A Novel By John Steinbeck Architecture Essay

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This novel has so many themes which I will go into more detail such as the American dream surrounding several characters and discrimination which also surrounds specific characters.

In this essay I will try to answer a simple question on why George spent most of his time on helping his good friend Lennie was it out of friendship?. Or to save his life?

As we look into detail about the main characters we immediately see the irony about Lennie Small's name. He is a big and slow character while his name has the word small in it. Lennie has severe learning and mentally disability problems and cannot understand the consequences on his actions. Another down point about Lennie smalls is that due to his size and inhumanly strength he hurts the smallest of creatures such as rabbits which he likes to tend "tend to his rabbits" is a quote which shows that Lennie likes to tend rabbits .There is a huge contrast between Lennie and his best friend George Milton. He is a quick-witted man and smart and mainly spends most of his time looking after his troubled friend Lennie. Things may have been bad for George since he has to look after Lennie but it got worse as he and Lennie needed to flee from there employment in weed due to Lennie`s love for stroking things went too far as he was accused of rape. This saw the adventure begin and for George a nightmare as we will see later in the essay.

The first quote we are going to look at is when George and Lennie are reminiscing about how they landed in this tricky situation "Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don't belong no place" this quote has many meanings but the main meaning is when George and Lennie finally realise due to Lennie`s actions they no life left. They just work without any gratitude by the owners. This quote shows us how Lennie`s actions have ruined the life's of George and indeed Lennie. The friendship is strong and George is showing strength to stick by Lennie on what he did in the past. This shows how much George would sacrifice for Lennie. The writer uses several techniques such as commas to show additional information which shows us more into this story and the way which the duos live.

Another quote which describes the relationship between George and Lennie is when George describes that there friendship has gone through bad times. "Course Lennie's a God damn nuisance most of the time, but you get used to goin' around with a guy an' you can't get rid of him". This quote by George comes to us as a surprise, we have already seen in the previous quote how George stuck by Lennie through the problems they have faced but now George is blatantly saying that he is stuck with Lennie and he cannot get rid of him. This is beginning to show that George is beginning to crack under the pressure of being with Lennie which has brought him so much sorrow. Referring back to the question we see the weakness of the friendship and George and Lennie`s relationship for George may just be a 24/7 job to look after Lennie and make sure he does not get hurt again. We can understand that Lennie can cause problems due his metal disability and George has shown compassion on several occasions but it looks like he is having enough looking after Lennie. One technique the writer uses is a profanity (god damn) this is put right before George says that he has had enough of taking care of Lennie. This builds up tension and shows us how angry he is by using this type of profanity.

Another quote describes how George confronts Lennie and tells him that he is not a waste of space." I want you to stay with me Lennie Jesus Christ somebody`d shoot you for a coyote if you was by yourself no you stay with me. Your Aunt Clara wouldn't like you running off by yourself even if she is dead".

George and Lennie`s friendship has gone through some hardship and severe problems but through out this novel George ensures that Lennie is his friend and he will always stick by him referring back to the question we see a lot of strength points towards George as he complements Lennie and we will see soon how much George will sacrifice for Lennie.

When George realises that he has done everything to save Lennie it has been for no use since they land in trouble because of Lennie`s actions and George decides to sacrifice Lennie for his own safety when he puts him down "The crash of the shot rolled up the hills and rolled down again" this quote speaks for it self when it describes how the crash of the shot which drilled Lennie`s skull rocked up the hills and than rolled back down. The writer uses many techniques in this quote such as a metaphor when he describes how the shot sounded like a crash and ironically which crashed in Lennie`s head. We seen in brief summary how George was protecting Lennie through out the play which resulted running away from there home town and almost escaping death. The possible reason that George would end his best friend life is too protect him from all the pain and suffering he would get if he was alive by all the people he has hurt in the past. A weakness to this action is that George has to carry this burden through out the remainder of his life

The final quote I will be talking about is from a wise well respected man named slim who knows things with out being told about it. Due to the sheer smartness of slim he already knows what occurred "Never you mind, a guy got to sometimes" this quote may have come at a bad time but we see how slim tells George that he did what a man would do in that situation

In conclusion I answered the question which stated that the friendship was stretched to the limits so much that it resulted on one like taken away in this case George shooting Lennie. George showed both love and frustration with Lennie but these two elements make friendship. Lennie may have not been able to understand such things as friendship but he knew that he had a good friend in George. George sacrificed Lennie out of friendship to save him from all the turmoil which would occur if he was still alive.