Evaluation of Villa Estates in Bali

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What is the perfect place to stay in Bali?

There are beautiful villas available in Bali providing excellent service and accommodation to the tourists. Apart from visiting seminyak, canggu, ubud and sanur there will be an opportunity for you to feel that you are relaxing in your own villa that is decorated by spectacular architecture with beautiful isolated pool, striking humid gardens and a private chef. You can enjoy the delicacies prepared by the personal chef, while others are enjoying the specific amusements at the luxury Bali villas.

Are Bali villas affordable only by the rich?

No, it is not just the rich that can get accommodation here, as per the Bali villas prices. The popularity of Bali villas has enhanced extensively and it has become a major choice for many. This is because of its luxurious living and offering much more luxury for the same price as quoted by the standard hotel room. Villas are seen all over the Bali Island and you will have wide choice among the calming surrounds of Ubud, cosmopolitan energy of seminyak and idyllic pace of sanur.

Luxury Bali villas are spacious with necessary privacy and with every comfort of home providing a unique home setting. These villas are highly competitive in terms of their legacy and price with that of their standard counterparts. Apart from the comforts, personalized care and hospitality, their elegant services will not let the travelers to leave the place. The hosts are keen at ensuring a relaxed, safe and funny holiday for the tourists. The place definitely will leave lasting memories for the visitors. The luxury Bali villas assist the tourists in every possible way to have a comfortable and amusing stay at Bali.

What are the specificities of Bali villas?

Bali villas have their websites to describe their hostage elaborately and every minute detail on homes rented at luxury Bali villas. They explain the various options to the minutest detail to make you decide the right villa for your stay. Bali villas are found to be perfect for many people for their family and friends functions. The villas range from a spacious single bedroom one to a nine bedroom villa.

  • Luxury Bali villas are utilized by many as the wedding and event venues as they are attractive and suitable for such events.
  • Some of the normal features of Bali villas are elegant living with swimming pools and garden, comfortable bed rooms that include the specific features like beachfront from central seminyak, rice field views and dramatic cliff top to verdant river valley.
  • The staff is very caring and service oriented, which allows the daily demands and chores of the tourists fulfilled easily.
  • A manager specially in-charge of these villas will be engaged in arranging for cars and drivers for the visitors to go around. The manager will take care of arranging babysitters, yoga instructors, spa therapists and so on.
  • A special and unique feature of Bali villas is that the tourists will be able to turn on to their own unique schedule rather than to the one arranged by anyone else.

Interesting and wonderful Seminyak villas

Luxury Bali villas are grouped based on the various locations at Bali like Bukit, Canggu, Jimbaran, Seseh, Ubud, Umalas, Ketewel, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Ungasan, Denpasar and so on. This article talks about some of the villas at Seminyak.

Single, double and four bedroom “space at Bali”

The two bedroom private villas at Seminyak can be easily converted to four bedroom accommodation with the help of a Balinese door placed at the end of every pool area at the villa. The bedrooms are located opposite to each other on either side of the living space and you can have a nice view of your swimming pool and tropical gardens. Personal requirements, preparation of the fresh meals and housekeeping are taken care of by a butler. The two bedroom private villas in Seminyak also are constructed to be overlooking the idyllic pool and garden. The entrance of these villas is greeted by an ornate North-African styled garden in front of a wonderful architecture of the villa. One bedroom villa also is constructed in the similar style as that of the other two, and the space in these villas is highly imagined by the tourists expecting a luxurious and comfortable environment.

There is yet another space behind the Seminyak beach and shopping hub at Bali villa estate. This luxury Bali villa at Seminyak presents a new benchmark for the visitors during holidays. The stay at this place will give you an experience of staying at a boutique occupied with 6 two bedroom villas and 5 single bedroom villas. All of them are equipped with swimming pools and interconnecting doors.

What are the other villas in Seminyak?

