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Command and Conquer: Generals has an array of assault units ranging from armored vehicles, missile launchers, dedicated infantry and special commando units. The futuristic versions of real war units make every campaign and skirmish battle fun and engaging. But managing them can be very difficult if you have limited or no knowledge about each unit's characteristics and abilities. With the help of the Command and Conquer: Generals Walkthrough, you will be able to know more about their unique abilities, which will help win battles easily.

Each vehicle, infantry and air craft has its own pros and cons. Understanding these aspects can help you win battles very easily. This Command and Conquer: Generals tactics guide gets up close and personal on each unit of the USA, GLA and China factions and reveals their strengths and weaknesses.

Command and Conquer: Generals Tactics: USA Foot Units:

The USA in Command and Conquer: Generals boasts the most effective and futuristic counterparts of today's modern weapon. One of the key infantry units of the USA is the pathfinder and missile defender whereas the Paladin is the strongest armored vehicle. A squad of only 5 or 6 Paladins can wreak havoc on enemy base camps. Check out these and other units including the enigmatic Colonel Burton and the Tomahawk missile launcher in this in-depth Command and Conquer: Generals Tactics guide for units.


The Ranger may be the most basic unit, but it has the capability to capture key buildings and fight against enemy light vehicles and infantry. There are two cheap research types at the barracks to upgrade rangers. With the flash bang upgrade, Rangers can forcibly evacuate enemy units garrisoned inside civilian structures or use it against the angry GLA mob. With the "capture building" technology, Rangers can take over important buildings like hospitals (mainly used to heal damaged units) and oil derricks (for additional funds).

Missile Defender:

Missile defenders are the anti-tank units with a greater potency to destroy enemy vehicles, particularly if upgraded to "laser missile attack". The upgrade improves its range, accuracy and missile rate. Click on any missile unit and have this free option upgraded first.

Use missile defenders to attack enemy vehicles, tanks and structures. The best strategy is to put them inside nearby bunkers and civilian buildings to 'pop some tanks'. You can also place then inside Humvees to convert them into anti-tank vehicles and improve their speed.

Pathfinder (Sniper):

Pathfinders are excellent against infantry units, particularly GLA powered stinger sites. They remain hidden when not in action. Use them silently to garrison inside civilian buildings and watch them snipe at a very long distance. They will eliminate infantry units automatically if they fall in the line of sight. But they can get easily killed by enemy vehicles. Use them cleverly against GLA stinger sites and protect them against enemy tanks and rocket defenders.

Colonel Burton:

One the key Command and Conquer: Generals tactics is to employ this commando unit very cleverly. Colonel Burton can place C4 charges in enemy structures and has a very useful light machine gun against enemy infantry. He can remain hidden and kill infantry with his knife quietly. Use him to place a remote controlled bomb at the enemy supply stash and detonate it.

Command and Conquer: Generals Tactics: USA Assault Vehicles


Crusaders are basic tank units that can inflict massive damage if used in large groups. They are best against enemy vehicles and structures but weak against anti-tank. Their armor is quite weak, but can be upgraded and increased by 25 percent. All you have to do is research them at the strategy center.

Battle drones and spy drones are very cheap upgrades that enhance a simple crusader's attack power. You can also add secondary weapons in the form of a battle drone. They are very effective against infantry and anti-tank armed forces. Spy drones can improve a crusader's line of sight.


A Humvee can be a very potent strategy in Command and Conquer: Generals. Humvees are quick and have the ability to hold pathfinders, Rangers and missile defenders. But, you can garrison only five troops. Placing two pathfinders, one unit of missile defender and Ranger each can do the trick. Using 5-6 Humvees with 5 troops inside can be very potent against enemy vehicles and units. The path finder will take out stinger sites, missile defenders will destroy enemy tanks and Rangers can easily take out enemy infantry. You can also try your own combinations to inflict maximum damage.


Paladins can be enabled by expending one "generals" point. A Paladin is the toughest unit that can reduce structures into a pile of rubble within structures. Use at least 5-7 Paladins to inflict massive damage against enemy vehicles, units and even GLA stinger sites!

Paladin also has an additional ability to bring down scud missiles of the GLA. It can fire lasers to shoot down scud missiles. Remember that, these units are costly, so use them wisely.


This mobile missile launcher can launch powerful tomahawk missiles at a long range. Always place them in areas far away from any stinger missile sites. It can be very useful to destroy enemy structures perched on mountains or cliffs. A tomahawk missile launcher is very vulnerable to anti-tank units and vehicles. It must be backed up with paladins, crusaders and infantry.

Command and Conquer: Generals Tactics Air Units:


Comanches can be an excellent air backup for ground infantry and vehicles. It fires rockets first and then uses nose cannon to fire continuously at enemy units. You can upgrade them with rocket pods to fire rockets on enemy units constantly.

Take 3-4 Comanches as air defense along with you armed vehicles and units to inflict slight, yet momentous impact. Beware! Do not take these air units too close to GLA stinger missile sites or any anti-tank units.

Stealth Fighter:

As the name suggests, a stealth fighter can hide itself from enemy units and reveal when it attacks. Do not use these costly aircrafts for an all out attack as they are extremely fragile. Use them to guard areas vulnerable to enemy infantry and vehicle attacks. Click on a stealth fighter, then click on the "guard" icon and finally click on the area you want to guard. It will hover around and automatically attack any infiltrators which trespass the area. After attacking it will replenish its fire power at the airfield and return to the guard site. Stealth Fighter can be invoked by spending on general point. You can increase its damage by 25 percent if you research laser missile technology at the airfield.


Raptors are powerful air units that can inflict maximum damage at a specific target. But you will have to use them with extreme care and only attack vulnerable areas not guarded by any anti-tank units or stinger sites. While escorting a squad of Raptors, make sure you guide them through a safe path, but before you pilot them, make sure they are upgraded with the laser missile technology. This will enhance their fire power by 25 percent.

Aurora Bomber:

In Command and Conquer: Generals, USA faction's air fighters are extremely effective, yet too fragile to withstand stinger or anti-tank attacks. Aurora Bomber is one of them. Just a single launch of its explosive payload can cause serious damage, but the speed gets decreased by 50 percent, so if they fly over any stinger sites, they will surely get hit and crash land within seconds. Use them only for damaging GLA nuke silos. A pack of 2-3 Aurora Bombers will do the trick.