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It is photo perfection for life already available in the market. In fact, the university where I graduated had this in there office. It is beautifully functional which gives more value and exceptional printouts. You will desire more to this because it has stunning 4800 dpi photos with 2-pl ink droplets. It has sharp black text with superior pigment ink. Elegant arc-line design fits in anywhere and fine print head technology for high printing speed is just things you could observe. It has long lasting photos with Chroma Life 100.

They have redefined the basics like never before. More quality print, more value, plus more style with the iP1880 inkjet printer. Form its chiseled arc-line design to its mirror-finish surface; every detail of the PIXMA iP1880 exudes beauty. Which makes looking at it as pleasurable as printing the most brilliant documents and images from it. With the most desirable aspect about it is its practical cost- of ownership and with the new more affordable PG-830 & CL-831 bundled inks, printing more is now pure pleasure with the PIXMA iP1880.

Sony DSC-G1: the WIFI cam

This is a review of digital camera, which was brought by my friend. He proudly told us that the unit is unique because it could be connected to any Wi-Fi zone. I said great, it is quite cool.

I thought every camera feature has already been thought of, but I was wrong. This being the wireless connectivity era, digital cameras should also be wireless. Enter the Sony 6.0 megapixel Cybershop DSC-G1, which fits 600 photos in its high-end capacity. It also has 2 GB internal memory - so no need for MCs. The company created it with a super steady shot and ISO 1000 high sensitivity to avoid blurs on your smiles. The highlight, of course, is its capability to send photos wirelessly to other Digital Living Network Alliance-enabled devices. It is already available in the market since 2008.

IPhone: my personal review

There are reasons I want to share why I am not buying the iPhone products.

Yes, I drooled over Apple's entry into the mobile market, thanks to Steve Jobs' usual marketing magic. After some consideration and reviews I browsed in the internet, I decided the quad-band smartphone is not for me.

There is nothing new in iPhone. The vaunted multi-touch interface is something I do not need. Even apple's industrial design team does not get everything right the first try. Just ask Mr. MacBook.

Real keys are better than virtual ones. If you need to enter text quickly, touch-sensitive buttons are not recommended.

Big screen means big vulnerability. I like keeping my gadget in my pockets, along with keys, coins and my assassin's knife. The iPhone's big display means there is a big chance it will suffer big damage.

There is no support for third party apps. Steve Jobs says, "It is to keep people from installing software that can bring down cell networks". I say it limits the gadget's versatility.

Lastly, it has missing memory card slot. Hmmm. 8GB is a lot, but not if you want to bring around all your music. Apple's margins have always been huge, and the iPhone is no exception.

Ford Ranger; a cool utility

Trucks used to be, well - just trucks. Not anymore!

The new trucks offered by car manufacturers the past years have changed the image of 'Utes (slang for utility), and with that, those who drive them. Welcome the new generations of utility vehicles-trucks you will not mind being seen anywhere even in rural areas in the Philippines.

While Mitsubishi took its Strada for a total aesthetic overhaul, making it prettier, Ford introduced the new Ranger in 2006 with cosmetic upgrades that made it look even more macho and tough. Revised bumpers, a new grill, fender flares, and fog lamps stand out in the upgrade, giving the ranger a more aggressive fascia reminiscent of its bigger and tougher sibling, the F150.

A no-frills interior remind you that the Ranger is first and foremost, a utility vehicle, with only an upgrade on the steering wheel, gauge cluster and stereo that hints at modernity. The ride, drive and feel of the 2007 Ranger cement its reputation as a true workhorse on wheels. Elude engine and rough ride remind you repeatedly that this is not a truck pretending to be a car, and is proud to be what it is. It can tow more than 5,500 pounds and is, literally, good for the long haul. It may not be your first choice of ride if you are planning to take your long-time crush out on a first date, but it is definitely, the truck you will want to drive for a weekend.

A Holiday to Taal Vista Hotel

I could give at least four reasons that I could go back to Taal Vista Hotel with my good friends.

First, it is the view of nature and the Taal volcano. You can commune with the nature and breathe easy by hanging out for hours at the view deck. The hotel now boasts of being one of the country's most prominent hotels frequented by Filipinos and foreigners. With its lavish features, service-oriented staff, and a beautiful view, what more can guests ask for.

Second, it has green surrounding. Kids and kids-at-heart can lounge on the grass and frolic for fun. My two nephews really enjoyed their day. You are free, you can enjoy strolling around, and you can meet new friends.

Third, they call it Wi-Fi by the lake. It would be nice to sip hot chocolate and blog about the lovely view while waiting for the sunset. Wi-Fi at the Taal Vista Hotel was established in December 2006. Now, vacationers can enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere in the hotel, even in the comfort of their own rooms.