Christin villa is one of the other private villas in Seminyak. This is a luxury villa with three bedrooms equipped with high quality furnishings and fabrics that are well-suitable for friends and family stay. A group can comfortably spend together and relax with the graceful and peaceful surroundings. The other Seminyak villas include

  • Spacious two bedroom villas of Mimpi, Nyaman, Tunjung and Yuyu are situated next to one another with their own private swimming pools and gardens. These are rented separately, while Yuyu and Tunjung villas have four bedrooms as an additional option due to an interconnecting door between the two villas.
  • Tunjung and Yuyu villas are airy and spacious located within the famous Rumi Bali villa estate. They are identical in their design, décor and layout. These two villas can be booked separately with two bedrooms in each or can be booked for larger families with four bedrooms created by a connecting door between the two villas.
  • Jepun villa is yet another luxury place at Seminyak. It consists of six individual and private Bali villas. This is situated in the heart of Seminyak at Bali exactly positioned at the door step of Seminyak. You can view the restaurants, boutique shops, cafes and bars.
  • Rumi and Maharaj villas are a few more popular villas that are designed for families and large groups to stay in here. They are spacious and popular four bedroom villas with large individual swimming pools. Maharaj villa is located in a fashionable village of petitenget.

A few of the 3 bedroom villas at Bali

Some of the 3 bedroom luxury villas at Bali are Christin villa, Jepun, Shanti residence, Massila 3, Massila 2, Sienna, Dream, Smile, Pyaar and Cinta villas.

Various amenities in the 3 bedroom villas of Bali

There is a five bedroom suite, with two of them locked and they remain unaccessible. This villa is situated in Nusa Dua and provides extensive accommodation to the visitors. Skilled butlers, chauffeurs, personal master chef and other staff here provide wonderful services to the tourists. The large swimming pool offers excellent facilities with garden setting. This attractive suite features king-sized canopied beds, amusing spaces, isolated living, indoor and outdoor bathrooms with jet baths and walk-in robes. This villa is unique for a master suite called Ambhara, which is superior one opening into private deck with plunge pool and gazebo. This villa also has ocean suite, garden suite and junior suite.

Another 3 bedroom villa with high quality furnishings in Bali provides private accommodation equipped with Wi Fi access and other modern guest requirements. Two of the three bedrooms are equipped with luxurious king sized beds accompanied by mosquito nets and the third bedroom accommodates the visitors with twin beds. The bedrooms showcase an extreme level of richness in decor and style. This villa also has ample dining and living spaces.

Another villa has three bedrooms accommodated in a separate construction that showcases sliding doors made of glass opening into garden area and swimming pool. This villa construction is planned for open dining, living area and kitchen. They are accommodated with Balinese traditional high pitched roof top. The above areas of this 3 bedroom villa allow the streaming of natural light inside with refreshing breezes that give more comfort. This villa has facilities that can cater even to the children and babies. It is also an event friendly villa.

Features of a few more 3 bedroom villas at Bali

The best entertainment hotspots of this island are guided to by the well supportive staff of these villas.

  • A private Bali villa is two storied and is attractively designed using stone infused flooring, special timber features, and open plan living and dining areas. There is guest bathroom for visitor’s convenience and an extraordinary pressure shower next to the swimming pool.
  • Each of the bedrooms at this villa is equipped with spacious deluxe amenities. The living and dining area is equipped with CD and DVD players and a television.
  • Another adjacent villa is a C2 residence located at the foremost tourist destination of Seminyak. It was made in 2009 with attractive interiors covered with modern furniture filled with paintings and artwork.
  • The kitchen in this villa is well-equipped with in-house cooking and if it is not suitable for the visitors, they can hop into restaurants that are right at a few meters distance from the villa. The 3 bedrooms are accessible to sun loungers and private pool.
  • This 3 bedroom villa has luxury ensuite bathrooms with quality furniture complimenting all the bedrooms. This suite is also child friendly and possesses several magnificent clothing boutiques, entertainment features and nearby first class restaurants.

Bali villas for rent at Ungasan

There are several places located at Bali that have villas constructed for the tourists to reside. These villas range from single bedroom to 18+ bedroom size constructions that meet the needs of a small family to the largest family. Ungasan is one among many places at Bali, which has two villas with luxurious features.

What is so special about the bedroom facilities of Ungasan villas?

One of the luxury Bali villas at Ungasan has three bedrooms situated on the top floor of tri-level villa. All the bedrooms are designed to have a beautiful view of the ocean from the specially built terraces for the guests to step out and have a magnificent look at the waters.

