

Working in an international architecture design company requires qualifications and professional skills of high level(Frank,2004). In addition to a comprehensive knowledge in architecture aesthetics, communicative capability and good team-work spirit also serve as important part to fulfill my long-term professional goals. My current knowledge in architecture aesthetics and graphic software is not sufficient for competing with other architecture designer in large companies in which international communication is quite frequent. Thus I should be involved in diversity training courses and English courses to enhance my communicative abilities. With those efforts, essential working experience can be added into my professional portfolio.


Networking plays an essential role in further growth for architecture design companies, for the communication of design concepts and updated technologies helps to establish a long-term mutual beneficial cooperation on a higher level. Prominent affiliations and journals of interior architecture design serve as effective medium for the communication within the industry.

Interior Architecture Design, a Santa Monica College award-winning program located at the Academy Campus, focuses on enhancing professional skills in the local and international Architecture and Design Industry. In addition, the A Interior Design Competition also plays an important part for the continuous development of architecture design. The award has been viewed as an indicator of perfect interior design and important milestone in one’s career. Provided with exclusive marketing and communication services to promote his proficiency, a winner will be popular among worldwide design oriented companies and interest groups. Thus I take an active part in various competitions and programs of architecture design to achieve the long-term goal.

The future

In the future, I wish to work as a junior architecture designer in PAL Design Consultants Ltd of China, for the company’s original concept in interior architecture design and favorable working environment. The company has created various interior architecture designs through the use of innovative approaches to spatial organization, materials and lighting with great aesthetic value. The founder of the company, T.K.Chu, is well known for his concepts of integrating fashion elements into classical designs. He has developed his own aesthetic, the Art Deco that transforms classic flavors into geometric, graphic and rhythmic vision, which helps the designing product gain agreat popularity. His ultimate goal is to present the value of craft art that can not be reached under the help of accurate computations, for which I admire him a lot.

In addition, a favorable working environment makes the company more attractive. The staff of PAL Design Consultants Ltd comes from places around the world with various cultural backgrounds. The team provides a balance of western expertise, cross-cultural experience and local insight and the intertwining environment brings a wealth of creativity and motivation to the talented team(Roland,2003). Being an architecture designer in PAL Design Consultants Ltd, I can grow and develop with brilliant designers in a cheerful and lively, creative and harmonious culture. With its original concept in designing the company will keep striving further ahead in a dynamic and highly competitive marketD( Rowland,2011). To achieve this long-term goal, I must enhance my communicative capability and a good team-work spirit in the future. In addition to the cultivation of the above communicative skills, I will also continue working on my technical proficiency.


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