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BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Introduction to Accounting


Module Leader Name

Introduction to Accounting


Learning Outcomes


Be able to recognize and understand the accounting profession theory, and learn to use electronic tools for analysis. E.g. Excel and SAGE accounting software. ), in order to promote and strengthen the accounting and financial reporting process.


To determine key to appropriate management and operation, the analysis is used to identify and evaluate opportunities and risks, organization planning, allocation of resources, meet the target of accounting data and other information.


To recognize the contribution of accounting and finance, enterprise and the diversity of the whole society, and can use the appropriate data and methods, to promote the accounting and financial research. Application from the accounting theory knowledge, financial analysis and decision making the right judgment. Adopt national, international and historical point of view to analysis accounting and business issues.


Students will learn by their internship experience and skills in the real world and application.Be able to engage in the workplace as an ethical professional with the essential graduate attributes of enterprise, digital literacy and global outlook.


Course Modules


Introduction to accounting

Introduction to accounting is related to LO1&2. It can help me to study the further course. It Accounting basics section, the most fundamental questions about the meaning of accounting elements, such as how to use the account and billing, reconciliation and audit accounting need to master one by one analysis shows that entry accounting work to lay the foundation.

Data Analysis for Finance

Financial Data Analysis this course is related to LO2&3&4, it allows me to understand the company's financial management is how one thing; the report how those projects are going on; what are the key data have; what data can be judged from the company's financial condition and future trend

Management Accounting

Management accounting is related to LO3&4. This course has demonstrated a high degree of professional standards and the ability to analysis the internal financial reporting, assisting in the management authorities to grasp the situation, to participate in financial management and develop future strategy and execution. Management accounting is still a developing science. It will change with economic conditions, with the development of accounting work and constantly changing.

Accounting issues

Accounting issues is related to LO2&4. This course helps me to solve some problems of accounting easier. Master of Management, Economics and Finance and the basic theory and basic knowledge of finance. Mastering financial, qualitative and quantitative analysis method of financial management.

Financial management

Financial management is related to LO1&3. It lets me after accounting problems easier to solve in the workplace. This course training with management, economic, legal and financial management, financial and other aspects of knowledge and ability to engage in finance, financial management, and teaching and research aspects of business management disciplines senior professionals in business, finance companies, institutions and government departments .


1. IELTS course: I plan to start sophomore IELTS preparation courses, self-study vocabulary, do more exercise, for a British university after graduation exam to graduate school as a foundation.

2. Volunteers: In their spare time, you can take part in more friends and charitable activities as volunteers, as people need help.

3. Learning a foreign language: while in class, you can repair your own in a foreign language, such as French, Korean. Weekly look at two foreign films, increasing the sense of language.

4. ACCA courses: the use of spare time, you can contact regarding ACCA courses to train yourself slowly practice questions.


  • Future career path

My future career is after graduation I want to return to China to become a professional knowledge, high personal qualities accountant.

Everyone according to their own understanding and evaluation, found himself on the learning problems still exist, although they constantly update their knowledge, can quickly accept new transactions; but not careful enough on learning, resulting in inefficient. On doing things is always difficult to do careful, but do finance a taboo careless, so be sure to continue to improve in future learning, life and work. However, I still have some competencies worthy of recognition:

1. Communication: I usually have excellent communication and presentation skills, able to clearly communicate with classmates and teachers, the real heart of the idea of exhaustive expression.

2. Organizational capacity: methodical, organized and have the ability to build strong cooperation, to promote harmony, respect for different opinions.

3. Mentality: I have a stable peace of mind, toughness, not easily give up on the job.

4. Apply the knowledge: I can think of the theory and application logic, there is a strong memory for detail.

  • Each person's career can be roughly divided into three stages.

First stage: the growth phase, the learning phase at school.

Second stage: the exploratory stage, usually one to two years after graduation.

Third stage: the maintenance phase, relatively more stable job, career change is more cautious.

First stage


First, in the first year of university, down to earth to learn the basic courses, especially English. I want to enhance their professional performance to a new level, to learn basic accounting and finance courses during this period, but also to keep learning theories related to accounting, tax accounting and accounting-related knowledge, and so must learn, for do lay the foundation for future accounting officer.


In the second year, and in this year, I caught both steady basis, but also to strengthen the professional courses to prepare well and make some important high school courses each visit in order to smooth the transition to junior. Readings appropriate for their own curriculum, so that their knowledge of diversity. Improve the basic quality, exercise their capabilities, and test their knowledge and skills. By IELTS and began selectively minor other specialized knowledge to enrich themselves.


Third year, the initiative to enhance the professional learning courses next semester to more junior to senior senior sister apprentice inquire about job information, interview skills and career needs of the situation, understand the channels of information gathering, ask to write a cover letter, curriculum vitae of experience, actively trying to improve job skills. After graduating from the work of preparing the application, use the conditions provided by the school, to understand the employer company data and information provided by the Career Centre, and strengthen job skills, conduct mock interviews and other training, as much as possible in making the situation more fully prepared drill. Actively participated in various recruitment activities, tested in practice their accumulation and preparation, rehearsal or mock interviews, interview.

Second stage


At this stage, more frequent job changes. I want according to their own situation, seize the opportunity to properly transform their working environment, to find a suitable job. Meanwhile, after the change to adapt as quickly as possible. There are, for lack of a senior financial officers today's society, to in his spare time, strive to achieve financial and other senior CPA or ACCA qualification.

Third stage

In five years

Through years of practice, and constantly enhance the ability to work, ability and capacity acted strain. Continue to accumulate in the work experience, develop their own hard work of the spirit, mature style of work, most serious working attitude, work ethic and innovative. Through their own efforts, you can open an own accounting firm, gradually reached the pinnacle of his career.