Lastly, it is the food that I liked and enjoyed. The chocolate eruption cake is more than enough of a reason to make me jump into my car and zip to Tagaytay. I have to try the house specialties from the a la carte menu. I got the Crispy Tawalis - native fish found in Taal - served on a bed of Crispy noodle strips. I immensely enjoyed its hefty serving, crispy texture, and tasty soy-chili sauce.

There is one thing I will never forget from that trip. The grass by the view deck was so inviting I actually rolled around and lay on the grass. I was in my own fun kingdom, and no digital camera can capture the perfect smile on my face.

Asustek P735

At first glance, the P735 looks like a palm device, but the similarity ends there. This 3G-enabled PDA phone boasts of its exclusive ASUS software. One such software allows the user to control PowerPoint presentations on a laptop via Bluetooth. Not to be left out are the imaging functions, which include a 2-megapixel camera and a secondary one for video calling. This baby runs on windows mobile, which also allows users to edit Word and Excel documents on the go.

LG Prada KE850

LG's KE850 tries to take a page out of Apple's book. Sporting minimal buttons in the front similar to the iPhone, the LG KE850 makes use of a touch screen for various functions. With GPRS, Bluetooth, and WAP-enabled, it boasts of a built-in radio, PIM functionality, and a 2-megapixel camera at the back. Though its features resemble that of the typical PDA, it is still very different from the iPhone. However, if you want to add bling to your collection of devices, the Prada KE850 is more than a worthy candidate.

BlackBerry Pearl

BlackBerry devices in our country, Philippines, are limited. They are usually the small, wide, QWERTY-enabled monochrome gadgets for businesspersons. BlackBerry ups its offering with its latest baby, the Pearl.

The BlackBerry Pearl's design is quite similar to today's smartphones. It is equipped with 1.3 megapixel camera and is EDGE-enabled. Data entry and navigation, however, are limited to the keyboard and the pearl trackball.

Oakley Thump 2

It is a pair of sunglasses with a built-in digital music player. Those are the basics-the edge here is Oakley makes it. It is pricey from the get-go, nut has unparalleled optics right out of the box; that has never been a question. It hardly gets better than Oakley does. The real question is here: Does Oakley, the sunglasses company, has anything to pit against Apple, the iPod company, in the DM arena. In addition, would a combo sunglass-digital music player have any chance against hundreds of options available out there? In addition, what are those prices?

About its optics, the glass is unimpeachable. When you put the sunglasses on, it is obvious why it costs much more than its brethren do. The design is cool and trendy, which might give it problems somewhere down the road when fashion winds blow in a different direction.

About its audio, it is your basic player - with a robust, full sound, and great treble-could do with a bit more bass, but it is not shabby. Personally, I find the upper volume limits too low for my ears. I loaded up Chris Daughtry's debut album and found it strange that the first track crackled in the ear buds, while the other cuts sounded great. I determined it must be the encoding, not the gear.

Do pod D810: travel with style

You should never get lost with this Do pod. The Do pod D810 is really a looker even for a non-PDA phone user. Its elegant, shiny exterior is made of an acrylic layer, and not of plastic, as I thought. This stylish PDA phone comes in two colors, polished Black and Immaculate white.

The Do pod D810's looks does not take away from its features: it packs many power features, giving other PDA phones a run for their money. Activating applications was always a snap, and the videos I have watched played smoothly with the D810's windows media player. It comes with mobile version of MS word, excel, and PowerPoint. Battery life averaged at least a day and a half to two days. If the unit runs out of battery, the data in my D810 will not be erased, thanks to windows mobile 5's persistent storage memory.

The Do pod D810 is lightweight and can easily be placed inside your pants pocket. Users who want to compose SMS in the conventional way may do so by using Do pod's built-in virtual phone pad. Do pod recently released an update to activate the GPS chip of D810. Once activated, the chip can accommodate third-party GPS apps on the D810 to allow viewing of maps.

The bottom line is that the Do pod D810 is a must-have {DA phone for people traveling a lot, whether for business or leisure. You will never get lost with its built-in GPS. Just do not lose the D810

Olympus mju 725SW: any season shooting, anywhere!

A camera you would not leave behind.

Built with metal bodies, mju cameras are as tough as some of the affordable SLR bodies do today. The first digital mju models, with the line's reputation for quality and toughness, were a sight for photography enthusiasts. The Olympus mju 725SW is no exception.

A three x optical zoom lens paired with a 7.1 megapixel CCD sensor is used for the imaging functions of this camera. Utilizing folded optics technology, the lens does not extend or retract upon focusing and zooming. This makes the mju 725SW very compact.

A bright 2.5-inch screen is used for the rear display. With Olympus's bright capture technology, the camera's performance in low light is enhanced. This innovation is used to take good pictures underwater, effectively boosting sensitivity and the display's brightness.

