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The www is the assembling of computers on the internet that hold a sure machine readable text function. Hypertext is different type of text, it did not work like normal text. It work like selected form. Not top to bottom. Whatever you can click, it will read only or show that thing only. Secondly, the more powerful point of hypertext is that it also give the user whole information about specify item, which user want. In other words, www is a image which give full information to the user or fulfils the requirements of the user.www operates because the internet base is in place to hold it. In that way, the www runs a hypertext that is the mother of all the parts useable on the internet. www is the most popular part of the internet. In all over the world people like to use it. Now days www is highly in demand. (Internet business models and strategies by Allan Afuah & Christopher L.Tucci

2 HISTORY of www(World Wide Web)

In the early days most of the work which work which used on internet, is on email, file transfer protocol and telnet. These programs is quite useful for uses of the internet. The problem for the user in early days where he can easily find a specify the address of the computer on where the information occupied. This idea make a path for the computer experts to solve this problem. Then Tim Berners - Lee a research worker at CERN, gather all scientists who worked at CERN came from all over the world and huge problems replacing contrastive documents email messages from their own exclusive systems. Berners - lee came to an earlier method that was a hypertext storage recovery system. He advised that CERN scientists could gathered their knowledge, which based on documents. He created a language called (HTML). It means hypertext mark-up language that could not only use associated to different computers, but also to display graphics connects with some files. All the need is that the user have to click on specific link, and he can see all the information from all over the world. So Berners - Lee is the founder of www. (Internet business models strategies by Allan Afuah & Christopher L.Tucci)

3 Importance of www:

World wide web play very important to introduce the new method of all time increasing global information. Not doubt, its importance can not be underlined. Through www we can easily gather lot of information about our specify demand from all over the world. Secondly, it makes our life easily we can get lot knowledge about our task in short time period. Thirdly, it is also very cheapest way of information. It works same like internet but hides the ugly items. It gives us a graphical port. It uses growing very rapidly, because of that we cannot calculate or estimate its power of use. So www playing very important role in our daily routine life. It demand and supply increase day by day.

4 Advantages of www:

www is very powerful weapon to getting the information from any sector from all over the world.

  1. Give business awareness: Through your web site you can show your business services, opening and closing timings, location, phone and email for the customer. You also check your position in the market with other companies. Through www you can easily interact with your customer. And also get the idea about their likes and dislikes.
  2. Services your clients: the second best advantage of www your customer easily access to business information and services that you cannot be provide as quick any other way. For example if your customer is anywhere in the world, he can get easily access to you for his specify demand like eBay.
  3. Behaviour of knowledge: Through www we are able to get lot of knowledge about the same product. And we can take better decision to purchase something.
  4. Provide files to download: all elements leaflets, advertisements, picture even your video, if someone like it, he can easily take from the website. It will increase your demand in the market or in the world.
  5. Distant employee/office access: The big advantage of www is for worker ,who is working on the road or in satellite office. He can easily access through the password to official website. And complete his task.
  6. Difficult without www. Today all over the world www is most famous source of information. So it is very difficult to service. Because there is lot of competition all over the world. So getting all opportunities we should use the www in our daily life.
  7. Source of entrainment: www is also very good source of entrainment. Through www we can see lot of movies, current affairs, sports, etc .and through www we can easily meet with our relatives and friends.
  8. Networking : Through www we can easily spread our knowledge to all over the world in very short time period.
  9. Sources of education, health & travelling: www is also very informative sources of education, health & travelling. We can get lot knowledge about that.

Disadvantages of www: There are some disadvantages of www. Which might be sort out with a time, but nowadays it creates a problem for the user.

  1. No indicator
  2. Costly doorway
  3. Unsound
  4. No confirm
  5. No proof
  6. No example of learning
  7. Search instruments are rough


According to this assignment i choose news item about my topic www, from the internet which is associated with topic, and it also tells about issues raises about computer usage or non usage.

The web site name is (www.internetnews/security/hit+with+new+crsf+worm.htm by Kenneth corbin,23,nov,2009)

  1. According to my point of view the news item understanding to them who have knowledge about computer or about my issued item otherwise it is little bit difficult in first appearance. But not impossible.
  2. The main theme under discussion is facebook. The subject shows us the different elements of facebook but specially tells about specific class on facebook. Security Reseachers has described and new insect circulating with facebook tempeting people visit adult websites and machinicaly replace itself link people profile pages. Like So much Trojans the insect publisizes itself as a product of skin trade.
  3. The picture of near naked woman shows on a user wall alone all the other lagalize actions of the that person friends. The purpose of this picture to implanted to the user to open it. Like in this way want to see something thought just click on it when the user click on this button the picture come up a full screen and again clicking take the user to ponographic website so when the user go back to his facebook profile the picture of the woman now show on his wall at test.