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Accounting standards means the accounting rule and means the standard of language as a model in accounting is intended to The Essential Guide to the measurement of processes and events and situation that affect the financial position of the business and results of its operations and delivery of information to beneficiaries. The standard in this sense is typically related to the element of specific elements of the financial statements or a specific kind of transactions or events or situation that affect the financial position of the business and results of their work, such as fixed assets, goods.

Was known to the Committee on Rules of the International Rule of accounting as "a rules of the road due to professionals to support the hard work and moving wisdom, but does not eliminate the wisdom or diligence at all, as she described the professional and high level of professional practices generally accepted and aims to reduce the degree of variation in the expression or practice in similar situation, adopt a general framework for assessing the quality and efficiency of the technical work and to determine the nature and deepness of responsibility occupations.

Accounting reports is documents completed by the mediators that details vital facts about the situation of a new client financial and investment objectives. May be updated this report whether there were significant changes in the client's financial situation. According to the report, a client may or may not be considered eligible for certain types of risky assets such as trade in goods highly leveraged deals or limited partnership.

Design of the theoretical framework of accounting to ensure that the theoretical framework to give a good reason for the use of accounting methods, procedures and accounting practices assess the prevailing and forecast implications of the application of the conceptual framework of accounting coherent set of objectives and institutions related that guide to consistent standards able to describe the nature and extent of its function of financial accounting and financial data, which set targets for accountability, and the foundations of what is only the intellectual background original accounting and aims to help choose the events, which accounted for and how to measure those events and their means of delivery to the relevant authorities, and concepts of this kind since the basic concepts of other references repeated concepts that are necessary for development and interpretation and application of accounting standards and the report criteria.

The advantage and disadvantage of accounting stander:

Standards are the source of the rule of law and order and constancy breeds. In the lack of planning, we plan to fail. The absence of the rule of law and order breeds chaos and destruction.

Different institutions can be more consistent line up their financial transactions with those of other organizations and access to the same data on the same form, can not trade more efficient flow and growth.

If you have 7 companies, each with a different form, and a variety of data to be kept, and the two do not keep up the same categories of data, not to mention the form in itself, then it will have a major headache in trying to do business together. This is the reason behind the standard bookkeeping practices, and standard software and documentation standards. For this cause, the standard for court operations, and this is why every business should be a criterion to list all the transactions, and should try to arrange to comply with the standards of its clients, customers, competitors, suppliers, vendors . the disadvantages are small and should be easily overcome by competent staff. They are vastly outweighed by the advantage if you have standard , than new staff must be trained to that standard ,it also means that your staff must follow that standard and can't wing it to some extent it may even curtail creativity and affect productivity in the short term .

Why we need Accounting Standers?

We need to accounting standards that help to strengthen the financial system and not vice versa , Companies of all sizes need to implement the simplified accounting system for accurately recording and reporting of business transactions, tracking invoices and reduce the problems with the tax authorities, income tax and accounting procedures are coordinated usually by a CPA or CFO is responsible for the registration of all incoming and outgoing transactions and maintain records in accordance with the creation of the financial statements at the end of each financial period .

what the business con do without accounting standers?

All business needs an accountant to keep track of the financial statements, and to ensure that work can be successful in financial terms. Budgets must be placed in order to know where to spend money business' and why, and the money coming in need to stay the course on a regular basis. Invoices need to be sent. Financial reports must be created. Proper accounting without work is likely to fail, and most people fail because of deprived accounting methods. Accountant you can have a successful work at home business, and can help other companies to succeed. And can be for business accounting can be very rewarding. If you are in numbers, is detail oriented, well organized you can find the business accounting to be a passion.

Tangible assets

Can be defined and objects that can be seen by the senses, especially anything that can be touched physically. May mean the touchable concrete, actual or real. This definition is to understand the value when trying to determine the physical assets.

Physical assets are those acquisitions of individual or business that are real and actual, rather than the default. They pointed out discrepancies to the things an individual or business may not contract for the tangible. Examples of intangible assets include things like the ideas of copyright, patents, or intellectual property. Although these things might have an opportunity to benefit financially in the future, it is not something at the present time that can be sold to achieve a large profit in most cases.

On the other hand, can be most tangible assets readily converted into cash, or are already cash. Amount of money in your bank account is significant, as is the property you own, such as cars, houses or boats. These tangible assets, especially if you want to get a loan, and are usually the types of guarantees offered to get the loan. Most banks do not make loans to people without physical assets, even if they have intangible assets that have the ability to earn money in the future

Accounting stander in Oman

In Oman, although it has been preparing financial statements in agreement with international Accounting standards issued by the Commission on International Accounting Standards, Interpretations issued by the Standing Interpretations Committee and the Standing Committee Requirements of the Trade Law of the Sultanate of Oman, and the of Set the rules of disclosure requirements issued by the Public Authority for Capital Market Sultanate of Oman, the disclosure is inadequate and a negative phenomenon to the country To strengthen further the case, because it can not hope to benefit from the GDR market with Financial disclosures are inadequate, because the activities more transparent to the company governed by Sound accounting standards, and will be a more accurate assessment in securities . It is permissible to examine the practices of accounting standards, and issues in the industry to assist Oman To understand the current practices of accounting standards, which in turn helps in the design Effective standard practices so as to ensure good corporate governance.

International accounting standards board

Started its operations Development, the public interest, a set of high quality and one understandable and enforceable global standard that requires high quality information transparent and capable in the financial statements and other financial reports to help participants in capital markets of the world and other users of information for making economic decisions. Promoting the use and rigorous application of those standards, Work actively with national standard-setters to achieve convergence between national accounting standards and IFRS (international standards) to the solution of high quality.


In my view that accounting standard task in commercial life, so it helps the organization of business, I have touched my report to the P-pros and cons of the accounting standard, and why needed by business owners and how to work without accounting.

In conclusion, I hope I have been successful in my report hopes to be Alums the basic elements of the subject.