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The hurdle that any commercial animator might face is the same that any normal animator would face all the time as well. The whole animation is something that is going to be very tough for one handle if they do not see it in the way the animator wants to put it forward. The way inmate objects are given life, if the audience does not seem to match that wavelength of creativity in his mind then animated commercial is a lost cause. The commercial has to be able to give the audience that desire to want the product to make him/her seem more interested in the consumption of the product. Hence, the animator always has to keep this message in his mind that he has to sell a fiction story that has a degree of truth in it.

The fact is, this way of delivering a message through the role of fantasy has not started with animation. The Aesop's fables were stories that were filled with fantasy and till date last in millions of people around the world. They seek facts, wisdom and a way of live hood through it. In addition, these were tales told almost around the time of 600 BC. Probably in the same way, the animator also has to be more selective of the stories he chooses and presents it to the audience in a way that they can relate to or buy that fact. If done with a good reasoning the animation is bound to be a successful one.

The way the brand that sells corn very successfully through its brand mascot Jolly Green Giant, which to any sane mind might seem demented. Where a giant green man, seems to live in the cornfield and his sole ambition in life is to see the quality of corn. But what it characteristically represents is the fact that the company wants to put forward is not their corn but he being an a well-built powerful man who comes from nature and this giant in turn he promotes happens to share the qualities that anyone would look for. The way he is designed and the qualities that seem to be inert in him are ones, which people relate to. Moreover, this is a very smart way of doing it rather than just pushing the brand blindly.

Quite a few believe that animation is just another flimsy medium of communication that is meant for only the lighthearted and kids. But the fact remains for everyone's perusal. Many political statements have been put through animation. There are certain qualities that animation has of reaching the sub consciousness of the viewer, which is to be noted. For example Halas and Batchelor, who teamed up to create Animal Farm in 1954. This was adapted from George Orwell's story. Many today have studied upon the results of this cartoon that hit the screen and realize that it was a cause of raise in Stalinism and it made people go against communism. What many lack to see is that Louis DeReochemount was a front runner in American CIA and he used this film to spread the anti Russian message. Animation hence can be proved as a powerful tool of communication when used in coherence to its properties.

In recent years, the commercials have shown how animation is good enough to portray any serious issue. From save the planet to child abuse. All sorts of campaigns that need a larger target audience to have a message sent across in the most efficient way choose to go the animation way. Adverts of NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) has shown how a sadistic parent beats the child on a regular basis, he also burns the child with cigarettes and later throws him down the stairs chocked. This ad was however touched with fun filled sounds and clichéd cartoony styled in the likes of Tom and Jerry. Though every viewer eased into the environment once the animation of the kid and darkness shadow filled crept into the stage, it left a lot of uneasiness in the minds of the viewer. It was very disturbing to experience such violence on a child, but it would have been worse if a real child had been made to play the part. The commercial, would not have been aired for one with British's strict broadcasting rules. In addition, putting in so much effort made the concerns of NSPCC indisputable

In essence, the reason to why animation is now a very successful instrument in advertisements is because of the way animation endorses a concept of a brand and gives the brand identity a new stage life. When the aim is to communicate with the audience in the shortest amount of time then animation is possibly the simplest solution.

According to advertising Guru Grey Myers's book "Ad World: Brand, Media & Audience." He claims that when you brand a product it has to be the core meaning of the product. In this way the association that is being set through this unique brand turns out to be key. The way it's formed, located, endorsed & priced are key ways to associate to a brand. In his example of Guinness, he mentions how this brand is formed with a unique taste of stoutness to it. The brand is located all across Britain in every single pub. It is endorsed through its humor giving the drink a way to seem more relaxed and something to chill with. Then it is priced higher than other brands to give this a more exclusive touch.

Wally Olins has suggested that in the current time the world is saturating with advertisements just about everywhere. Branding has become such an important tool that without a consumer relating to a product he/she would turn to the next brand in sight in a split second. However, the brand that gets noticed most is something that sustains all the marketing hurdles while a brand that loses its identity may as well turn extinct in due course of time, without the market noticing the disappearance of a brand.

Getting customers to buy a product through brand identity has been a very long time sales tactics. And do infuse the identity in one, the advertiser makes sure to use a brand character. Moreover, in today's market almost everything gets sold with the help of an animated character may it be a toilet cleaner, an insurance plan or even a flight ticket. There are animated characters just about everywhere. And they are said to be linked in just about every aspect from giving the brand an identity and to make the brand a lot more loveable. However, the question then lies upon, what makes a good effective character while advertising?

Through animation one guy read the character a lot faster and associate him to whatever the advertiser wants to. Its costumes and construction in a very easy way describe the characteristics of a character. Other than just the build qualities, things like gesture, move and different design elements as well gives the characterization a boost in the minds of the audience. This is what Paul Wells summed up in his book Understanding Animation.

It doesn't matter if the character that is animated turns out to be an animal or human. The Animator would very rarely try to give it the most naturalist of forms. They always give it an exaggeration individualistic feature. It makes the job of animator much easier as well the message is sent across a lot better. No viewer would tend to believe most on screen animated mascots could be real. Mr.Halas and Manvell explain in their published book, Technique of Film Animation. A character is given its characteristics by distorting the form and shape. For example over sized body parts are given to the character like a disproportionate nose, eye, mouth. A large head over a miniscule body and so on. The emotion however is passed through a few vital body organs the eyes, nose mouth and ears. And when a character is chosen like a tiger by Frosties it always promotes the message that Frosties is a very health and strengthening meal.

However, there is a general rule of thumb which constraints characters from getting the shape they want to have. For example, kind calm characters are seen to have round faces with a huge smile. In addition have round large eyes. The Mascot of Pillsbury is a very good example of this principle. He is seen to have a large round body. The way he looks also makes him break that class barrier, he isn't the richest looking on screen mascot but he seems to be one that every tom, dick and harry can relate to. The message sent across through such characters is very quick. Wells is seen to put it very well when he said, "Animation compresses a large narration into a very quick and understandable form"

Adding the economic status of someone into an animation character turned out to be due to the way people wanted things to function then anything else. It is also true that advertisements are very short in nature and so a character's persona is to be as dense and induced as possible. Normally commercial's are seen to be a mid program affair of about 10-30 seconds, though sometimes longer. But in such period of time, when the audience is supposed to relate to something. The form and design turns out to be very important. So in particular animation commercial's are seen to employ a limited number of characters on screen, and they are drawn with a heavy dose of caricature and stereotype narration. Animation is seen to use this technique of shorthand design that makes sure the accuracy of information is intact while being speedy.