Transaction process System of Admission and Registration Office

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Accounting Information System

Transaction process System of Admission and Registration Office


The data processing cycle has an important role in any organization business activities (Romney & Steinbart, 2012). The reason behind it is because this cycle helps companies to complete their action smoothly. It starts with capture and entering data into Accounting Information System. Transfer them into useful information for users through processing, the cycle also includes storage. Information are kept or stored for future uses. Finally it reaches the output point where various information are provided for users. Data capturing is process of transferring data into machine readable language. Often companies that perform this type of capture will also send your results back in a clean format so it's easier to look through the results and assess them (Wright, 2014). According to (, 2014) da capture involves with optical character recognition but more complex, because it is used for selected targeted data that is taken from a form. An example of data capturing is electricity board, the customer’s meter should be recorded before charging the customer. This information then will be entered in a computer system by an input device (StudyMode, 2014). It is very important that the design of these forms should be very clear so that there will be fewer mistakes in recording data. This point is very valuable for collecting data for statistical purposes (StudyMode, 2014). According to (, 2014) these transaction processing systems are divided into number of steps. The first step is typing which is operational level whatever data that has been captured is being typed. Second step is Input equals transactions and events. Third step is processing where data are being updated. Forth step is Output, includes details of every reports. Fifth step is Users by that it means operations personnel and supervisors. Finally decision making which is highly structured. An example that goes through all these steps is payroll and accounts payable.

University of Kurdistan Hewler

The University of Kurdistan Hewler is an English-medium and independent university in Kurdistan region. It’s opened in 2006, it was considered the only public English speaking university, in 2014 the university started to be privet. The university attempts to promote Kurdistan region through academic excellence. It is the centre in research and teaching and in the dissemination and application of knowledge to further the industrial, economic, cultural, environmental and social development of Kurdistan (Kurdistan, 2014). According to (Kurdistan, 2014) UKH wants to produce future leaders of this country. To give their students the intellectual capacity and curiosity required to meet the challenges facing Kurdistan. To make their student think critically and give them skills to benefits their future career. (Kurdistan, 2014) states the mission of University of Kurdistan Hewler is “is to educate and train young talents to become the driving force for sustainable development, improving the standard of living and leading intellectual life in the Kurdistan region and in Iraq in general”. UKH has almost 1000 students and about 200 staff including admin and academic staff. It also provide Master and PhD program in addition of many training and courses that being offered throughout the year. The degrees that UKH currently offers are Business and Management Sciences, Political Sciences and International Relations, Computer Science and Engineering, and Natural Resource Engineering and Management. UKH also consists of several departments’ admissions and registration office included. The purpose of this paper is to address transaction processes system of the department of admissions and registration office (ARO).

Admissions and Registration Office

ARO department has six functions; they are Academic Service Unit, Assessment Timetabling Unit, Student Information Management Unit, Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit, Learner Management System Manager, ARO Assistants (Kurdistan, 2014) .

  1. Assessment Timetabling Unit: this unit is responsible of timetables for whole university activities related to exams, teaching and monitoring, grades, booking. It also deals with student appeals, requests for mitigating circumstances, management of the Examination Boards. The process of making timetable for exam week is like this; looking at the information in the name lists of all teachers, modules and students. According to the number of student of each department and each class the employee responsible of timetable will chose a hall for each department. After that the employee will select two invigilators one is called principle invigilator the other one is called second invigilator. All these data are entered into excel sheet to be send to Academic Support Unit (ASU). ASU will send the timetable to all departments to be confirmed. After its being confirmed by the departments, ASU will send the confirmation email back to Admission and Registration Office.

The process of grads goes like this; ARO will receive grades of all students from the lecturers. Then inserting these grades into a database, before giving students there results back the Exam Board must approve each student grades. After being approved ARO will send results of exam via emails to all students. The last step of this process is that after the results are given, the Academic Board will sit for discussion. To know how many student passed and how many failed or if there are any students who deserve to be terminated and all that is related to student grads.

Appeal Process; ARO will send an email to all students asking them if they want to appeal for their results, usually giving the student one week duration to submit their appeals. Then the student fills the appeal form and gives it back to ARO office. ARO sends these appeals to the relevant departments (ASU) and ASU gives it to the relevant lecturer to either accept or reject the appeal. Finally the appeals come back to ARO and they send the results of the appeal to the student via email.

  1. Academic Service Unit: this unit is responsible of all that is related to student recruitment, academic calendar, ceremonies and certificates, managing all student formal documents.

Academic calendar process: all information are gathered about when the university opens, exam dates, public holidays, UKH holidays, exam board date, Academic Board date. This information is entered into the data base on the Academic calendar. The calendar is categorized by colours and then sends to be approved by the management board. After it is being approved Admission and Registration Office sends the calendar to everyone by email in addition of putting it on UKH website.

