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Few years ago, I was studying in the secondary school. In one of the election student council, there were two candidate councils. After that election, teachers found that there were nearly 100 students voted invalid ballots. Most of the teachers, even the president blame on those students who voted invalid ballots and thought they just wanted to make fun and it just a prank. But one of the teachers talked to our class and mentioned that it maybe not a prank and the student just want to state their opinion in an invisible way. That teacher stated a point that was maybe some student want to vote to both candidate councils or not vote to any side. However, most of the people think voter must vote to one side. The speaking of that teacher has affects me a lot until now. That speaking was made me to think about I couldn't just believe the authority and need to think more in different perspectives, not just in one side.

After my secondary school study, I enrolled to the Associate of Social Science. Because I think the studying of Social Science can help me to make analyze of the incident in different perspectives and think more critically.

I would like to talk about what are the differences between the life of secondary school and the life of community college. I consider that the main difference is the liberty. In secondary school, there were many rules to control the student. Such as hairstyle, uniform, fixed timetable and etc, even school would punish the student when they break the rules. In community college, there were no more particular rules. The student can choose their own style when they get to college. Such as dressing, learning style, also the behavior. The student would start to learn how to control and behave themselves without some particular rules. For example, student would not break the rules in secondary school because most of them worried about the punishment from the secondary school. But now, in the community college, most of the student would not break to invisible rules. Such as talking loudly in the lecture because they recognized that the action would distribute other student and to be labeled by the other. The motivation of the student to control and behave their behavior no more from the school and it transfer to the social.

Just like I said above, community college is a quite liberal place. Another different is the learning style. In secondary school, there was the examination oriented learning. Therefore, most of the lesson, the textbook, the test and even the teaching style were focused on public examination. Also, teachers would put a force to the student and improve their knowledge and skill to handle the public examination. In another words, teacher would take care more about the student. For an example, teacher would chase the homework up when student did not hand in; teacher would talk to the student when their test results were not very well. But in the community college, the teacher would not take care as same as the secondary school and the learning style changed to self-learning. It means the student needs to be more active on their learning and they cannot just dependent on what teacher gave to them. The knowledge from the teacher was limited and the teacher would give a direction to the student. The student should try to follow the direction and learn by themselves through the library, Internet or anyway out. Especially the student is studying in Social Science; many things around the society could be an issue and link to what I learn. That means the student can learn from any time and anyway while they want.

After taking about the changes between secondary school and community college, I would like to talk about what I gain after I got in the community college. I expected studying Social Science can help me to make an analysis in different perspective and thinking more critically. I think Associate of Social Science progamme can partial fulfill my expectation in last 13 weeks. I took 5 courses in last 13 weeks and Introduction of Psychology and Sociology has most impressed me. Because this two courses made me have a new idea of the human and the society. Studying the course Introduction of Psychology made me understand people are human being and human being has their nature. It means people cannot control everything they want and usually constraint by the human nature. For example, human cannot make the changes on inborn traits of their body easily. It made me though that human cannot control everything because a part of their life was destined before they recognize the world. In the course Sociology made me learn more about the social structure, social conflict and sociology concept. Especially something I could usually hear ideology from people, but actually I did not very clear before. Some of the people said they have their own ideology. But what is the exactly meaning of ideology? Before studying Sociology, I was not very understood and make clear of the concepts above. When after the studying, I can understand those concepts and recognize what the people mentioned about. I think Sociology can narrow the gap between society and me. Also can help me to debunk what happen in the society. Why I said this programme just partial fulfill my expectation but not completely? Because I expected I can gain more in the coming semester and fulfill my expectation completely in the future.

To conclude, the main differences of secondary school and community college are liberty. Student behavior and learning style should be adjusted. The student needs to be more active and try to turn their learning attitude to self-leaning style. About the course, it let me have a difference viewpoints and angles to think about the human life and the society. In the coming semester, I expected I can learn more from different fields in this programme to broaden the horizon.