Transfer Pricing And Tax Effective Supply Chain Management Accounting Essay

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Tax Advisory Services

In order to keep pace with the evolving global economy, it is essential that companies develop a sound tax strategy- to retain a competitive edge as well as to stay compliant with the ever-changing legal and taxation systems.

STRONGBRIDGE Tax professionals provide general tax advisory services to a varied clientele- comprising individuals, small businesses and corporate. Our tax consultants are well versed with Domestic Tax, Corporate and Business Tax issues that plague the system, making compliance difficult even for well meaning tax payers. The gamut of tax compliance issues we cover include- income tax, fringe benefit tax, wealth tax, service tax, value added tax (vat), excise and custom duties.

With the interest of our clients at the core of our business strategy, our tax experts make it their job to keep abreast with the continuous amendments in the system and also pass on this knowledge to client's in the form of regular tax alerts and updates.

One of the many goals STRONGBRIDGE had is to generate savings to his clients that would offset the cost to the Company. With over decades of experience in tax advisory services, STRONGBRIDGE always made it the passion to ensure that the clients paid the least amount of income tax payable under the law.

Business Tax

The complex demands for taxation issues, planning with compliance and tax policies are met by our business tax professionals. Business Tax consists of many service offerings under one common roof of Tax Accounting & Risk Advisory services, Business Tax Compliance and Tax Advisory. We can help you in giving the opportunity to gain general experience across these multi-faceted areas with long term opportunities for focusing in one area. We dedicate ourselves to working with clients ranging from potential entrepreneurs to well-established worldwide organizations, developing a wholesome knowledge of tax and business skills to advance your services. We can advice you solutions on the problems faced with the International Revenue Service and other business operations.

Business Tax Advisory

Our business tax advisory professionals help clients to plan and fulfill their business tax obligations, taking into account the prospect of domestic and international change. They work with organizations and individuals to structure transactions and operations in a tax-effective manner, to mitigate tax risk and to comply effectively with tax laws.

We gain insight into our client's business plans and follow up with helpful and relevant Tax services. We assist our business partners identify tax-effective strategies and support with their implementation. We also research complex tax issues and prepare a memorandum explaining how these affect clients.

STRONGBRIDGE advises clients on tax-effective cross-border structuring, how to maximize their tax credits and other incentives and assist them with tax policy matters and/or respond to enquiries from local or international tax authorities.

Business Tax Compliance

Our business tax compliance professionals help organizations meet their global tax compliance and statutory accounting requirements.

We create a proposal for a global organization offering cross- border compliance and reporting services and also prepare corporate income tax returns for organizations in diverse and specialized industries. We Identify tax savings and risk-reducing opportunities for clients at the same time analyze the tax return and reporting impacts of corporate restructuring and planning strategies.

We prepare estimated tax liabilities to assist a client in meeting their tax payment obligations and create processes that minimize a client's tax compliance risk, including anti-avoidance provisions.

Tax Accounting & Risk Advisory

Our tax accounting and risk advisory professionals help organizations meet demands for greater transparency and tax department effectiveness. They advise on accounting for income taxes, tax function performance and tax risk.

We ensure that a client's tax reporting is accurate for external financial reporting purposes and prepare the tax provision for financial reporting purposes for non-audit clients.

STRONGBRIDGE plays an important role in reviewing and testing a client's tax reporting systems and suggesting improvements and contributes to the design of effective tax risk management protocols.

We prepare or review a client's tax accounting calculations and associated disclosures and support them in benchmarking and improving their tax functions.

We have expertise in preparing tax-efficient structures and Tax accounting frameworks for national and global clients. Our vast knowledge of business and market profiles in your chosen industry helps you to deal with complex data analysis for accounting methods and incentives calculations.

Human Capital

As the manpower starts to grow, and the expansion of the organization depends upon improving and displaying our talent globally, the competitive edge you obtain is from employing the right workforce driven at the right time. In the process, you need to make your manpower mobile and also making this mobility equally attractive with lesser complexity. Achieving this might take efforts in the long run, complying with a complex system of rules and regulations in areas such as employment law, tax, social security, corporate governance can help. Several pay policies have to be devised to compensate your people for the charting costs associated with global mobility and to make the business profitable, making them join the workforce. Strong Bridge can find you a way to this complexity, so that you move with the laws of the companies you are complying with. We can turn this situation through our learned professionals into a competitive advantage for our clients. Our human capital services team is sound in making market leaders in crafting solutions advising the global employers, and to those who have just taken a step forward in the new ventures.