The folded optics design requires that the lens be placed off-center to maximize space without increasing bulk. However, your left hand may sometimes block the lens if you are not too careful.

The bottom line is that with its compact package that can withstand beating and the elements, what has not to love about the Olympus mju 725SW? I could only imagine the creative possibilities with such unique features.

Samsung CLP-300 Color Laser Printer: the world's smallest color laser printer.

When we have our "suislide" and "plunge" adventures at Danao, Bohol, Philippines, we immediately have our pictures taken by the personnel in that area. We just paid PhP50 for the immediate picture we had. I was very amazed. I asked the woman who is in-charge about the name of the printer. It is Samsung CLP-300 Color Laser Printer.

Experience twice the power in half the size with Samsung's CLP-300. The world's smallest and lightest color laser printer weighs just 13.6 kg and covers an area only as small as an open magazine.

Designed to challenge the home and small office market's color inkjet monopoly, the Samsung CLP-300 series provides a compact and affordable alternative to monochrome laser printers and color inkjets, offering unrivalled clarity and print quality with a 2400 x 600 dpi resolution.

The printer boasts a print speed of four pages per minute (ppm) for color printing and a solid 16 ppm for black and white printing, while maintaining ultra-quiet printing with Samsung's patented Non-orbiting Noiseless Optics Imaging System (NO-NOIS) technology. With this technology, the Samsung CLP-300 operates at a lower noise level than any standard multi-pass printer. Its innovative and convenient bottle-shape toners also provide hassle-free toner changes.

To the Filipino youth

I took a quote from Jose Rizal's poem, A LA Juventud Filipina (To the Filipino Youth) - in which Jose Rizal said that the youth is the hope of the motherland. That famous line is still mere words, mostly used during speeches but rarely being realized.

It is during elections that the famous lines are being overused, hoping to entice young voters, to inspire and to give them hope. In addition, it is during this time that the existence of the other causes somebody's non-existence just because they want power.

The idea of ABS-CBN's Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo is simple: to keep Filipinos vigilant, to get the people to care and to take action. It gives Filipinos a chance to speak up and shun the possibility of bloodshed. However, it was a slap on the forehead when the opportunity to be a part of the Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo: Ako Ang Simula came here in our province and got only little support from a certain school. It was not just a slap. It was an earth-shaking slap. I could count the number of participant who attended the gathering and forums. That was a sad thing. It was quite a shame in that particular school.

However, I would not pinpoint everyone who was not there. The lack of participation from the students and the people was probably due to inefficient dissemination of the information. It could have been better if classes were suspended in order to allow students to participate the said activity without worrying the classes.

Nevertheless, I could not shake off what is obvious, that is apathy. Majority of the youth, mostly students, just go in and out. They never take time to stop, read, and listen. In addition, it reflects the young people of our society. Majority of the youth today pass by at the deafening sound of injustice and the cry for freedom and change, with earphones plugged in. only few are able to stand and speak up. Only few would pull off their earphones and listen to the cries they always hear but never cared to listen.

Let us all be listeners. Let us all be vigilant. Let us all keep our values intact, be responsible and be the youth in Rizal's A La Juventud Filipina.

Let us be the change we want to see.

Know your Philippine presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Here are some of the presidential candidates:

Gilbert Eduardo Gerardo "Gibo" Cojuangco Teodoro Jr.

He is a lawyer, politician, and a former president of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD party. Aside from pushing for reforms, he also called for more funds for the military's modernization program. His running mate is Edu Manzano, a TV personality.

Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

He is an actor, politician, and the former president. He banners the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Laban Party (PDP-LABAN). His administration marked the meteoric rise of business tycoons and escalating insurgency in Mindanao. Estrada's running mate is Jejomar "Jojo" Cabauatan Binay, the incumbent mayor of Makati city. Jojo has this passion for the protection of the human rights as seen by his acts of giving free legal assistance to poor clients and victims of human rights abuses during the Marcus regime.

Manuel "Manny" Bamba Villar Jr.

He is a businessperson and politician. He is the president of the Nacionalista Party. He organized the "man on wheels" program, a livelihood training school housed in a van that makes rounds in depressed areas. He also authored the New Magna Carta for Small and Medium Enterprises (RA 6289). Villar's running mate is Lorna Regina Bautista Lagarda. She authored laws that protect the rights of women, youth and children.

Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Cojuangco Aquino III

He is a politician. He passed house bills like HB 4251. This grants the annual productivity incentives to all workers in private sectors. The HB 4397 strengthens the power of the Department of trade and Industry (DTI). Aquino's running mate is Manuel "Mar" Araneta Roxas II, an economist and politician. Mar's advocacy includes the rights of every Filipino to affordable medicines. He also authored the Roxas Law (Republic Act No. 7880) which ensures fair distribution of the education capital budget among all the provinces.