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Ar. Perumal has experiences range from designing, managing and supervising solid waste thermal plant, education facilities, commercial and industrial building and retail outlets. His professional experience engaged him in the design and supervision of construction projects in Malaysia were not necessarily trained in a separate architecture program in an academic setting. Instead, he is trained under established architects. Prior to his engagement in Architecture, there is a distinct theory and understanding behind his ideology and concept in his approach, his team of engineers and his client, and the experienced that he used varied depending on geographical location. Therefore, his firm engaged him in manipulating a design via the basic concept of design, geographically integrated and responding to the climate on site. This is what made Ar. Perumal special in the field of Architecture.


Ar. Perumal designed for the largest hypermarket chain in Malaysia, the Mydin Hypermarket and Warehouse distribution center in USJ. The distribution center design and construction was overseen by the Mydin consultant team with respect to timely completion of the works during the construction works. However, to ensure the quality of the construction, the works were sub contracted under NSC for better pricing and quality works under a Main Contractor. In this construction, the design, finance, and legal aspects is taken inconsideration by Ar. Perumal. Hence, the design is not only structurally appropriate for the use and location, it is design in respect to the financial needs and legality of the site. Hence, the structure is integrated into the surrounding by designing in a round framework of Architecture. Also, as efficiency of the building has caught the eyes of his client, Ar Perumal implements his concept of Architecture and construction knowledge to design this building. His firms provided a field on the cutting edge of the newest methods of construction intended to improve efficiency, performance and overall theory of the building.

In aspects of design theory, Ar. Perumal, also known as an architect who consistently pushes the ecological aspect in his architectural design style, this pushes the ability to design by emphasizing the environmental impact of the building in relation to the site context of Mydin. This lead to the new boundary area outside the built area which is influenced by the ecology, which test the limits of his ecological theory. This then lead to a heightened appreciation for the diversity of ecological phenomena in an urban context, theoretical and analytically legit approaches to the design of the site. Hence, the placement and orientation of the building are all appropriate which is then influenced by the preference of the client. Hence, this creates an empirical space which made the site sustainable and reduces pollution during construction.

According to Ar. Perumal on his design of Mydin, he mentioned that his work experiments with houses to be sustainable, naturally from ground, embodied with ecological design such as water comes directly from ground without JPA and it is self-sustainable. However, an off-grid power supply is not seen in Mydin. Hence, in this case study of Mydin, sustainability is seen on how his placement of datum of systems remain diverse and productive which is present in his floor plans. The façade designs are examples of an interpretation of an identity which is present in the Malaysian tradition. In more general terms, his concept of sustainability is embedded in the endurance and identity making of systems and processes to how a human interact with the space within the building. This then forms the base principle for Mydin design which includes the four distinctive values on its elevation. It is the ecological, economic, social and culture perception of the Mydin Hypermarket.

Architect Perumal sustainable design is also to moderate in use of materials, energy and development space. Besides, it minimized the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency. Hence, the development of Mydin supermarket shows an approach to design in architecture uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in design of the environment. “Preservation of one’s health and soundness,” said Architect Perumal is a definition that is extracted from a book he read, an action to conserver existing condition in any form and by any means is necessary for a sustainable approach on Earth. He wants his development of solutions to protect the ways of Earth’s biological diversity in the urban context and he starts with the design of the Mydin supermarket.


The second factor which influences Ar. Perumal is the geographical factor. As known the Mydin Hypermarket is located which is a sub urban context about 20km of the city center of Kuala Lumpur. It local context consist of leisure, recreation, housing down all the way to industrialized area. Facing, Persiaran Subang Permai, it is strategically located in the commercial district of USJ. Hence, the building responded to the biggest road nearby which is the Lebuhraya Shah Alam. This makes both site context and the industries branding to have a significant impact alongside Persiaran Subang Permai. The study on site which is done by Ar. Perumal, surveyed a rating for across five categories for this site "experience." To be induced into the community of USJ rather than a building standalone on site. The purpose is to create an end goal for the community in terms of permeability of advertising and juxtaposition of the building to help the client in justifying their position as a "premium" inventory source as a hypermarket.

Also, designing Mydin via site context had been tricky enough. It is needed to respond to the nearby Segi College Subang Jaya which locates beside the Giant hypermarket. Hence, this made it interesting an interesting remote sensing idea by Ar. Perumal. Hence, he obtained information through the form of infographic while designing to geography, the data and photography on site which assisted him in design via site context which made it possible to boost the visibility of Mydin. Hence, the study came in many forms such as mind mapping, aerial imagery, and local survey which deemed the angle of opening of the Mydin Hypermarket in USJ. Ar. Perumal also emphasized the cartography ability of an architect must be strong enough to understand the symbols and gestures of the site which made it more alive rather than a dead piece of land for an architect. The placement of the loading bay and the front elevation is fairly a behavioural psychology that induces customers to map their movement inside and outside the building base one’s perception.

Ar Perumal believes that a design is controlled by the climate. Which the climate which then transform the form to either protect from or harvest the natural force of Mother Nature. Hence, the incorporation of Mydin into the USJ site will determine what plants will grow there for green design, and how people will experience it. However, he did not get a chance to design a green roof for Mydin. Despite all that, Ar Perumal take in the three components to his green design approach which is the climatic response, plants and animals which are interwoven to create the fabric of a biome. Hence, the sunglight, north point and rainfall of USJ is important to play with the materiality and openings of the building on site.


Taking in consideration of the site, USJ has a tropical rainforest climate with no dry season. The area within 25 miles of this station is covered by croplands (73%), oceans and seas (12%), shrublands (9%), and forests (5%) which have an average daily high temperature during May. This controls the opening and design of Mydin entranceway itself. Also, the consideration of cold season during November to January takes no effect to the building design as the average tropical Malaysian temperature is more or less the same throughout the whole year. Therefore, making it a substantial building standing alongside the main streets of USJ.

While taking in consideration of the building sciences in USJ, Ar Perumal plays with the reduction of urban heat island effect. He wants to reduce the risk to human health in the built environment which is to reduce the effect of it by lowering the temperature. At times, the site can face a water shortage thread as a result of reduced rainfall and seeks to counter it with environmental friendly methods. Hence, he proposed systems of options for mitigating climate change and their underlying technological, economic and institutional requirements to his client. This reduce the risks, its uncertainty and ethical foundations of climate change mitigation on the site. He further investigates mitigation measures for all major sectors and assesses investment and finance issues so that it does not affect the vitality and productivity of the building itself.

Ar Perumal captures value for his works in Mydin for an advancement in his recognition to initiate the drive and clarity of the design to bring trusted transparency of the marketplace. Thus, helping his client to support their marketplace without endangering the environment. As the changes of the built environment poses new threat to the climatic conditions subconciously, the initiative to protect yet making a enjoyable built experience without sacrificing an aesthetically pleasing building is tough but it is a challenge by the architect during his design stage of the Mydin Hypermarket.

  • The character of our landscapes, as a changing climate impacts upon environmental, cultural, social and economic factors which shape this character affecting the vitality and productivity of vegetation.

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