Assumption Used in the Analysis and Completion of Report and Justifications

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Assumption Used the Analysis and Completion of Report and Justifications

Managing human resource, order and supplies of resource

Managing of human resources use to inspect the activities from beginning to the end of the construction work. So, a good project management must vigorously pursue the efficient exploit of labor. In this section, numbers of specialist participate, amount of hired workers or employee and name listing will listed out. About workers, we approximately hire 65 workers and ensure those workers are legal. Managing the human resources is able to make sure the project can run with smoothly, because if delay job in either one section, it will affect the following activities. So, the duration to managing of human resources will encounter for 1 week and another 1 week will provide as to order and supplies the resources, such as building materials. Why order the building materials need use of 1 week to complete? Because ordering a quality of materials is an extremely important section in construction process. The high quality of materials will be chosen in entire building process which to concern about user safety while they are using. So, this section should be manage properly and to ensure that we have sufficient time to obtain the quality and necessary building materials.

Leveling of ground and piling

This section; dimensioning, leveling of ground and piling foundation should manage with properly because it will affect the entire construction process. We had measured well about the size of ground we needed before the construction commence. After that, we will start leveling the ground after the size of ground is confirmed. After completion of those, then began piling foundation. A foundation is need to support the weight of whole building. So, a proper foundation work is essential to ensure that the base structure is stable, strong and able to withstand all of the load. This entire section have total 30 workers will assign to this job and will be taken total 6 weeks to complete and it including issue that delay the work such as mistakes in soil survey, bad weather conditions and others.

Drainage system

The drainage system also need to manage with properly because it may cause all sorts of problems to develop. For example, pipes to blocked, it may cause the toilet’s drainage is not smooth, the water will become ponding, which is water that’s not going away and it will cause people inconvenience. So, this section must be managed with properly and to ensure that problem will not happen. In this section, there are total 20 workers and 4 weeks will be taken to complete it.

Footing and columns four of storey block

After finish leveling of ground, piling and drainage system’s section, then will start of footing and columns four of storey block. Footing are the parts of important section in construction stage. Usually, they are reinforced with concrete and rebar has been poured to excavate trenches. After that, workers should observe the concrete has no cracking when the concrete totally dry. In this process, it is need a long time to let the concrete dry before carry on the next activities. Hence, total 30 workers and 12 weeks will be taken to conduct this section.

Building floor slab, walls, doors, window and walkway

After complete those section, will start building floor slab, walls, doors, window and walkway on each floor. Building flooring slabs should managed with properly, because it’s used to withstand all of the load. So, we had make sure that the concrete floor slab panel are installing at building construction are high quality, to ensure that it can withstand all of the load. Building the floor slab better caution on it because it may result in serious cracking problem and slab subsidence, especially in slab placed on poor subsoil. After that, they will start to build a walls, window, doors and walkway. Door size, walkways and stairs is to ensure the flows of students are smooth when they enter or exit the classroom. The stairs also will serving as 2 rows at each floor. This entire section have 35 workers to assign this job and will taken total 14 weeks to complete and it including issue that delay the work such as injuries of worker, bad weather conditions and others.

Construct roofing and ceiling board

Roofing is the first layer to cover the top part of the building to prevent leaking of rain water or exposed from the sunlight. To avoid roofing destroy by natural hazards, quality material of roof should be chosen to overcome damage issues such as blowing of strong wind, storms, rain and others. Then about the ceiling board, the gypsum board has been chosen to build up the ceiling following by the roof constructed complete. In order to avoid the ceiling board easy broken and may cause students injured, construct the ceiling board should be managed by properly. We had chosen the high quality of gypsum board to build up the ceiling and ensure that it could not easy damage. This section, total 25 workers and 7 weeks will be taken to conduct it.

Construct the rain gutter

After finish construct the roofing and ceiling board, will start to construct the rain gutter. The primary function of rain gutter is to direct rain from the roof of the building to the ground, in such a way it does not damage the building with easily. As like that, TARUC also can no need spend money to retread the building in a short time. About this section, will be taken total 5 workers and 3 weeks to complete it.

Construct partition walls

About construct partition walls this section, we will construct a moveable partition walls between classrooms to act as an intermediate units. Because, it has multi-function. For example, when students during exam, all of the partition walls can be moved to transform the classrooms into a hall to become the exam venue. As like that, it can save place and save cost. The classrooms transform into a hall can accommodate more students when they are assemble and TARUC also can save cost, need not to build another hall to become a student exam venue. Construct partition walls, will be taken total 15 workers and 4 weeks to complete.

