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Unforgettable Moments is a wedding reception venue which is located in Parramatta. It is a small business which is due to open by the partnership of Joanne Ters and Donna Robertson. Both Ters and Robertson have studied business management and have experience in food service and catering, because both previously working in catering businesses.

At Unforgettable Moments, our staff will help you with putting together all the little details for your wedding reception, these things will include: music and flower arrangements etc. The experienced staffs are experts in taking care of your wedding receptions requests in an appropriate manner. Unforgettable Moments can hold up to 150 wedding guest in a beautiful and elegant setting. It is a special reception place in Sydney, and has very beautiful views and it is very romantic.

Unforgettable Moments is opening as a new business, so it is not out in the public and market yet. It has been looked over and decisions have been made for the location, service, staff and legal structure to ensure that the business will be successful. The partnership between Joanne and Donna has been decided because it gives an opportunity to test the special skills of the owners, and the responsibility of the business is spread between both owners which make it easier to control. Joanne and Donna are aware of the disadvantages and problems that may arise in the partnership, but they have chosen to accept that and try their best to overcome the issues that may arise.

In four years, Unforgettable Moments will have a great group of customers in the Sydney area with good variety of advertisements and advertising techniques and through word of mouth. Joanne and Donna are really confident that their business will be a success and they are aware that there is hard work involved but they know that it needed to succeed. Unforgettable Moments is sure to achieve their short-term goal, quickly, and their long-term goals within four years.

The Business

Business Description and Ownership

Business name: Unforgettable Moments

Business structure: Partnership

Prime Function: To help give couples a great reception for their wedding, and to make this night a great memory that lasts forever.

ABN: 25 224 565 366

Business location: 2136 Michael St, Parramatta NSW

Date established: November 2010

Business owner(s): Joanne Ters, Donna Robertson

Relevant owner experience: When Joanne and Donna were young teenagers, Joanne worked as a waitress a restaurant in Bankstown, and Donna worked as a kitchen hand in a family cafe. These jobs gave both Joanne and Donna an idea of what a wedding reception venue may come across. Both Joanne and Donna have studied business management at University this should lead to a success in the business. Joanne has studied hospitality for her HSC course and Donna has just completed a hospitality course at TAFE.

Products/services: Unforgettable Moments is a wedding reception venue that is located in Parramatta. Unforgettable Moments can host up to 150 wedding reception guests in a pretty setting. Unforgettable moments are an exceptional wedding reception venue in Sydney. At Unforgettable Moments, our staff will help you with all the details of your wedding reception including things such as table arrangements, music and entertainers. Our experienced staffs are skilled in taking care of your wedding reception requests in a modest manner.

The Market

Target market:

Unforgettable Moments aims to attract clients of over 18s. Unforgettable Moments provides a venue for wedding receptions and we specialise a lot in weddings. We mostly base our service around newlywed couples, and couples getting married, as it is what our services are focused on.

Marketing strategy:

Unforgettable Moments plans to advertise through media such as billboards, flyers, and television, radio and magazine ads. But, we are mostly focused on providing our clients with outstanding service so that our clients can refer us to other possible clients. Many marketing strategies will be used such as promotions and discounts towards our clients to expand.

The Future

Vision statement:

In 4 years, Unforgettable Moments will have a group of customers in Sydney with high publicity through a number of advertising techniques and through client referrals. Unforgettable Moments will be a well-known event venue with a large client base. Within the span of 4-8 years, Unforgettable Moments hopes to expand and establish more halls around different areas for increasing clients.

Mission Statement:

The mission statement for Unforgettable Moments is: 'Life gives us brief moments with another...but sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that last a life time' [1] . Unforgettable Moments will attain this through giving excellent customer relationships and holding up a professional image at all times by providing customers with the best service possible through our quality, and service. This allows for the business to receive great reviews and customer referrals.


