Strategy Mapping for Chemico Pvt Limited

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Organizations are made to earn economic profit and enhance their strategic capabilities to sustain in this competitive environment for a long span of time (Ackermann & Eden, 2011). Business Ethics and considerations are some of the major aspects from the viewpoint of an organization and both of these aspects are essential for the sake of an organization to retain its name in the competitive environment. It is essential for an organization to keep changing and improving their strategies for the betterment of the organization. There are certain tools that deem important as far as making and analyzing the strategies of an organization is concerned and among them, the name of Balance Score Card is one of them (Bryson, Ackermann & Eden, 2014).

Most of the organizations of the world are now becoming more vigilant in terms of utilizing and improving their strategies because it is essential for them to stay in the business. Customer retention and meeting with the financial objectives are some of the core benefits that can be achieved by an organization after improving their current strategy (Bryson, Ackermann & Eden, 2014). Strategies vary from organization to organization, however the end result would remain the same which is to enhance the bottom line approach of the company (Ewy & Gmitro, 2010).

The main theme of this paper revolves around the case study of a hypothetical company with the name of Chemico Pvt Limited. It is required to use the balance scorecard approach for the performance evaluation and strategy mapping. There are five different questions that needed to be answered in this assignment.

Analytical Framework

  1. Strategy Mapping

It is required to have a table format type of analysis in this particular question in which the impact of one incident should have been shown on the other activity (Ewy & Gmitro, 2010). Mentioned below table is revealing the same

Sydney Plant

Impact on Sydney Plan

Melbourne Plant

Impact on Melbourne Plan


Increment/Decrement %

Increment/Decrement %

Financial Perspective

Return on Equity


Return on Equity has increased for the Sydney Plant, it will have a definite impact over the increment of shareholder's equity and investment towards the company which will be extremely essential for the plant


Decrease in return on equity shows that the intentions of the investors towards investment in Melbourne Plant would hit heavily

Net Profit Margin


Net Profit Margin increased is a symbol that the revenue generation capability of the Sydney Plan improves a lot and it will leave positive impact over their financial and strategic position in future


Net Profit Margin decreased is a symbol that the revenue generation capability of the Melbourne Plan spoiled a lot and it will leave negative impact over their financial and strategic position in future

Reduction in Production Cost


Production cost of the company increased in the actual term which may impact over the bottom line of the company


Production cost of the plant has decreased which will impact positively over the financial position of the plant

Customer Perspective

Customer Retention


Retention of Customers for Sydney Plant has increased with a marginal percentage but it is still effective for them to enhance their customer base in future


Retention of customer in Melbourne plant decreased which is showing that the customer base of Melbourne plant will contract in near future

Customer Satisfaction Rating


The satisfaction rating of the customers for Sydney Plan has increased which will help the company to further improve their customer base


Satisfaction among the customer decreased which also decreased the customer retention level in Melbourne Plant

Market Share


Increment in the market share of Sydney Plant is an indemnity that the contribution of this plant would be on a higher scale for them as far as the GDP of Australia is concerned


Market Share decreased, therefore the contribution of Melbourne Plant in the economy of the Australia will decrease

Internal Process Perspective

Quality Measures


Quaity of the services and products of the company, it may impact over the company if the quality measures would not be retain in an effective manner in future


Quality of measure of the plant has increased which is a single positive step towards the enhancement of the company

Number of Improvements Implemented


Improvement which has been implemented actually decreased from the actual value which may impact over the quality measurement for the company


The implementation of improvements pose a positive impact over the plant of the Melbourne

Employee's Productivity


Employee's productivity of the plant has increased as compared to the actual term which is a guarantee that the plant would achieve their targets soon


Employee's productivity of the plant has increased as compared to the actual term which is a guarantee that the plant would achieve their targets soon

Learning & Growth Perspective

Employee's Satisfaction Survey


Decrease in the satisfaction survey is showing that the level of satisfaction among the employees decreased heavily which may increase the employee's turnover


Satisfaction of the employees increased than the target, which will assist the Melbourne Plant to retain their employees for long term basis

Employee's Suggestions


No change in Employee’s suggestion


Suggestion level increased due to which the satisfaction among the employees increased

Hours of Employee Training


Less training has provided in actual term due to which the satisfaction level among the employees decreased


Melbourne Plant has increased the session of employee's training due to which the productivity and level of satisfaction of the plant would increased considerably

  1. Evaluation of the Managers on different Scales

From the above mentioned analysis of strategy mapping, it is found that there are certain aspects which are in the favor of the plants, however there are certain aspects and elements which are against the plants. Both of the plants have different managers deployed in it and in this particular part it is required to analyze and evaluate the power and effectiveness of the managers on a certain scale (Ewy & Gmitro, 2010). The evaluation scale of each of the manager is mentioned below


