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Website: Welcome to the Craft Yarn Council of America and Warm Up America


Introduction : The Craft Yarn Council of America (CYCA) is a leading yarn companies, parts manufacturers, magazines, book publishers, and consultants, yarn industry. More than 25 years, will sponsor a wide range of publicity and educational work, including its award-winning teacher certification program and its popular knitting, crochet out and events, they provide a national meeting on weaving, and crocheters. For more details, these programs and many other countries can at this site, as well as those of our members.

To learn more about individual members of the products, we encourage you to visit their website below. If you have questions on specific products, please contact the company. Council staff members do not have access product information. If you have knit or crochet technical problems, please visit our bulletin board posting them.

Website: Vogue Knitting


Introduction : Vogue Knitting is SoHo Publishing's flagship title. Launched over twenty-five years ago, only have bars for the knitting, with the largest and most talented names in fashion today, including Michael Kors and Anna Sui. Under the leadership of editor Teresa Malcolm, the only published once every quarter.



Introduction : Knit Picks began in 2002 to complete the knitting and fine-tuning, Kelly Petkun, and her husband, Bob engineers set out to connect knitting books, yarn and needle come up with Kelly because there are many others who like her weave out there is hope that high-quality products at a reasonable price. Kelly is so convinced that there must be a way to get the luxury yarn at a lower price, in 2003, she bought a ticket Bob Peru, told him not to return until he found an excellent source of knitting yarn. Bob met with the owners of the factory, and aware that the reduction of the middleman and sell directly to the knitting yarn online, he can lower prices without sacrificing quality. Kelly joined Bob then went to Peru and Italy, where the production of yarn, so that she can meet the factory workers in the people and tell them what she and others want from their knitting yarn. Spinning mills are surprised to learn that Kelly's knowledge of spinning and fiber content, she was able to clearly communicate her vision of the knitting yarn selection of signature.

Website: Knit N Style


Introduction :Knit 'N Style is published six times a year and provides more than 30 issues packed with exciting and versatile hand-woven patterns of women, men and children. This array includes the design of every skill level, and each model is accompanied by a large photo of the front and back of each project, clear instructions, easy-to-read charts and diagrams.

Website: Knitting Bag


Introduction :A good knitting shop is a substantial help to knit, comfortable chair and let you stay as long as you like - I very much welcome you as his "on-line" knitting shop. Knittingbag ready to fill the request of yarn, patterns, suggested yarn substitutions, answer technical questions about your knitting projects, or any other your questions.

      Most of the design you see Knittingbag a one-time, unique design patterns, we are using the latest yarn stock from our large suppliers you may already be familiar with: the Greek yarn, classic elite, and Rowan.

      Other suppliers include: Artyarns, Arauco, blue herons, blue sky alpaca, Brown Sheep, decadent fibers, Debbie Bliss, farmers yarn, Filatura, frog tree alpaca, large adirondack, jade Gem velvet, JCA Reynolds, Qiao Xiapu, Karabella, Children's Hollow Farm, Lantern Moon, Maggiknits, Sweden yarn (Hanne Falkenberg) and Tilli Tomas.


The website uses different multimedia teaching content. Use of multimedia elements can help users easily understand. For example, users can playback video continuous learning, until they understand. In addition, the use of multimedia elements can make your site more attractive.

      Website provides a lot of basic information for beginners. For example, they need the tools and basic knitting techniques. Website also offers a number of knitting patterns for the user to learn, such as the scarf knitting patterns, towel knitting patterns, knitting accessories and knitted toy patterns. Web site also includes the forum. Users can share their experiences and products, to discuss difficulties in knitting and technology.

But in other side of the site a large number of video and flash, the user must be able to see Flash Player. However, not all the user's computer can support Flash Player.

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      In addition, managers need to monitor messages from the forum. It requires management of staff time.

To raise the audience's interest in reading, we can use contrasting colors on the site. Text is the most easy to read font, text color and background color of high contrast. Low-contrast stimulus readers, causing eye fatigue.

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      Less text is better. Squeeze the irrelevant items in the web page that will confuse and distract the visitor. So choose the important items and publish on the website.

      Some web browsers can not play school video, such as YouTube video, it provides links to obtain the free Flash Player Web browser and teaching videos available for free download.

In addition there are some proposals for page reference:

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      Educational videos available for free download Pocket PC. Users can watch videos at any time.

      Added to the website e-store services. Users can subscribe to e-shop.

      Provided a forum for users to exchange experiences, knitting.

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