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636 Applied Management Assignments

Critical Review(Part C)

  1. The effectiveness of self during project process

At first when the project was handed out to me and when a group was formed it was exciting to know we are going to do a project which seemed easy to me.However as time went by and while accomplishing the schedule i came to know how busy iam in my life. Setting up schedule and meeting it on time and submitting it to the tutor on certain dates given to us in advance was not a very easy task. I had to attend school, go to work do shift work, back home do the rest of the assignment of other subject also. It seemed to me as if i was in a very traffic jam waiting to find my way to cross the road safely. I ensured by asking my mates all the time if they facing any difficulty to let me know in advance as we can work out the field together and it would be fast like that.

I always ensured that i don’t be the one to choose or pick up what i will or which section of the question I will do but i allowed my other two group members to decide first what part of the project they want to do and i do the rest.

I put much of my time not only looking at what task was allocated to me but also chose what i thought is going to be best for other mates part of project.

Worse was then when sometimes i used to put some of the ideas in piece of paper also points and when it’s time for management class as to where Iam suppose to share my thoughts with buddies had to regret losing that piece of paper. I had learnt however never in future to write such important notes on just any lose paper but to keep a dairy as my tutor told this to us several time to do from the very first week.

This project was challenging very much a workload for me but it has taught me to be confident, brave, bold, problem solver, a manager, a presenter. It has enhanced my communication skills alot, learnt to be more focus on work after doing this project. I made use of my mobile to communicate with my team members during the weekends. I regret i had no time to check spelling of our group as i found out after the submission of the project that there was most of spelling errors in there, however iam proud we did it on time.

I also regret that even though it was not my part to type the recommendation. I had some recommendation in my mind which i thought was the best i did put in a paper and gave it to the person who took responsibility of doing the recommendation part and came to know it has been done already by other two members already that they had typed their recommendation. Happy to see at the end however my mates did used but only two recommendation of mine in the project.

ii) Effectiveness of other team members during project

The two of the group members are renting together likewise they had much time to discuss the project their ideas, views directly with each other. One member i found out was very smart in using computer.

They had kept me updated of whatever information they had regarding this project through email and using text messaging.

They also did visitation to facility while off duty during their spare time. I appreciate their time and effort they put in travelling to the facility for project took notes then back at home sort it out or type it and email me.Emailing the tutor right from the beginning was done effectively and accurately to tutor was also a biggest part of what my mates did.

Part 2

Problem solving process

In order to follow the project channel of conducting or solving the problem we used cause and effect and swot analysis is how the objective was analysed. While solving the problems for this project it was challenging for me as it also took it as a real life problem of own life I’m solving.

It could have been easier if all team members stay together and do project altogether at once and at one place. Sometimes we had opptunity to meet with team members only once in class and discuss.

We really had to drill through each problem as we had to make a best decision then in order to give best recommendation to the organisation. In order to solve each problem we had to look into the matter of finding out the factors relating to the problem.

Swot analysis is always going to be the easiest as we had the knowledge as to how to put thy problems into four categories. Say a you get to know weakness and threat much easily.

Lack of time was a contributing factor as most of the staffs gave up late for interview as due to their rostered shift we had to rush alto because of the submission dates were very near of the project.

It was really worth doing this type of project as it has also taught me to solve my own life problems easily in future using the models and know the threats earlier and solve it earlier on time.

ii) Decision Making

Decision making makes one feel more powerful managed to get to know how hectic a manager’s task is. It is not easy to just make a decision.

Problem solving technique has helped us a lot to make the best decision possible without solving the problem a decision cannot be made so they both are interrelated to each other always.

Our tutors guidance and encouragement to gathers facts, data before doing the entire project was the fact that made us success in making decision in regards to all observation, interview and questionnaire that we prepare had made it easier.

We as group did brainstorming and we found out all our answers were right there were no wrong answer however we still say we had less time to make a very best decision.

Research Methods

The research method that I had chosen together with my team members were to do interview of manager of facility,staffs,residents and family members of residents of the ABC facility.Not only this we also did observation and prepared questionnaire and gave it out to to staffs and residents and their families to answer.

For my team it wasn’t that hard to carry out the using the research methods as one of the member is also working for the same company.She was very well aware of everyday task being carried out made us be not a total stranger to a company such as ABC to be nervous about.

Questionnaires were easy to answer as it was open ended. We took time to interview manager as manager was always busy to make an appointment with her and interview her first priority as she was full of information and figures. Resident’s family who family who volunteered to answer us were also not available on time so we had to wait until they come for a visit. We even had to interview one of the families during working hour. We had to gain their trust in us that we are going to keep all information confidential and so we did.

Our major planner was our tutor of the subject who told us every time the easy way to do a project what methods to use how to do time management etc had helped us lot in this project.

If given one more chance to redo this assignment yes I will use the same methods

Management Of the project process

It was easy to look at the layout of how we manage this project at what stage we will do what but as time came i realised iam healthcare student and not solely a management student. To do a major project like this and do other assignment at the same time was time consuming, tiring and very much hectic. We had to learn time management. Methodology part of the project was time consuming as a lots of why, how and when we had to look at. To observe, question, interview facility manager the busiest person and the hard tirelessly working staffs was bit hard to get reach of sometimes as they were shift workers. We had to ensure we follow roster in order to meet those staffs who volunteered to answer our project question.

I appreciate that for this project i was not alone but had the company of other team members also.

Proposal part was hard as I had doubts if the tutor will agree or refuse for us use this method of doing the project. There was risk if the facility manager will agree to give permission to do project on their facility. Without proper planning your project will lead you to unexpected directions so we had to put a proper plan.

Report writing was killing my time I even used to miss going to work to finish doing the report writing for my team. The use of management principles I had to go through net to look to management tools and sometimes I used to forget to write the authors name whereby had to go back again to same site in order to follow up who the author was.

To follow the project plan was hard as I was not only doing this project but also other task or other assignments. Good we had team mates so if I forget someone else reminds to follow what plan at what time.

I took half a day to prepare my presentation, again I allowed my members to choose what part they want to present and I do the rest.

I will prepare best presentation a professional to present to my class as it speaks what we did as a team together in just 15 to 20 minutes of time.

Application of Management Concepts

I had very less idea about the management concepts whatever the tutor had taught us in class in level 6 and also in level 5 that we had learnt was all that we used.

Using the wrong management concepts will always give you wrong answer you won’t be able to make correct decision

Management concepts helped me to know how to approach customers as I did with the clients. Nothing was my way of research but we followed management concepts and tools to carry out this project.

If given a chance to do project again I will ensure first I know the managements concepts well how it should be applied take expect advice(tutor) before I apply the concepts so I don’t have to waste allot of time going through the net to do research first.

Critical review of the Solutions

We brainstorm all our ideas in a paper then selected whish one will be the best to put as our recommendation. The team agreed to pick the best idea and use in project. The organisation might benefit by giving consideration to what we solution we made and might discuss with management which will benefit not only the customers or residents but management as whole as they will attract more customers in future.