Personal development and career planning

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Be able to construct and analyse financial statements using a range of techniques and appropriate e-tools in order to critically appraise their value in decision making.


Critically appraise current developments in accounting and finance including evaluating contemporary theories and empirical evidence within the context of contrasting global business contexts e.g. the ethical and international issues facing organisations when formulating, implementing and reporting financial strategies.


Recognize the contribution of accounting and finance to a diverse range of enterprises and society as a whole and be capable of contributing to accounting and finance research using appropriate data and methodologies.


Be able to engage in the workplace as an ethical professional with the essential graduate attributes of enterprise, digital literacy and global outlook.

B)Financial Reporting

One of the module including in financial reporting is Introduction To Accounting, this module study by student in degree first year. Introduction To Accounting is study about the basic in accounting, students able to construct a very strong basis in account by study this module. Double entry bookkeeping, financial services such as income statement (trading, profit and loss account), balance sheet (statement of financial position), cash flow, financial accounting and managerial accounting are including in this module.

This module was related with Learning Outcome 1 because this module is giving the instruction for students to prepare basic financial statements such as the format of income statement, and teaching about how to identify the position of particular item.

Besides that, Introduction To Financial Statement Preparation is one of the module included in financial reporting. This module is studying preparing the financial statement including income statement (trading, profit and loss account), balance sheet (statement of financial position), cash flow and statement of owner equity (statement of retained earning). The preparation of these financial statement may complex or simple depend on the size of the company. For preparing these financial statement is very important step in accounting cycle.

This module is concerning in Learning Outcome 4 because the methods to prepare the financial statements are useful when get a job. As an accountant in a company must be very familiar to the format in preparing report.

Then, Dealing With Accounting Adjustments is a module studying about the adjustment of the business transaction in the financial report. Some of the transaction has not yet been recorded into the particular report at the specific time period or the transaction report incorrectly, so that the transaction have to record and adjust in the financial report. In this module able to study the types of incorrect transaction and the methods to do the adjustment.

This module is concerning with the Learning Outcome 1. This is because the methods to do the adjustment for transaction is useful for a student when get a job in financial accounting department.

In addition, students are study Interpreting Group Financial Statements in degree second year. Content of this module is about the ways to understand the financial statement and give the explanation about the report. Interpreting for the financial report is a important means to present the company situation. So that, students able to have this kind of knowledges to interpreting for the financial statements.

This module was related with Learning Outcome 3 because all companies have to showing their companies by using accounting, for a company, accounting as a language of business. So that, situation of a company is clearly showing by an accounting report.

Accounting Issues that included in financial reporting is studying the skills for students to identify the changing of the management accounting theory recently and students able to know the updated methods to complete their work such as financial statement. After the students know about any changing in accounting, they able to provide a latest report when they are start to join in a job.

This module is concerning in Learning Outcome 2 because the accountant for a company should know the current changing of management accounting and finance so that they can be provide a latest financial report and identify the issues of the company.

C) Independent Study Activities

IT Knowledges

Information Technology (IT) is one of the skills that I believe is very important for my future. Nowadays, all the things are related with computer and network, so that I should have a good knowledges in IT and this is useful for my life. I have to take a IT course to study more about IT, especially for Microsoft Office. This is because, most of the documents and contracts in a company were recorded and prepared by using Microsoft Word and usually the numerical data will record in Microsoft Excel. Numerical data in report are too much and not able to calculate manually in order to use Microsoft Excel to reduce the work, just to click a button to complete the work in simple way. When I know well in using Microsoft Power Point, I able to prepare an attractive and clear presentation to present proposal and report. Besides that, having knowledges in IT is one of the advantage when interview a job.

Emergency treatment knowledges

Furthermore, having a basic knowledge in emergency treatment such as CPR, hemostatic, clean and wrap up the wound. This can be an important skills for life. In emergency situation can save myself and may help others. Moreover, when accident occur, usually people will very scare and nervous, they are not able respond immediately. But, people who have the knowledges of emergency treatment are able to handle the situation and make a right decision at the same time.

Foreign Language

Due to I am a Chinese-Malaysian, so I been study three languages which are Mandarin, English and Malay. The first way to improve myself is study other language, my first choice is learn French. The reason for me to select French is because it is most widely used around the world apart from English and Mandarin. So that, I have the ability to speak French is the advantage for me to interview a job. I able to communicate smoothly with customers which their mother tongue is French also can know clearly about the need of the customers. Some companies require the ability to speak in French as their job qualification so that I able to interview to get this kind of job.

D)Career Plan

1st Year (2014)

Degree in Accounting and Finance

  • Join in Bowling Club in college.
  • Participate Camp Building, as a group leader during the camp, bring up leadership.
  • Take course out of accounting, such as Management Information Technology, Academic skills, Microeconomics and Principles of Marketing. Received some basic knowledges from each subject.
  • Attended Seminar on “Time Management”, learn about the ways to distribute own schedule.
  • Join “30-hours Famine DIY Camp”, get to know people who from others place to improve communication skills, and have donation to help people who needed.
  • Attended Seminar on “Leadership Management” to learn the skills to become a good leader.

2nd year (2015)

Degree in Accounting and Finance

  • Take course to improve communication skills and writing skills of English.
  • Improve IT skills by taking course, IT is important for nowadays, advantage for interview job.
  • Join in Badminton Club. Train a healthy body and mind.
  • Volunteer to visit Orphanage, bring joy to them.
  • Study few subjects about management in this year, know more theory about accounting and financial.

3rd year (2016)

Degree in Accounting and Finance

  • Part time work as Kindergarten substitute teachers in Kindergarten near by my hometown during the semester break. Train myself be patience to all.
  • Take course to learn French language to improve my language abilities.
  • Learn subjects of taxation and audit, more knowledge apart from accounting and finance. Improve knowledges and advantages for interview a job that related with this area.
  • Interview accounting firm for internship.
  • Start to plan for take ACCA exam after degree graduation.

Year 2017++

  • Take transcript of degree to interview accounting department in BDO company. Able to have a great experience working in this company.
  • Train by company to have more good skills in accounting.
  • Register to Sunway College as a part time student in ACCA course.
  • Start to apply exam for ACCA.
  • Plan take all the papers of ACCA within 2 years.