Construct the restroom, tiling, fixing of toilets fixtures and equipment

In order to let students no need to go to the toilet so far away, we will be construct 1 male restroom and 1 female restroom with 6 toilets at each floor. It’s in order to make them more convenience. In order to let students are safety and avoid happening accident when use the toilet, we will chose antiskid tiling to become a toilet’s tile. It’s avoid people slip easily. Then, the fixture and equipment of toilet which are include wash basins, water pipe, dryer and other. Complete this section, will be taken total 25 workers and 6 weeks to conduct.

Internal painting

In this section, odorless, eco-friendly, non-toxic and easily maintained paint will be chosen. The color chosen for painting is important because in order to build a comfortable learning and teaching area. The wall will be painted in 2 layers. 1 layer is an underpainting and another layer will be a white color paint. 15 workers will assign in this job and estimated time for the internal painting job encounter for 2 weeks as unskilled labor may delay the speed to complete the job.

Installation of electrical supplies, electrical lighting and fixture system

In this section, the most complicated section are install wiring and electric socket, it should install properly to ensure that the electricity able connect to cable. Lightning is important to a classrooms, we need to ensure that students can see the white board and projector screen with clearly when tutor teaching, we had chosen a bright light. Furthermore, we also choose the types of lighting are low voltage electrical system and energy saving to save cost on electric bill and protect environment as well. 10 workers will in charge in this section and the duration to carry on this section will take total 5 weeks.

Install the fire hydrant equipment

The fire hydrant equipment is necessary equipment that need to install near the building because if happen fire incident, it can direct resolve problem. So, it is extremely important to a whole building. About install the fire hydrant equipment we will managed with properly, we need to ensure that the fire hydrant can be used with smoothly when have urgent need. Complete this section, will be taken total 5 workers and 5 weeks to conduct.

Install the water dispenser equipment at each floor

In a hot day, water dispenser equipment can said that is extremely important to a student, because they need a lot of water to quench. In order to let students can drink water at anytime, anywhere in the hot day, we are install the water dispenser equipment at each walkway, its let students can get the water with more convenience and ensure that they are not water shortage. The water dispenser has provide hot and cold water to let the students chosen. Install this equipment will take total 5 workers and 4 weeks to complete it.

Laying of floor titles, windows and doors

After finish install those equipment, next should be laying the floor titles, installation of windows and doors. The doors for entrance or exit should be equip with the functions of slow and quite closure to a tight sound when it’s fully closed. Besides, the stairs and walkway should build in proper size and direction to avoid the distortion teaching process in progress. This section, will be taken total 15 workers and 5 weeks to conduct.

Construct the landscapes on new classroom block

In order to let a students have a fresh and beautiful environment, we will planted a various types of flowers and trees in the garden. The trees can reduce the air temperature by blocking sunlight and it also can shade hard surface areas, such as sidewalks and building thus minimizing landscape heat load. Hence, we set up a chairs under the tree in order to let students can discuss assignment or chitchat at that place during a break times. The landscapes at new classroom block, we will take total 10 workers and 2 weeks to construct and it including issue that delay the work such as bad weather conditions.

External painting

After finish construct the landscapes, we will start the external painting. The painting products are chosen waterproof, odorless, acid and fungus resistant to avoid extreme rain water or hot weather affects the building outlook. External painting also will be painted in 2 layers. 1 layers is underpainting and another layer is peach color paint and combine some design. 10 workers will assign in this job and estimated time for the external painting job encounter for 2 weeks as unskilled labor and weather conditions may delay the speed to complete the job.

Setting and fixing the air conditioning system, fans and light bulb

Setting the air conditioner system and fans is to enhance enough air supply to deliver a cool air around the classroom, there are total 2 air conditioners and 3 fans which are environmental friendly will be setting. The types of air conditioner and fan should operate with noiseless operation, it is to prevent students will disturbance from noise when they attend classes. There are 10 workers and total 5 weeks times will be taken including time taken in maintenance job.

Setting and fixing the computer equipment, projector, projector screen and white board

Setting computer equipment, projector, projector screen and white board is required in classrooms. The computer should install to the projector to enable tutor show information at the projector screen. And the projector should high quality which to ensure that the information are show from the projector are clearly. The size of white board should be larger in order to let tutor able to write additional information. Setting for this section, total 10 workers to assign this job and will take total 4 weeks times including mistake or faulty occur in setting process.