Student recruitment process: UKH announce the duration for applying application. Students come to fill the application and give the form back to Admission and Registration Office with all the necessary documents. The applicant must pass a language test before being interviewed. If they pass the test, student will be given a date to come for an interview and if they meet the standards of UKH the student will be accepted and Admission and Registration Office will give them an offer letter.

  1. Student Information Management Unit: this unit is responsible of Student Records and associated support systems, Creating and maintaining databases for student information, student registration, withdrawal, termination processes, Researching and analysing information, storage, updating student record details, issuing student certificates and transcripts, student ID cards.

The process starts by inserting all the information they got of students into the database, make sure each student has a file. In this file application form, agreement paper, offer letter, high school transcript, registration check list and all related paper to the student identity. Then these files are saved in the drawers which are categorized by levels or status for the future use of this information.

Student ID process: first step is getting the information like (name, date of birth, place of birth, blood group, level, and department) from the ARO. Then this unit will send email to all students to come and check there information. They have to confirm is this information is correct. The student will be asked to take a photo for the ID as the next step. All these will be saved in the database until it goes into the design of the ID. After this the ID will be printed by Admission and Registration Office. And the office will inform all students to come for their ID by sending email.

There is also the process of changing major, where basically student can change their major within their field (humanity and science). The process starts with admission and registration office sending an email. It mentions the duration of the process. Those students who want to change their major will visit ARO to fill up the form of this activity. The forms from school of social science will be sent back to school of social science department and the forms from school of engineering science will be sent back to school of engineering science department. They will either accept or reject this request. The result will come back to Admission and Registration Office and then by sending an email the student will be informed of the result of his/her appeal.

  1. Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit: is responsible of effective and efficient quality assurance and enhancement framework like updating of the UKH Academic Handbook, Overseeing validating new programmes, Managing Periodical Review, overseeing a system of developmental and judgemental teaching observations, Managing the whole process of external examination of Programmes and evaluation of the University’s quality assurance and of strategies for improvement (Kurdistan, 2014).

One of the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit process is managing statistics. Then input is the hypothesis it can be whatever ARO wants to have statistics on, such as girls perform better that boys, or student who do well in language exam are more likely to do better in modules. When the hypothesis is done, there comes data collection where mostly ARO gets it from academic support unit. Next step is selecting a specific format for these statistics that can be suitable. When all the data are entered the database format the person in charge of this process will run a test on the performance and apply it on the hypothesis. The probability of hypothesis for being wrong or write will be very clear. And the result of this goes back to Academic Registrar where he initially asks for these statistics to help with decision making.

  1. Admission and Registration Office Assistants: according to (Kurdistan, 2014) the assistance are responsible for the contact between Admission and Registration Office and public and students, all other process have to go through this unit as they are the linkage point.
  2. Learner Management System Manager: According to (Yunnan, 2014) this unit consist of one person. most process in Admission and Registration Office are linked to this unit, as it generates the database for other processes such as grads, appeals, exams…etc. one of the processes of this unit is babble sheet survey. This survey completely depends on Optical Mark Recognition (OMR). The first thing is getting questions from Academic Registrar, which are been approved by academic board. After that they will design a form in word document with OMR font and then they have to tell OMR how to read the form it is either exam or survey by using office remark. Then is being printed and then scanned with OMR scanner. It is a special kind of scanner that can scan double side one time and 60 pages per. After scanning results comes out immediately. Then they generates an excel sheet. If its exam ARO will send it back to lecturer but if it is survey the graph or result will be sent to Academic board for decision making.

Another short process is student’s lost ID. This process is only during exam weeks when Students go to ARO office and informs for their lost ID. ARO will give them a paper with their information on it to be used as a temporary ID card.

Exam board sheet, is the process of merging several sheet of excel sheet using VLOOKUP database function. After the action is completed it goes to Exam Board.

This unit Is also involved with grads. After the grade sheets are being filled by ASU it will go to access database. This data base generates PDF file for each student for his/her grads and it automatically drops into outlook. With email of each student there is attached PDF grad file and automatic text. Then these emails are sent to all students. Within this process sometimes a copy goes to other functions of ARO without sending it to students.

Data capturing makes the work of the organization to go more smoothly and less chance for mistakes. Modern technology allows automatic data capture to be quick, accurate, and reliable. There are soft wares that do this all automatically. It is solution to document processing and because it uses OCR optical character recognition, to identify characters and fields on forms. The required data is extracted and then digitized automatically, resulting in quicker and more accurate document processing (, 2014). Automatic data capture will make document work efficient and convenient.