Examining The Concept Of Experimental Animation

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Experimenting various types and kinds of animations and merging in to one unified unique animation is Experimental Animation. There are different animation mediums limited to imagination. Its how we combine these limitless medium in to a single exotic animation style that defines experimental animation. In this project "INTOXICATE" we tried to mix different types of animation from one of the oldest like claymation to the current digital 2D-animation.


The idea for our Intoxicate project was derived from our everyday happenings. We had many ideas and themes but at last decided to do an animation on how our minds and thoughts work daily. We tend to do things in a way but our inner thoughts lead us to the other.

Concepts and finalized stories:

Finally using these concepts we decided a final story. A Banana character named ban is walking on the beach when he come across his friend, another Banana character. His friend invites him to join him to have some fun for a while. But Ban Refuses and ask his friend to carry out without him. His friends compels him and pull him by the arm when suddenly ban clones in to another ban. His friend senses something is wrong and leaves. Now Ban is wondering who the clone is and he also acts the same way Ban acts. Ban asks the clone who he is. The responds saying that its his "inner thoughts". At this time a peach shaped girl walks by them. The inner thought suddenly see her in a romantic way and whistles. Ban then grabs the clone and beats him up. The meaning behind the story is we should not let our inner desires ruin our outside image. So. KILL your inner thoughts.

Genre and appreciation:

We have classified the genre for this project to social and personal awareness. Through this project we have tried to spread a message to all the teens and youth to stop seeing everything in double meanings or see everything in a bad or naughty way all the time.


Target Audience:

Many of us get this silly and bad thoughts around the end of our teens and through our youth. So the target audience for this animation are Teens and Youths.

Character and Environment designs:

The characters are two fruits, a banana and a pear. We have selected the banana to be the male character and the pear fruit as the female character because of their respective shape that defines a particular body part. The environment is designed according to the situation. Beach is the best place for romance and so selected it for our environment. We then looked at various expressions to give for the character and the color. This was done by studying them first hand and using web references.

First hand references:

We have taken first hand references for the character in our project. We visited various fruit shops and juice shops to study the two characters Banana and Pear for the project. We then visited the Marina beach for the study of a beach scene for creating the background and the scene. The color and texture of the characters and the background is studied first hand.

Relevant research works:

The other research works and character expressions are further studied gathered from the Internet and studied widely.


Process of Production:

The production process starts after all the plans and sketches are finalized and the concept is clear. The main aspect of production is shooting. Shooting involves capturing of images and videos by visiting the location and recording them digitally or through films with actors. Sometimes actors are composited to the video. Lots of material is collected and later decided which one is going to be used in the final video. For this project the main character was made of china clay. We shot the characters with different poses in a green screen and the background was made digitally in Photoshop. So our production process consisted only of character shooting with different poses with proper set sighting to match the digital background.

Difficulties faced or short fall and how it has been taken care:

There were numerous difficulties we faced in making this experimental animation. The first major problem we faced was how to merge the real clay character to the digitally created background without any irregularities. This problem was taken care through expert editing and color correction work by our editors. The next major problem was the lighting the character in real world and harmonizing its lighting digitally. This was taken care while shooting the character. The lighting was give appropriately at the time of shooting itself thanks to the lighting artists. Using various software like Photoshop, After Effects, Flash. The other problems were easily taken care thanks to multi software knowledge of our team members.

Post production

Process of Post production:

After the shooting and other production is done the process moves to Post Production. While shooting for a film always extra shots are take. This make sure we have got all the materials to be later made in to a film. Its nearly impossible to go to the shooting location and shoot again if something is missed out. So its always advisable to shoot properly initially. Then comes the role of editing. Editing combines the various shots from the production process and combines it in to a full length film. Editing is the followed by sound mixing. Sometimes the sound is recorded while shooting the film and sometimes sound is recorded in a studio with sound actors and merged with the video using editing.

Role of an editor in this animation:

Editing comes under post production. The editor plays a major role in materializing the whole film in to one. An editor takes all the shots of a film and merges it together in to a single piece of work. In our project we had different shots of clay and we animated it and had different shots. The editor took those shots and tried to merge the color of the clay to match the color of the background. The editor then color corrected the whole short film and tried to make the video real.


An image or a video got by combining little pieces of images gathered from various sources. Mostly a part of the image or video is separated and replaced with a different content appropriate for the story. In our project we used clay for our characters. We shot the poses for the character in a green screen and added a 2D background with compositing techniques.

Post production


Sound in a film is extremely important to express the various situations and add extra meaning to the video. In our project we have added music to our video using editing after completing the whole animation process.

Final output:

After following each and every step of the animation process we came out with a single output. Our output is in a single video format. From the characters live shoot to the digital background all combined and harmonized in to a sequence obeying the story we were trying to express to the audience is brought out in the form of this video output.