The goal for Unforgettable Moments at the moment is to guarantee customers base reaches a satisfactory standard in order to pay for expenses the business will come across. When the business grows the goal for Unforgettable Moments will be to keep the customers base growing with the customers referrals. Another goal is that the business meets the needs and wants of the customers. The long-term goal for Unforgettable Moments is they wish to establish more halls to hold much more occasions and be able to satisfy the needs of the society.

The Finances

Joanne and Donna are obtaining the funds to establish the business by getting a small loan from their bank and by using their own savings. Hopefully within the first couple of months of the business there should be a turnover and the loan is predicted to be paid off with no debts.

Purpose of plan

Unforgettable Moments wedding reception venue hopes to achieve all its goals. It is opening new to the public and market. Unforgettable Moments is due to open late November 2010, and it aims to provide couples with a great wedding reception. The business will consist of 20 employees it is a small business. Unforgettable Moments venue will be able to hold wedding receptions with at least 150 guests. The purpose of this business plan is to illustrate, where the business is heading over the next four years in terms of its product and service. Unforgettable Moments is keen to expand and open in a few more places in Australia and hopefully not just hold wedding receptions but also other events such as birthday parties. Also to add more variety to the menus to please all people.

Situational Analysis

SWOT Analysis




Great view

Big area to take heaps of photos before the party

Fits lots of people.


Expansion in the future years

Adding more variety to the menu

Consumer taste and preferences


Business not known to the public yet

May be expensive for some people

Menu may not please all



Other businesses opening in the same location

Other businesses have cheaper prices

Competitors Analysis


Years in business



Wedding Bells, owned by Angela Azzi


Great view, and well-known to the public

Very expensive, not much variety on the menu

White Sand, partnership between Kimberley Bassil and Josephine Breed


very big and fits lots of people

No beautiful view

Moments of a life time, owned by Mary Azzi


Variety on menu, wonderful view

Very small, and expensive

Business objectives and Strategies

One of the first objective/goal for Unforgettable Moments is to survive the first couple of months in the market. Unforgettable Moments aims to achieve its goals by providing great service to the clients, providing good quality food and providing wedding couples with different ideas to help decide on what they'll like for their wedding reception. The strategy used to achieve this is, at the end of some receptions they will be reviewed to see how the night went and if there is a need for new improvements.

Other objective/goal is that Unforgettable Moments aims to have most of its weekend nights booked in the first 4 months. Unforgettable Moments is going to try and stay as competitive as possible by providing good service to clients, so that they can recommend this venue to friends and family. Strategies that will be used to achieve this goal is that Unforgettable Moments will continue to lower its prices to bit other businesses, having a good relationship with its competitors and we will advise mostly where couples will visit.

Unforgettable Moments hopes to make a profit of $100,000 in a month. Strategies to help achieve this goal are to have regular packages and discounts which will attract customers, keep up with customer's needs and preferences, provide good quality food and great service. By providing all this things it will encourage consumers to come more often to Unforgettable Moments and have more occasions there.

One really important objective/goal is to make enough profit in the first couple of months, so that Unforgettable Moments is able to pay the loan which was borrowed from the bank, and not fall into debt.

Another objective/goal is that Unforgettable Moments hopes to expand in the next 4 years and open more halls all around Sydney and then hopefully around Australia, and not only hold wedding receptions but also other occasions and other parties. Other goals for Unforgettable Moments are to provide a great quality of food and the best service to clients, and to be a successful business in the Parramatta area. These goals can be achieved if the business keeps up with the changes in the market and in the consumer taste and preferences and instantly takes care of problems or issues that arise in the business.

Description of Product/Service

Unforgettable Moments is a wedding reception venue which is located in Parramatta. It can host up to 150 wedding reception guests in a beautiful and modest setting. Unforgettable Moments is one of the most exceptional wedding reception venues in New South Wales, which provides wonderful views, which provides a romantic wedding reception. At Unforgettable Moments our professionals assist you with organising all the higher details of your wedding reception, some details including, wedding cake, music and entertainers, floral and table arrangement. The experienced staffs of Unforgettable Moments are trained in taking care of your wedding reception ideas and requests in a modest manner.