Sydney Plan Manager's Survey

Melbourne Plant Manager's Survey

Financial Perspective



Customer Perspective



Internal Process Perspective



Learning & Growth Perspective



From the aforementioned table and chart, it is found that the performance of the management of the Sydney Plan is comparatively effectively than that of the performance of Melbourne Plant in 3 out 4 perspectives. Financial perspective of the managers of Sydney Plan is way higher that of Melbourne’s managers, showing the tendency of revenue generation by this plan. The only perspective in which Sydney managers lag behind from the Melbourne Plant managers is the Learning & Growth Perspective, as the rate of employee’s satisfaction and training in the plant is termed as very poor or below the expectation, while it is above expectation for Melbourne Plant.

  1. Bonuses for Managers

In general terms, managers and leaders have been rated and analyzed on a similar scale, however there is a considerable difference found among both of these individuals as both of the individuals have different expectations associated with them (Kaplan & Norton, 2008). Likewise employees, managers are also entitled to different types of motivations like intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation (Merchant & Chen, 2010).

All sorts of bonuses, compensations and perks stride under the ambit of extrinsic motivation and it is one of the most integral mediums as far as increasing the level of satisfaction among the employees and the management. According to the given scenario in this particular question, it is required to distribute a bonus of $ 100,000 among both of the managers. It is clear from the above mentioned analysis that the performance of the managers of Sydney Plant is far superior to that of the performance of Melbourne Plant; however there is a single element in which Melbourne’s managers outperform their counterpart which is employee’s perspective. The proportion of bonus is as follows

By analyzing the performance of Sydney’s Plant manager, 80% of the bonus proportions have been allocated to them, while remaining 20% allocated to Melbourne’s manager as he did an exceptional job as far as employee’s perspective is concerned. 80% means, $ 80,000 would be granted to Sydney’s Plant manager.

  1. Justification for bonuses

There are certain points that can be included in this particular discussion (Merchant & Chen, 2010). From the above mentioned question and analysis, it is found that 80% of the bonus amount has been allocated to Sydney’s Plant Manager while remaining 20% has been allocated to Melbourne’s Plant manager. The justification of the same allocation is mentioned below

  1. Financial perspective is the most important perspective from the viewpoint of an organization and no organization can enhance their productivity and goodwill without having effective perspective in terms of finance. From the analysis, it is found that the financial perspective of Sydney’s Plant Manager is eminent than that of the financial perspective of Melbourne’s Plant manager, as the total aggregate score of Sydney Plan is 28.5% in terms of increment while it was negative for Melbourne Plant
  2. Customers are the end users of an organization and without customers there would be no business. Sydney’s Plant manager again did a fantastic job as far as satisfying the needs and expectations of their consumers in particular. The proportion associated with the same element is 9.5% while it was again in negative term for Melbourne Plant
  3. Internal process perspectives have positivity in the increment for Sydney’s Plant amounting to 10.1% and it is also in positive for Melbourne Plant amounting to 9.7%
  4. Employee’s productivity is essential for an entity and it is the only element which is the favor of Melbourne Plant, and that is the only element due to which the manager of this respective plant gets a bonus of $ 20,000 (20%) of the total amount
  1. Environmental Perspective

Australia has now emerged as an economic hub of the world and now most of the people and companies are targeting this particular region for employment as well as expansion of their operations (Paladino, 2013). Apart from the economic perspective, Australian region have outstanding appreciation in terms of environmental perspective as well and that is the main element which this particular country is looking to utilize in their state. There are number of manufacturing companies which are actually operating in this region. According to the case of Chemico Pvt Limited, there are certain environmental perspectives which the company can take and they should take these measures to make Australia a better place to live. Firstly, chemical products and toxics should drain in a manner than no one can smell them. The companies, especially both of the plants of the company have to make sure that they have a proper drainage function from which they can drain all the toxic and harmful stuff and material which are useless fort them. Apart from that, recycling of material should be done in an effective and organized manner.


Organizations are always made to earn economic profit and enhance the strategic integrity in an effective and perfect manner (Paladino, 2013). Organizations have been termed as a place wherein people belong to different demographics and mindset works together for the achievement of single and pre-specified goal in particular (Smith, 2007).

Apart from that there is an important point of organization as well, which is that entity is a place which enhances the productivity in particular. There are number of departments that come under the ambit and context of an organization and every department is essential for the strategic and financial capability of an organization. The main theme of this assignment is to mapping the strategy of a hypothetical company with the name of Chemico Pvt Limited. From the entire analysis, it is found that the financial position of this company is effective but they has to have a hawk over their Melbourne Plant for betterment in financial and customer perspective, as these are the only strategies from which they can achieve their prime goal and target.


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