Analysis of the Art Deco Movement

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Art Deco

Art Deco was a rich and progressive movement. Discuss works of the style.

Art Deco Style can be traced back to the twenty century. This style is twenty century and thirty decade of the rise one of international design movement. Even now still is very popular. Its first appear in Paris exhibition international arts decorative hold in 1925 as showcase for new inspiration [Historic Style, 1993]. Although the exhibition very successful have twenty-three countries to participated. But art deco this name has not getting people extensive to use until art deco term first used in 1968 by Bevis Hillier writings the book ' art deco of the 20s and 30s’. But first use of the term Art Deco has been attributed to architect Le Corbusier. [].

In society, technology and life as well other factor the influence. Art deco becomes one of internationalization movement. Art deco style influenced more products such as architecture, interior design, and industrial design as well artwork, drawing, movie and fashion etc. At the time, this style was seen as modern and elegance functional style. Its popularity in the 1930s in Europe, especially in France is getting on the zenith.

Describe Art deco characteristic will have sumptuous, modern word appears in mind. Art deco is evolve of the art nouveau. Art deco not a substitute art nouveau, they are not opposites movement. They two style even share some Technology such as Bauhaus prefect architecture technology.

Art deco style shaping and adorn inspiration come from ancient construction such as Egypt classic architecture, Africa woodcarving, Greece classic column types etc. Moreover, Art deco has some main characteristic. Such as radioactive sunbeam and fountain types, speed, power and flight to symbolize, geometric pattern, ancient culture and striking contrasts color etc. []

Exquisite craftsmanship and material as well creative is art deco one of features. Especially is early stage. Art deco has been fashionable symbolize. Art deco movement furniture has a foreign country color such as 1925 year display furniture of Paris exhibition international arts decorative etc. furthermore, France designer in this movement, Neither creative or perfect executive else can getting very best approved. Maybe their used special material such as wood, leather and snake skin, also use gold-plated and mosaic technique skill to created high quality products.

Their emphasize diversification of material and try to use new material of modernize. For example, in the 1930’s and 1940's Art deco Technology's permitted to build with Rounded Corners. And then, this technology can be Appear Aerodynamic. Symbolized fast and sleek.

In the past, Art deco have many architecture and products such as Golden Gate Bridge, Louisiana State Capitol, Chrysler Building etc. they are located in different countries as well as they have special characteristics of art. In short, Art deco is combine other country culture, modern and industrialize different element to integrate one of style.

In art deco times, they are feel fanaticism, youth hood and vitality. This new construct is new age need. After that, art deco movements affect more architects’ design style.

Joseph Baermann Strauss designed Golden Gate Bridge is one of special represents. His design showing fashion, modern, simple concept design conquest everyone.

Joseph Baermann Strauss born in 1870 year, son of a writer and artist, and has Germany blood relationship artistic family background. He graduated university of Cincinnati in 1892 year. Also, he hold a concurrent post both class poet and CEO. He graduated in economy and commerce makes achievements of career. He also is Golden Gate Bridge chief engineer as well as appreciate he graduated thesis is design a connect American to lengthen out to Asia the strait bridge concept. He undergo ten-year preparation, Joseph Baermann Strauss confirm a new project. He uses long time to finish this bridge in 1937. But, make people feel sad is the bridge complete in one year this excellent engineer died. [].

Golden Gate Bridge is Joseph Baermann Strauss design one of. His design product have rich and intricate concept. We cannot easily to say beautiful. We can look he all of design will know he use art deco style apply to modern society. He first designs Golden Gate Bridge, it hopes through appearance and sight to constitute beautiful. But he explores a new suspension structure as well as improves his design. In art deco leaves wonderful a one page. Joseph Baermann Strauss and other designer different is his have exploring spirit and design bridge courage. We have two characteristics to analysis Golden Gate Bridge a simple and magnificently design.

First of all, He design a series works to make use different material. He can different material to appear different texture and lines. In Golden Gate Bridge to make use steel cable suspended. The entire bridge shape is majestic but unadorned. Bridge have big steel tower can display art deco style. He use material give people feel symbol present and past of America. And then, all of the machinery which are mass production. Metal and concrete structure characteristic is sharp an angle and develop new material. Joseph Baermann Strauss in golden gate bridge material make use is prefect embodies such as the bridge lighting system, pattern of bridge tower and embossed pattern etc. it is special part and bridge entirety design conspicuous geometric pattern and optics. Golden gate Bridge can easily display graceful, pretty and intricate spirit.

Second, golden gate bridge color have to confess that is very beautiful. It has strong color contrast. Joseph Baermann Strauss changed outmoded color; he let a hard and cool bridge to become some soft, vitality and life. Maybe increase little a comfortable. Golden gate bridge used color is not red, it use red, yellow and black to mix. It called “international orange". This color and china red is very different, because it can make people feel romantic and vitality. But china red only have fervor and vigorous. When sun Irradiate on the golden gate bridge. The” international orange" can mix yellow showing a special view. And then, in dusk moment, it will change another views as well as red, yellow and black color can created wonderful visual effect. Golden Gate Bridge is majestic and soft at the same time, steel to create but have vitality. This is interesting architecture designs. We can see Joseph Baermann Strauss geometric pattern to created shape symbol of machinery and technology to solve our problem. Overall size use clear lines and curved. Point-line-surface mutual crisscross and triangle structure to become a prefect "golden gate bridge"

Joseph Baermann Strauss design works is belonging art deco movement products. That can explain Joseph Baermann Strauss bridge design make the most of art deco characteristic. This is a “new art" movement one of reactionary. It is oppose classicalism such as natural (organic shape). He wish show handcraft trend and beautiful of mechanized. It has time significance. Art deco appears make something to change such as environment, building, technology and fashion. In society bring about new great mass fervor and revolution as well as change today a design style scale. And then, I think art deco still have popular. It is because art deco is mixing more different element. The style could change as time goes by. Also can fusion new element and characteristic to create a new style. Moreover, I feel art deco still has people to use this style. Maybe art deco can constantly affect people thinking to appear new style.