Sound system









Service offered



Depending on the order


Magician-$200, dancers- $200 per hour


$500 per night

Live Band

$600 per night

Planning services

$1,200 for planning of the reception, $900 planning on the day

Pricing strategy: Unforgettable Moments prices will vary and will keep changing to keep up with competitors and to be affordable to all people. Unforgettable Moments cost are reasonable and affordable because they provide good service and good quality.

Staffing Requirements

All the staff of Unforgettable Moments will be experienced and will have knowledge in the business and they will be professional and excellent staff. Unforgettable Moments staffs are sure to do the most excellent job in helping the clients. The staff will be motivating and respectful and kind to the community.

Job Title





Patient, quick, motivated and imaginative

Kitchen hand


Quick, clean and motivated



Good team work, good communication, quick, motivated, confident



Confident, good communication, quick and motivated



Loud, confident, happy encouraging and engaging



Clean, hygienic and quick

Market analysis and strategies

Unforgettable Moments gives a variety of discounts to please all the community and to suite everyone's needs and wants.


With Unforgettable Moments unlike its competitors they have many wedding planning services to help in providing couples with their preparation for this special night and to reduce the client's time for these preparations.

Market size and trends

Unforgettable Moments will with luck succeed in its first year since opening. During the next 4-8 years, reviews and evaluations will be done to see where the business is at and how it's been going. If the business has been running successfully then more halls for Unforgettable Moments will open. To help the business improve over the years the market trends will be followed to keep up.


Competitive analysis will be conducted by Unforgettable Moments to see how many businesses are in competition and how many similar venues have opened in the area. So far Unforgettable Moments only has 3 main competitors, which offer the same service as it does.

Marketing strategies

Unforgettable Moments marketing strategies will include:

Advertising through the media-e.g. television and radio

Word of mouth

Advertising on billboards and magazines

E-marketing- free advertisements on the internet [2] 

Unforgettable Moments will enter the market in a very professional like way and will provide customers with many packages and discounts. Unforgettable Moments will amaze customers with its amazing receptions and great nights.

Market Research

Market research has been collect by Unforgettable Moments on its competitors in the area. To help Unforgettable Moments to analyse the market Unforgettable Moments put together a survey which was sent to local residences of Parramatta to find out what they like. A copy of this survey is attached to the supporting document.

Financial Forecast

Establishment costs





Banking fee








Registrations and licenses






Utility connection (gas, water, electricity)




Unforgettable Moments is a new business opening, so there is a balance sheet for what are the expected profits for the years to come.





Current assets








Accounts Receivable








Pre-paid expenses




Total Current Assets




Non-current assets




Property & land












Total non-current assets








Total assets




Current/short-term liabilities




Advances from customers




Accounts payable




Salaries Payable




Tax payable




Total current liabilities








Non-current liabilities








Owners equity




Retained earnings




Total non-current liabilities








Total liabilities





Supporting Documents


Do you like the idea of a wedding reception venue opening in your area Parramatta?

What type of food do you prefer to be served?

What type of music do you prefer at a wedding reception?

What song do like for the first dance at the wedding reception?

What is the average you would be able to spend on a wedding reception?


Do you like the idea of a wedding reception venue opening in your area Parramatta?

What type of food do you prefer to be served?

What type of music do you prefer at a wedding reception?

What song do like for the first dance at the wedding reception?

What is the average you would be able to spend on a wedding reception?


Do you like the idea of a wedding reception venue opening in your area Parramatta?

What type of food do you prefer to be served?

What type of music do you prefer at a wedding reception?

What song do like for the first dance at the wedding reception?

What is the average you would be able to spend on a wedding reception?

Photos of some examples and ideas for wedding receptions, to help clients decide on what they would like for their wedding reception.




Wedding Reception Decor