Hotel Bobois in Istanbul

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Introduction to the Plan

Hotel Bobois located in Istanbul. The hotel is aimed at offering a five star class service to all its clients. Consequently, it aims at providing full satisfaction to all its customers by providing all the services that any customer would want.

It is a private hotel owned by a group of businessmen that serves business and leisure travelers, which need a higher level of comfort, convenience and design.


We aim at targeting the following markets:

Tourism Office

The local tourism office located at Bosporus can help to advertise the hotel options in the city or Istanbul at large. They have offered various listings on their website with the purchase membership at the very least. We will further go and advertise tourism materials so as to make sure that we are prominently placed in materials tourists look at before arriving to the city. This is because being in a pamphlet they receive only upon arrival to the local tourism office will be of no help. Our Public relations team will also look at materials, such as website or promotional packets the tourism office sends to those who express interest and to travel agents.

Public Relations

A public relations strategy is essential to putting down and conveying the story of why our hotel is newsworthy. From a local perspective, this may be an easy sell. More work will be engineered in to the greater travel press and business press because we will cater for the business personnel who will be travelling to Istanbul. Crafting of Press releases will be done by the public relations office which will explain the story of interest to the paper, taking the guesswork and legwork out of the picture for them. This will therefore ease up the work for the guests.

Internet Marketing

Outspending competitors and hotel booking websites such as and on Google ad keywords for hotels in Bosporus city will be difficult to achieve. Therefore we aim to Start by making sure that these sites include Hotel Bobo. It is also evident that we will have to pay some hotel fees or commissions for rooms rented through them but this will be included in our financial plan.


Pre-opening and launch events can create thrill about the hotel in the community. Therefore building community member understanding of the services we will offer to our customer target market will be essential. We have therefore engaged in communicating community awareness on the exotic five star hotel. This will enable the local businesses, residents, and government to refer visitors to the hotel because they will have heard about it and they think it would be a good place for their clients, friends, and visitors to stay, so events should focus on building awareness and brand image.


Conference planning

This is supported by the flexible spacious rooms that adapt perfectly to the customer goals and technology that accommodates the most demanding presentation and communication requirements.

In Hotel Boboat the Bosphorus, the sophistication of the 19th century meets the gloss and advancement of the 21st to create the most impressive setting in Istanbul to accommodate for considerable or large gatherings - whether a garden wedding, a corporate conference or an exotically themed business event.

Located at a suitable landmark setting on the Bosporus, that allows for an all round view of the surrounding, the Hotel's size that is approximately 2,000 square meters (26,790 square feet) of multipurpose meeting and conference space facilitates functions that can accommodate hundreds of guests (approximately 1000 guests). Moreover, the elegant indoor options constitute two ballrooms, each with a lobby, with an additional six rooms for more friendly occasions.

Music and entertainment

The hotel management will be glad to arrange for any type of music or entertainment for guests' events that will be hosted. Complimentary background music is provided in our meeting facilities.

Welcome amenities and VIP gifts

Our Mission

We are exceptional operators of a modern 5 star hotel and we create value in every encounter with our owners, guests and associates.

Our Vision

An outstanding and tailored service, exceeding expectations, and inspiring a connection to our brand in the services and experiences we provide.


To provide full satisfaction to all our customers by facilitating for five star class in all the services that any customer would want.

Our Values

At its core, the Hotel Boboit holds the following values and beliefs:

Exceptional Service -.

  1. Integrity - We are honest and straightforward in our interactions with our clients
  2. Respect - The objectives of our stakeholders are paramount and are always respected.
  3. Continuous Improvement - The dynamic nature of our qualified stuff members bring in innovative experiences to the clients.

Keys to Success

In order to succeed, the new management will strive to achieve the following goals:

  • Position the hotel among the numerous tourists.
  • Build strong market position among the local patrons.
  • Maintain sound financial management of the venture.


Hotel Bobohas the following strengths:

  • Tools to improve human resources activities are available (e.g., interview guide and training manual)
  • Experienced workforce dedicated to mission. Employees feel "part of the team"
  • Proactive management team
  • Spacious, well-equipped spa & fitness center: This includes private massage rooms, unisex sauna, separate steam rooms for men and women.
  • There's a complimentary newspaper and housekeeping is done twice a day.
  • Professional and attentive staff.
  • The hotel also has the following weaknesses:

  • Buffet breakfast is too expensive - not enough variety for the price.
  • Restaurant staff is sometimes slow and not attentive enough.
  • Funding allows agencies to stand alone and not require collaboration to accomplish their work.
  • Money is not always tied to outcomes
  • Multiple funding streams also can lead to lack of coordination



Hotel Bobowas formed in 2002 as a restaurant; it gradually developed to a five star hotel after the inclusion of various stakeholders joined the business with a vision of it having international branches as a five star hotel. Three major business associates located in Istanbul now own Hotel bobo, formerly owned by one proprietor. The increase of the need to have a five star hotel that will cater for the guests and tourists travelling the region propelled and pushed for the need of Hotel Boboto have it raise its standards. This is to facilitate for the rising demand of such a business.

The abundance of spare bed capacity means that hotels need to better target the needs of customer segments and offer distinctive services. Bobo's efforts to customize hotel services by purpose of visit and origin of guest are instructive to all hoteliers who want to increase their service, and hence customer, levels.

Hotel Boboundertook customer and employee surveys to identify market needs and expectations, the views of employees on job-related issues and, more importantly, what employees believed that their customers wanted them to provide. The underlying assumption is that, if the majority of customers feel comfortable with the hotel service environment that leads to additional guest satisfaction and to new business.