Global Mobility

Our global mobility professionals work with clients who are living or working overseas. They help those individuals to navigate the complexity of country-based rules and regulations, so that they can be effective in their chosen location. They advise on issues such as immigration, tax and social security.

We help in preparing individual tax returns for key client personnel and coordinate with clients to ensure they meet their tax filing deadlines. We research employment tax legislation and regulations so you can address specific client queries and advise clients on the taxes associated with moving employees to overseas locations. STRONGBRIDGE works with company tax and HR personnel to structure the timing of assignments and help clients to develop an attractive and competitive assignment strategy as well as advise them on how to reduce the risks associated with globally mobile workforces

Performance and Reward

Our performance and reward professionals work with organizations to create "leading practice" people programs that are aligned to their corporate strategy. They design and develop compensation programs, equity incentives and cost optimization programs that help clients engage their people and improve their human resource function.

We analyze a client's compensation and benefits system, and suggest improvements and develop the business case for a change in a client's human resource model. We gather client information to help identify comparable companies for the purposes of executive competitive analyses.

We help client Company to evaluate information to obtain total annual compensation, total direct compensation, market analysis, beneficial ownership analysis, shares reserved and option granted analyses and director's compensation analysis. We also perform market pricing analyses of executive- and employee-level pay through the use of available market information and assist clients with the preparation of published reports on compensation

STRONGBRIDGE helps in preparing strategies, compensation and benefit policies that align to corporate goals. We employ dedicated tools and technology for research and analysis by utilizing our in-depth human capital knowledge.

Direct Tax

Today, Corporate and Individuals both are required to comply rigorously with numerous essential Income Tax Compliances. These punctual compliances require expert knowledge & experience, and are quite technical in nature. Moreover, majority of the Income Tax Compliances now-a-days are required to be completed on-line and need specialized knowledge and expertise. We at STRONGBRIDGE exclusively specialize in providing Time-bound and reliable Tax services to its numerous clients of diverse sectors.

We recommend tax strategies to our clients which help in minimizing tax incidence. We also offer insights about Fringe Benefit Tax Advisory and compliance services to our clients internationally. We also analyze and advise on the impact of the recently introduced Fringe Benefit Tax and designing a tax-efficient salary structure of employees. We can help you in preparation and filing of tax returns (income tax, withholding tax returns) and various other procedural compliance such as preparing and filing applications for a Permanent Account Number, Tax Deduction Account Number, certificate for non-deduction of taxes at source. Our tax representative, therefore, has to be a very knowledgeable, experienced and an eloquent counsel to be able to derive full justice from the revenue authorities lest the client should face any harassment or undue loss.

Indirect Tax

Strong Bridge's indirect tax professionals while working with the clients advise you on how the different kind of taxes such as the value added tax (VAT) or the goods and services tax (GST) affect the clients' accounting and the supply chain management systems. They undertake categorizing and finding the risks, giving advice to clients on the tax implications of foreign trade and support them in complying with customs regulations. Working with us in Indirect Tax, our customers will gain wide-range experience across industries, and receive assistance that makes you an efficient tax professional. Our customs team can manage your customs declaration and can evaluate the import and export documentations. While working with our satisfied and trusted clients, we manage their indirect taxes effectively with all the support they need in their indirect tax requirements. The services provided by us include the advisory and compliance services, due diligence tax audit related assistance service etc. Strong Bridge helps to improve your reporting and handling of indirect tax reducing the attribution errors and costs.


Our VAT/GST professionals help clients identify and mitigate risks relating to indirect taxes that could apply to their international transactions. They use their knowledge of different legal and regulatory systems around the world to devise and provide recommendations that help clients meet their compliance obligations as well as their business goals.