The master bedroom of this villa is designed using traditional Balinese mural filling up the space with a living touch. The bedrooms receive a lot of light and offer a sense of comfort and satisfaction. The bedrooms are equipped with specific toilet types usually chosen by the latest tourists. You can also enjoy a private meal at one of the terraces equipped with sun loungers and pergola. The other can be used for reading and relaxing and providing luxury accommodation to the tourists. A full length wardrobe, writing desk and chair and a spacious dressing room with a deposit box that is safely attached are also available.

Guest suites are available in this villa both in the upper and main levels. The rooms are decorated with murals and antiques with the luxurious touch seen in beds, outdoor rain shower, toiletries and bathtubs.

The other one from the luxury Bali villas at Ungasan has five spacious bedroom suites. They are presented with walk-in robes, outdoor terraces, view of the sea, extreme privacy and luxurious bathrooms. Four of the bedrooms are accommodated on the top level, while the fifth one is situated at the lower level. All the bedrooms in these villas are provided with air-conditioning, a safe, reading benches, walk-in wardrobes and private terraces.

Other special aspects of luxury villas at Ungasan

The living, dining and kitchen spaces are centered by a stair case that travels down into an evenly distributed and magnificent area that provides a spectacular 180 degrees view of the Indian Ocean. The kitchen is independent and can be operated by the visitors without any assistance from others.

  • The big dining table accommodates 8 guests. Kitchen has two sofa sets and a coffee table besides a traditional buffet table. You can relax and enjoy the spectacular views of the ocean simultaneously watching the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Media and sitting rooms of these villas are located behind the stair case. These are equipped with DVD and MP3 players accompanied by some books, Wi Fi connection and board games for the guest convenience.
  • The swimming pools have traditional bales available for the guests to relax and get freshened. Sun loungers and sunbrellas are placed around the pool. A water feature is surrounded by veranda pavilion, spa pavilion, BBQ area connecting the living room with the pool.
  • Bar area is also arranged nearby the kitchen for the guests’ pleasure and comfort.

Popular private luxury villas at Seminyak, Bali

Private villa in Seminyak provides accommodation that need not be always expensive. They are built for providing nice experience and amusement. The villa offers affordable prices for those who are not able to spend more and would still want to experience the joy very much as that of given by the expensive villas at Bali.

What is offered by Bali villa estates?

One of the Seminyak villas is situated nearby the Jalan Laksmana, a well-known place in the main road, famous for boutique shopping and road side eatables, and at short distance from the Beach. The villas at Seminyak are considered as perfect spots for people desiring to have the best from the Bali hostage at their door step. One of the Seminyak villas accommodates 6 private villas that have two bedrooms. Some of these villas are interconnected to each other to provide a four bedroom combination for accommodating big families and groups. Other 3 bedroom villas and 2 bedroom villas are situated in the same group area of the estate.

The private villa in Seminyak, Bali is designed using traditional work that includes stone work and local timbers. The rooms are generously sized and the visitors are guaranteed with relaxing and peaceful environment. The staff in the Seminyak villas is skilled and happy enough to arrange tours and activities for the guests at the time of their stay and assist you with every possible requirement you desire for. The relaxation and peaceful mood of the guests is enhanced by the emerald green and tasty gardens of the private villas. This estate is child friendly and caters the needs of the children and babies. The villas of the estate are covered by tiles with aqua unpolished stone feature accompanied by the natural cream colored palimanan tone for the bordering stones.

Splendid facilities of a Seminyak villa

One of the Seminyak villas represents the “house of vitality”. It is constructed with cosmopolitan style blended with Balinese style of artwork with modern facilities. The expectations of standard tourists are met here with the facilities like massage bale, plenty of space for guests and large dining area. This Bali luxury villa at Seminyak, offers four bedrooms added with another one, if required. The bedrooms are accompanied by media or an audio room, open plan living area and private spa, and open dining area.

  • There is an additional room downstairs in this private villa featured with comfy sofa for accommodating additional guests or children.
  • This villa is a member of the Canggu club and the visitors of this villa can make use of this membership. The guests will be able to access gymnasium, spa, football pitch, tennis courts, squash courts, kids pool, conference services, business services and beverage or food facilities.
  • The external barbeque area accommodated in this villa in Seminyak can allow 10 guests at a time to dine together and enjoy the spectacular view of the garden and swimming pool.
  • Book library, electrical adaptors, Backup during power failures and local telephone access are some of the accessories offered to the guests by this villa.