Reflecting on the financial reporting course and my plans for the future

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Be able to construct and analyses financial statements using a range of techniques and appropriate e-tools in order to critically appraise their value in decision making

Critically appraise current developments in accounting and finance including evaluating contemporary theories and empirical evidence within the context of contrasting global business contexts e.g. the ethical and international issues facing organisations when formulating, implementing and reporting financial strategies.

Recognize the contribution of accounting and finance to a diverse range of enterprises and society as a whole and be capable of contributing to accounting and finance research using appropriate data and methodologies.

Be able to engage in the workplace as an ethical professional with the essential graduate attributes of enterprise, digital literacy and global outlook.


Financial reporting is a reflection of the financial position and operating results of the written documents, including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, changes in equity (the new accounting standard requires disclosure in the annual report), notes and schedules and financial statements financial situation.


Learning outcomes


Introduction to Accounting


Introduction to Accounting refers to accounting basic accounting matters, is the standard way of accounting for some confirmation, is the standard unit recognized income and expenses, the cost of Different choice of accounting basis, the decision to acquire units of income and expenditure incurred in proportion accounting period, and directly affects the unit's work performance and financial results.

Introduction to Financial Statement Preparation


The preparation of financial statements in accordance with the books and records means, in accordance with the form prescribed form, epitomized units specialized in certain accounting methods during the process and results of economic activity through the preparation of financial statements, both for enterprise management authorities and with the economic interests of enterprises relationship between the parties to provide accounting information they need, but also provide a basis for countries to use accounting information overall balance of the national economy.

A complete set of financial statements shall include at least the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, changes in equity and the notes.

Dealing with Accounting Adjustments


Accounting adjustment refers to the matter has been made in accordance with the provisions of the accounting adjustments. Including adjusting the accounting policies and accounting estimates adjusted accounting error adjustment, the adjustment of the balance sheet date.

Producing/Interpreting Group Financial Statements


Referred to the consolidated financial statements, also known as the consolidated financial statements, refer to a certain period or place overall financial condition, results of operations and cash flow situation of the financial statements in order to constitute ownership ties to a comprehensive reflection of the Enterprise Group. Including the consolidated balance sheet, consolidated income statement (or the consolidated income statement), consolidated profit distribution, the consolidated cash flow statement (or the consolidated income statement), consolidated profit distribution, the consolidated cash flow statement (or changes in financial position ).

Accounting Issues


Accounting professional ethics, is engaged in accounting work activities in duties should have moral character. It is the sum total of social relations and social ethics officers and national accounting adjustments and accounting personnel with different interests and mutual accounting staff, is the basic code of ethics embodied in the accounting work. It is working to comply with the accounting norms and codes of conduct, but also to measure a worker job quality standards of accounting. Because the accounting involved in all aspects of society. Where there are economic activities take place, there is accounting, accounting personnel there, there is the accounting profession, there are ethical accountants. Therefore, the accounting professional ethics penetrated into every corner of society. Which can be seen accounting ethics is actually a manifestation of "good faith".


The first one is improve my ability to communicate and collaborate with others in the accounting work, teamwork is very important, I should learn to communicate with people in every business project and value the contributions of others. According to the project to determine whether or not to adopt the views of others, this will help me to become a more professional people in the workplace.For example,I should make friends by joining a club,and always talking with them to improve my communicate

The English also an important ability of me to improve, and if you want to become a good accountant and work in foreign invested enterprises, they should have fluent English, to facilitate communication with partners, and the leadership to get discouraged.For example,I go to a English course and practice after class.

The third is the ability to use a computer, Accounting professional learning, we should always make ppt, and complete assignment . In modern times, all the work is inseparable from the computer, so I should be good to learn to use computers, for example, e-mail exchanges with the leadership or affiliated with EXCEL complete accounting work, you can also in need to search for information on your computer.=

(d) A plan for my future.

I want to get into the future working with foreign finance-related, because I am currently learning the professional finance and accounting. Affected families and parents get along with my lively and cheerful person, alone or quiet and calm when faced with the task of learning, psychological quality is better, with a good attitude and be able to face the complex. But in the undergraduate study, I have a lot of deficiencies, first of all, as English is not very good, so I can not understand many professional words in class and can not understand the content of learning. I also can not communicate well in English with a teacher. But I think, by three years of study at the university, my English will be my advantage in the future.For future employment, I have the following ready.

  1. Growth stage




Completed two semesters of study and understanding the professional content of last two semester, using the holiday to learn English.


Continue to learn English, to improve their knowledge of the amount and professional respect, came into contact with the contents of the CPA exam and participate in social practice during the holidays, accumulate the social experience.


Upon completion of each study subject, begin to prepare for the CPA exam.After graduation to find a job,accumulate work experience.

  1. Exploration stage


At this stage ,more frequent job changes.i want according to their own situation,seize the opportunity to properly transform their working environment ,.to find a suitable job.Meanwhile,after the change to adapt as possible .There are ,for lack of senior financial officers on today’ society, to in his spare time ,strive to achieve other related financial certificates.

¼ˆ3¼‰Innovation Stage


Through years of practice, and constantly enhance the ability to work, ability and capacity acted strain. Continue to accumulate in the work experience, develop their own hard work of the spirit, mature style of work, most serious working attitude, work ethic and innovative. At work and give full play to their strengths and talents. Regularly participate in skills training, avoid knowledge of aging and backward. Through their own efforts to continuously improve their work experience, be a qualified accountant for workers.