Setting and fixing of tables, chairs, speaker, microphone, podium and host station

The size of classrooms able accommodate around 30 students; the tables with chairs will be provided with 30 set to enable 30 students to use. Besides, the classrooms also will setting a speaker and microphone, it is enable entire students can listen with clearly when tutor is use microphone teaching at the host station. Podium also needed as tutor can place their documents or file while teaching. Setting for this section will take total 5 workers and 4 weeks to complete.

Beautifying, touchup and signage

After completed setting all system and equipment, will start beautifying and touchup the building. We had to touchup the exterior paintwork where it was necessary in order to rises visual perception. The signage of new classroom block will be a ‘Block W’, and this signage will build as big as possible at wall of the building in order to let students can perceive with easily. About each classrooms of signage will set as ‘W001’ until ‘W024’. This section, 5 workers will to assign it and will take 2 weeks to conduct.

Clearing and cleaning

In clearing and cleaning jobs, we will tidy up all of the equipment are used in the construction building. Besides, we also need to clean the entire building of classrooms to make sure that the classroom’s environment are clean and free from dust before a tutors and students starting using. This entire section will contribute by 5 workers and used for 1 week to conduct.

Authority check for safety occupation

This section is the last and also is the most important section in this entire process. Because it’s to make sure that the facilities are safety and able to function. Electric appliances such as electric socket, lighting and air conditioner should be test. Equipment such as computer, projector and projector screen and others should re-examine to ensure that there are able to function when tutor start to use. Ceiling board and windows should be examined as well to prevent leaking of rainwater while raining. Hence, this section will take 1 weeks to complete and after, this entire process can be said to be finished.

1. Introduction/ Description on Project

This project is an expansion of classrooms project in TAR UC in main campus which is located in Setapak area, Kuala Lumpur. We are constructing a block of 4 storey walk-up classrooms. This project will take an estimated of 78 weeks/ 20 months. The purpose of this project is to meet and solve the problem of insufficient classrooms due to raising number of students in TAR UC. Other than just building more classrooms we also intend to provide a more comfortable teaching environment to lecturers and better learning environment to students. Thus, this project requires detailed planning and organizing.

In this project, we are constructing 8 classrooms on each floor, so there will be a total of 32 classrooms. In order to provide a good-condition learning environment, we will install a white board, podium, host station, 30 sets of table and chair, 2 air conditioners and 4 ceiling fans. Air conditioner that we are going to install in classrooms are inverted air conditioner as this product will not release harmful gases that will eventually harm student’s health.

To aid the lecturers’ teaching in class, we will then equip the classrooms with some facilities. For example projector screens projector, speaker, microphone and also computer.

Other than that, we will make a moveable partition between classrooms to act as intermediate units. All the partitions can be moved to convert the classroom into a hall for other usages for example to become an exam venue during exam. 2 rows of staircase are planned for each floor. One male restroom and one female restroom with 6 toilets will be constructed at each floor. Students will not have to wait long in the restroom as more toilets are provided.

5. Opinions, Recommendations and Conclusions

Regarding to the assumptions of ordering construction materials or any raw materials needed from different suppliers, this may increase the building cost for this project. For example, we might need to pay extra for logistic, transportation or workers fees. After all, we need to consider the delivery time of materials. Therefore, we recommend that ordering of construction and raw materials are better from suppliers that provide good quality materials and also delivery of materials to construction site. This will directly help to cut down a bit of the construction cost in this project.

Besides that, weather during the whole construction project will affect the progress of construction work. We assume workers cannot work on raining days. For any delay of completion work after the agreed date, constructor will be fined and it might also affect the college’s arrangement of class division for new semester. Hence, we recommend building tents at construction site. Also, workers have to ensure that certain raw materials could not get wet. Workers’ progress could be slow during raining day even with tents provided. However, workers do not have the excuse to stop working completely and only get back to work until the rain stops.

In addition, we include the healthy problem about the employee like they may sick or get injured in working, so we should buy them insurance. So, we should hire more employees in order to prevent the delay of construction work due to absent of employee. Moreover, employee satisfaction will directly influence the entire process, therefore we should provide standard quantity of food for them while working. This will help to decrease the eating time, improve the energy and satisfaction of worker and lead the construction work complete efficiently.

As construction workers will be working in college’s compound, safety of all including students and lecturers need to be put in priority. So we need the identity and listing of all the construction workers to ensure workers are legal. College need to work with the construction company that has good reputation and efficient.