Reflect upon your accounting course and create a learning plan.

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1.0 Identify from the BAAF course document

1. Be able to construct and analysis financial statements using a range of techniques and appropriate e-tools in order to critically appraise their value in decision making.

2. Critically appraise current developments in accounting and finance including evaluating contemporary theories and empirical evidence within the context of contrasting global business contexts e.g. the ethical and international issues facing organisations when formulating, implementing and reporting financial strategies.

3. Recognize the contribution of accounting and finance to a diverse range of enterprises and society as a whole and be capable of contributing to accounting and finance research using appropriate data and methodologies.

4. Be able to engage in the workplace as an ethical professional with the essential graduate attributes of enterprise, digital literacy and global outlook.

2.0 content and modules



1. Introduction to Accounting

We studied the financial statements include: a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, Comprehensive system to reveal a certain period of financial position, operating results and cash flows, help business managers understand the tasks of the unit indicators completion.

2. Management Accounting

Management accounting means that under the conditions of contemporary market economy, in order to strengthen internal management, the ultimate goal of achieving best value for money to the modern business activities and their value expressed as an object, through deep processing of financial and other information, and then utilization, achieve economic forecasting processes, decision-making, planning, control, accounting branch responsibility assessment and evaluation functions.

3. Financial Management

This course is mainly theoretical knowledge and business skills in finance areas, such as: money and banking, the basic theory and basic knowledge of international finance, securities, investment, insurance and other aspects of basic training related businesses, with the actual work in the financial sector basic skills.

4. Data Analysis for Finance

The main content of this course is to learn the principles and processes of financial data for statistical analysis, to understand the various data analysis model, conditions of use statistical analysis methods, applications, the nature of the required parameters and models. context

It Is the main carrier of the traditional business formalization, market image embodies the application attributes and attribute values of commodities, is an important means to create purchased. A good business environment and demand for commodities should be proper interpretation is correct guidance of purchase.

3.0 Learning Plan


In the exploration of learning and development.

In learning: I want a preliminary understanding of the professional use of the network and the talent market job posting and other channels to fully understand the professional skills and other skills needed for the work. And in accordance with the order from basic to sophisticated learning to their own book lists a catalog, learn about the direction of employment in recent years, college and professional employment situation.

Fell in love with the library, the library became regulars, improve interdisciplinary curriculum, hard to learn English, before the end of freshman year to reach a certain level, and for scholarships.

In life: first arrive, more advice to seniors who spend more time with seniors communication and exchange; to improve their language skills; and classmates deal with the relationship to improve interpersonal communication skills, avoid walking more detours; take part in physical exercise;. I want to build a stable and a wide range of friends at the university. I would like to display and develop their own space in the university to a greater extent.


My chosen career as an accountant in a large enterprise ponder if and when a successful accountant participate in amateur basketball I learned what teamwork. In learning: lessons to learn various subjects; and take advantage of the extra time to learn some extra-curricular knowledge (such as computer science or some knowledge about civil engineering knowledge will be used by those in our future lives.)


During the final year of university I can choose 3 of 6 of the modules. Choice include: Audit & Assurance

Work Placement

International Business Finance

Audit & Assurance is the best suited my career plans and therefore I want to learn.


Choose a business application to apply for the internship program continue to learn ACCA an MBA Masters. In learning: the required credits needed; thesis for graduation design and have achieved excellent results; graduated and got the "Bachelor."

In life: make job preparation; accurate evaluation of their own, develop employment goals; skillful grasp employment policies and employment on a number of legal knowledge; and actively making the employment of knowledge, skills and other aspects of psychology and preparation.

Job applications for employment. The main contents are: for three years before going to make a summary. Then, after the start of graduation application, actively participate in recruitment activities, test their accumulation and preparation in practice; prep or imitate interview, interview, etc; active use conditions and network resources provided by the school, and strengthen job search skills, interview imitate and other exercises.


In my opinion, learn English well also. The importance of learning English range English is widely used. More than 70 percent of the world's mail is written in English or with English written addresses. Radio programs around the world, 60% were conducted in English. The vast majority of the international data is published in English. International Conference is the most common English as their first language, it is also one of the official working languages of the United Nations. In short, the international political, military, economic, technological, cultural, trade, transportation and other areas, English is an important communication tool.

The other important things is teamwork. In the first place, we are situated in a complicated society and we often encounter tough problems that are beyond our ability. It is especially at this moment that teamwork proves to be exceedingly important. With the help of the team, these problems can be solved easily and quickly, which could improve work efficiency.

Modern computers are the fastest growing number of emerging technologies, one of the most widely used technology, but also penetrate the strongest, the most far-reaching impact on the social development of high-tech. Today, it has gradually penetrated into every cell of society, changing people's mode of production, social activities and even family way of life. Computers is growing so fast, so far-reaching impact. There are profound social background.

In life, the university four years, I want to develop good habits, because good habits conducive to our learning and life, will enable us to learn to play a multiplier effect. I have to make reasonable arrangements for rest time, form a good rest system; also for proper physical exercise; to ensure a reasonable supply of nutrients to develop good eating habits.