We assist our clients in researching indirect tax legislation issued by both the local country and by other countries worldwide. We also review a client's accounting system to ensure that the indirect taxes are handled correctly and work with a multidisciplinary team to map the flow of goods and services in a client's supply chain. STRONGBRIDGE maps the processes and controls that a client uses to manage their indirect tax risks

Customs and International Trade

Our customs and international trade professionals help clients manage the customs requirements imposed on their import and export transactions. They provide support with customs declarations, audit and review product classifications and evaluate import /export documentation.

We carry out extensive research developments in international trade affecting taxation of imported/exported goods and helps in implementation of special customs regimes that would mitigate a client's import tax liabilities.

In addition, we also prepare the documentation that supports a client's application for a supply chain security program. We research on the appropriate classification, or value a client's products for customs purposes and map the flow of goods and services in a client's international supply chain. We aid our clients in monitoring global developments in international trade that would impact a client's key markets.

We also help in gaining valuable insights in International trade agreements and their impact on import/export transactions. We are committed to build a reputation in a particular area of indirect tax, such as export controls or indirect tax risk and controls for our multinational clients.

International Tax

To seek and maintain a competitive advantage and to provide a shareholder value is done by our international tax professionals with the all-round business strategy helping multinational companies holding their tax position globally. The tax teams help in clients' in almost all the international transactions, analyze their taxation strategies, and provide a range of services including policies based on transfer pricing, and supply chain management. Our services have the opportunity to work with the international tax services players on involvement in some of the world's largest international organizations. Knowledge of the current international tax scenario encourages us to operate in environment of continuous scrutiny and challenge with our executives looking to align the standing of the global tax with their business ideologies to provide value to shareholders. The multidisciplinary teams that we work with assure to work with clients to manage operational changes and revolutionize the way we offer these international services. Our dedicated teams of professionals assure you in building hands-on strategies and other international tax strategies. We formulate a framework to manage your global tax risks reducing the tax burden.

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Our international tax professionals help clients assess their international tax strategies and exposures and address a range of international tax issues. These could include planning an expansion into new strategic or regional markets, while achieving accurate reporting in each of their existing locations and to manage effective relationships with the tax authorities.

Our dedicated team is engaged into researching relevant international tax treaties, legislation, regulations or other guidance and assists clients in drafting international tax strategies. We also extend help related to design of proposed tax structures for a global client. We also analyze existing cross-border financing structures.

Transfer Pricing and Tax-Effective Supply Chain Management (TESCM)

Our transfer pricing professionals help clients plan for, document, manage and defend their transfer pricing policies and processes and align them with the client's business strategy. Our TESCM professionals help clients build and implement structures that support their business goals and help them manage the cost of trade. In particular, our transfer pricing and TESCM professionals help chief financial officers and tax directors of multinational organizations to operate effectively in demanding and challenging regulatory environments.

We perform financial and economic analyses to validate or adjust a client's pricing mechanisms and prepare transfer pricing documentation that complies with local regulations. We help clients review their transfer pricing policies and defend those policies with authorities as well as assist clients in aligning their tax strategy with their operational supply chain structure. We also help our business partners identify implications of supply chain changes on relevant organizational systems.

Transaction Tax

Our transaction tax professionals advise companies and private equity investors on all tax aspects of their transactions. They assist clients with structuring transactions tax efficiently and undertake tax due diligence reviews of potential targets. Together with restructuring colleagues, they also help companies in financial difficulties. This includes helping those in formal insolvency proceedings, to restore their balance sheets by advising on sales of non-core businesses.

Our transaction tax professionals look after clients of all sizes across all industries, working closely in different service lines around the world. This dynamic and fast-moving environment ranges from acquisitions of small family-owned businesses to significant, newsworthy deals, including acquisitions, disposals, mergers, demergers, joint ventures, refinancing or stock exchange transactions such as IPOs.

STRONGBRIDGE helps to structure its clients deals tax effectively and enhance the potential tax opportunities that transactions present. We also assist clients to identify and mitigate tax risk inherent in potential transactions and navigate the tax implications of complex deal negotiations. We advise them on the future tax implications of proposed acquisition structures and work on a due diligence project, collecting and analyzing relevant financial and tax data.