A Study of the Archaeology of the UAE

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The first inhabitants


There is little evidence providing proof for UAE population about Eight thousand years ago. Stones are discovered in different areas of UAE for more than 200,000 years ago. It was found in isolation so it is not an easy approach to date that stone for its discovery and use in UAE. In the interior place of Sharjah, recently, crucial discoveries are made in the city of Jebel Faya, where, different stone tools are found in the groups known as strata in the time period between time ages of 90,000 and 125,000 years ago.

One of the excavations includes striking efforts for this parched era in Jebel Faya. It was taken as the layer for separation and deep layer with the tools of above Paleolithic stone with further layer of stone tools of Neolithic type. At the starting time of the Holocene another form of stones was invented almost dated back to 8000BC. An early form of flint was discovered at that time period named as Fasad Point.

In UAE history, abundant and widespread proof from that era is used in stone tools comprising of quartz, chert and flint. It is referred as the late Stone Age by various historical studies in prehistory of Arab. It is also known as Neolithic by other authors. A large range of the applications is carried by the later term in Eurasia. New stone age is characterized by all prolific symptoms of herding, farming, ground stone manufacturing objects, ceramics use and village life in settled state.

Only a few of these characteristics are recorded in specific aspect of UAE case. For Farming, there is yet no specific proof. Domestic animals are found in the form of bones in UAE that was not relating to the wild animals. Cattle, sheep and goat bones are found that were only relevant to domestic animals. Animals and human body are not a source of invention and discovery of life on UAE. It is evident that life was not obvious and the exact time when life was started at UAE earth, is not an easy to be dated exactly.

Utmost effort is deployed in this paper to articulate either the research is confined towards the real time invention or it is just the time period and bones as well as stones those are discovered in the current time period.


Purpose of this study is dedicated to Archaeology. Historical analysis and evolution time period is always of interest for discovery.

  • Natural and inventions or historical background in natural settings is of great interest for students. In order to meet up the required demands, all of the inventions are covered in this paper ranging from stones to animals and their tissues transformation with the passage of time.
  • External environment is necessary for human beings and start of life is discussed in UAE. UAE is one of the great developed countries where resources are in rich form.
  • Resources are managed and effectively deployed as major factor for development.
  • Bones and stones are considered in detailed approach as they can be used to identify the time period including what is the exact date for their inception or discovery at this earth.
  • The most common and simplest disc on the bead type discovered was 1.5 millimeter thick and 1 to six millimeter in diameter. These common discs were made up of the shell, coral and serpentinite.
  • These are most of the times, intermixed with coral made tubular beads, white beads, to create the intentional and decorative effects for intermixed white and black.
  • Next major discovery is related to bones of Socotra discovered at the islands of UAE.


Audience for this paper include,

  1. Researchers
  2. Newspaper Writers
  3. Archeologists
  4. Authors
  5. Scientists


Methodology for any sort of paper is based upon two forms of data sets and study settings.

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Primary data is collected through questionnaires, interviews and discussions whereas secondary form of data is collected through secondary sources including online journals, newspaper articles, documentaries, annual reports, websites and Online peer reviewed journals.

Data is available for secondary studies like it is used in this paper. Paper is based upon information collection from different reports and experiments. It is descriptive form of study as all sorts of issues and problems are discussed in description and further addition in information discussion is dealt in this study as compared to early studies. This study is focusing on experimentation results and archeologists viewpoints for descriptive analysis.


The major and crux statement in this paper is based upon how all of the natural information can be traced back through strong evidences and proofs. It is used in order to maintain the natural as well as the critical information for entire processing. To proceed for the animals and procedures analysis, it is necessary for the management of information. Al environmental issues and biology based data sets are considered in the field experiment settings of study as they have to include experiments and artificial settings as compared to the natural settings.

For more specifications, this paper is linked with the major and minor field natural settings as no experimentation and proof is contingent with the terms or procedures. No improvement or new technique implication is provided as a sample and entire process is delineated in an effective mode of conjectured dates as well as discoveries. Prolific authors and information providers are recorded in this study as an evident proof for the written material. Literature and succinct information is inoculated in this study to provide more authorized study and directions.


Results are not based upon any specific reason and its clarification through experimentation or questionnaire use. It is related to the question either the climate issues and new land invention or discovery is linked with the people movement from north and south zones to Arabic areas. UAE is a developed country and people move in and out for their other reasons as compared to the climate as well as new place search.

Bones and Stones are used as the source of measuring time extent that can be related to the life startup on UAE land, but it could not be delineated in a confirmed way. It resulted or eventually ended with the affirmed results that no factor can cause the link between stones and bones shape in different angels and the human living on UAE land. The future directions that are asserted as the key technique or landmark for upcoming researchers are mtDNA of human for time estimation.

Student Opinion

Being a nature loving student and aimed at finding the ways in same study lines, I am assure that this paper is written in a reader friendly mode and all sort of information pertained to archeology is effectively worthy. It can be further used as a key tool to identify different aspects in the natural settings. Following major issues and perspectives can be coined on this paper grounds

  1. Stones, Discovery and their UAE History
  2. UAE life start up and Bones
  3. Human Genes or Stones, Which one is most Authentic for Life Estimation

Study Purpose

Study Purpose is used to define and identify either it has been following the key criteria a research study must abide by. Following rules are followed by this study in an operative manner.

  1. Objective (Objectives are clearly mentioned and achieved with a future objective definition)
  2. Measurable (it is not measurable as it is qualitative in nature)


Limitations are an eminent factor in all studies so this study is also confined to some limits as follow.

  1. Time constrain is one of the major issues to be followed din this study as more time span can be eventually lead towards field study experimentation and more information data base development.
  2. Experimentation and Human involvement in this study can result in more succinct results.
  3. Only UAE country is considered for this specific study as time is the limitation as well the researcher must go for the more exposure towards information collection and analysis.

Key Terms

Key terms used in this paper include following terms,

  1. Fasad Point
  2. Al Madar
  3. Pearls
  4. Akab
  5. BHS 18
  6. KHM0035
  7. Marawah
  8. Ubaid
  9. Socorata

In Nutshell

Summing it up, this paper is crucial nature supplement for researchers and archeologists as they have to main the structural requirements and their sophisticated fulfilment. In order to use this information in an effective manner, entire process is linked with the chain of historical movements. Human body and DNA is always an important part for any discovery and estimation purpose. Animals and other living organisms can also be used as a tool to induce the factor of life in historical analysis. For future researchers, more than one country must be selected along with more than one factor’s consideration to track life estimation on the land under observation by them.