Reflection on my accounting course and my future development plan

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Be able to construct and analyse financial statements using a range of techniques and appropriate e-tools in order to critically appraise their value in decision making


Critically appraise current developments in accounting and finance including evaluating contemporary theories and empirical evidence within the context of contrasting global business contexts e.g. the ethical and international issues facing organisations when formulating, implementing and reporting financial strategies.


Recognize the contribution of accounting and finance to a diverse range of enterprises and society as a whole and be capable of contributing to accounting and finance research using appropriate data and methodologies.


Be able to engage in the workplace as an ethical professional with the essential graduate attributes of enterprise, digital literacy and global outlook.


Financial reporting: Financial report is the enterprise financial position and operating results of written documents, It consists of a balance sheet, income statement, the cash flow statement...Financial report is the enterprise, the unit accounting department in the daily accounting on the basis of comprehensive by daily operating results of written documents, Financial report based on accounting book records, using form and written form, the accounting of financial information to a way of information users, Compression information quantity, precisely the formation of the financial system, and provide financial information to the relevant authorities.




Introduction to Accounting


Accounting is statistics discipline, is to record the financial value of total assets, Accounting is an important department of economic management, also is the important tool of economic management, Can through the study of accounting, accounting basic operating procedures, in order to learn accounting basis, using computer software to learn more, more software applications,Master the accounting computerization more ability, through the accounting association do statements, flexible use of skills.

Introduction to Financial Statement Preparation


Financial statements are an important part of financial reporting, It's owners, creditors, government and other aspects and the external use, such as social accounting statements, Is the key to accounting statements, help to understand and analysis report to be sure, To fully disclose the financial position of the time.

Dealing with Accounting Adjustments


Let blood red? Study medicine in the information required by the strain of work is not a matter of record, adjust help us finish shall comply with the relevant accounting knowledge structure.

Producing/Interpreting Group Financial Statements


In the group financial statements, a clear link between financial statements, determine the relevant and reliable financial statements contained in the specific information and to analyze solve the complex problem of group financial statements.

Accounting Issues


Rainy season budget carefully the current financial reporting and cognitive, evaluate recent work problems and unpredictable changes in practice.

(C) The Identify three Independent study activities

  • In order to better learning English, can form groups, help each other, improve English articles can and team members to share each other, in the case of inaccurate pronunciation let team members help error correction. Register to language center to learn and strengthen English skills.
  • Electronic computer learning is very important for accounting students, curriculum and the work can use electronic computers, puzzled problems can ask a friend or can ask understand relevant personnel, every Saturday we can learn together with progress. Register for computer class in year 1 and year 2 to learn about excel and achieve intermediate level at the end of year 2
  • Reading books for our university is to increase the power of knowledge,come here to read little but the school library to study after school reading to increase knowledge but also for our future higher difficulty of learning, can also be happy to complete in the examination, participate the lecture,learning knowledge in lectures, improve myself in the lecture. Search relevant Accounting lecture course time on the computer,sign up for.


Thrown at the university is a turning point, need we go serious every step to prove their growth, good attitude will enable us to their own requirements, want to smoothly find a satisfactory job after graduation from the university.During the study in our university must need we planning to recognize themselves, In order to better use of university time is clearly know what is suitable for their career first to give yourself a clear about her plans. When graduation, I need to find a job, I need to consider personal development and to face the development of the society so we need to think about the long term, during the period of school need to clear their long-term goals.

During the period of school short-term plans:

University last year

Improve English level, return can smoothly pass the ielts to get international certification of English, Last year in the university allowed to go to company internship, in their spare time to accumulate experience and knowledge.

During the period of school learning

In now the social competition is intense, the students should learn skills, learn to communicate,learn to understand,self-confidence will bring myself to find a satisfactory job, more experience summary with many setbacks, grew to adapt to the society all kinds of difficulties. Make full use of the school library, To read English articles every day, every week to remember English words, improve English communicate with foreign students, Make them smarter.

After graduation

ACCA for now I have higher difficulty, because don't know how it is what you need to pass exam course but I will go to see what it needs, improve their professional knowledge, in the holiday time can see each company need to apply for requirements, improve themselves;I can't directly to look for a job after graduation from the university I will continue to read a graduate student, this is my own idea, too. After school I engaged in high and new technology enterprise accounting, use during the period of school learning knowledge to apply on the job.

The first two years at university

Timely completion of all course assignments, a speech is completed, active participation in group work, each subject's test pass, the teacher speak in class to know how to answer the problem, understand what the teacher speak.Encountered do not understand questions actively ask understand students, go to the library to learn more, make good use of your time, see the video about learning English.

Do what needs to be a good state of mind, need us to walk every step earnestly to prove your growth.Make yourself confident, confidence can make you find a favorite job. A smile can make you have more opportunities. Difficult to adapt to society, and happy learning in the university must grow on your own.