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Introduction to accounting

Part a)

Learning outcome

  1. Be able to construct and analyze financial statements using a range of techniques and appropriate e-tools in order to critically appraise their value in decision making
  2. Critically appraise current developments in accounting and finance including evaluating contemporary theories and empirical evidence within the context of contrasting global business contexts e.g. the ethical and international issues facing by organizations when formulating, implementing and reporting financial strategies.
  3. Recognize the contribution of accounting and finance to a diverse range of enterprises and society as a whole and be capable of contributing to accounting and finance research using appropriate data and methodologies.
  4. Be able to engage in the workplace as an ethical professional with the essential graduate attributes of enterprise, digital literacy and global outlook.

Part b)

Course core

Year 1



Introduction to accounting

It is able to know what is accounting and the definition of terminology. Also learn the production of financial report. It covers LO1.

Business context

It help to know the process and structure in a business, also include the macro-environment and competitors analysis. It cover 2, 3, 4.

Data analysis to accounting

It introduce about the method to analyze the data of accounting and the tools that use in calculate. It covers LO 1.

Introduction to Financial Statement Preparation

It develop the abilities of producing a financial statement. It cover LO 1.

Management Accounting

It help to improve the skills of manage accounting, which covers LO1.

Corporate and Business Law

It conclude the needed law knowledge and principle of a business. It covers LO2&3.

Year 2



IT for Accountants

This course develops the skills of using the software to provide for accounting report, it covers LO1&4

Dealing with Accounting Adjustments

This covers the evaluation of accounting regulation, LO2&3.

Intermediate Management Accounting

It conclude the skills in management and analyzing information for purposes of management reporting, it covers LO1&4.

Financial Management

It develop the skills pf decision making and manage the financial information, it covers LO1&2.

Producing/Interpreting Group Financial Statements

It develop the skills of producing the financial statement with a business group, it covers LO1, 2&4.

Management and Strategy

It is about objectives and strategies of companies and it help business to manage and develop, it covers LO2&3.

Year 3



Strategic Planning and Control

It teach that it need to prepare a long-term plan incorporating market-based research from external environment and involves applying advanced techniques of accounting to real life situation, it covers LO3&4.

Advanced Financial Management

It develops the skills of achieving the business objectives, it covers LO1&2.

Accounting Issues

It tell the issues that might be met and introduce the solving method, it covesLO2&3.

Corporate Taxation, Theory and Practice

It introduce the importance of corporate taxation, theory and practice. It covers LO1, 2, 3 &4.


International Business Finance,

It is about the resource about finance for business through the financial system, it covers LO1&4.

Audit and Assurance,

It provides the standards of audit and assurance, which could help us more convenient to evaluate, it covers LO1 &4.

Part c)

Three independent study activities

Improve IT skills

IT skills is very significant for an accounting report. We should use it do gather data, analyze the information and form a financial report. Therefore, in the vocation, I need to improve my IT skills such as excel, power point and know how to produce a form. I would use my free time to learn the skills and ask my friends who study IT course.

Master in language (especially English)

As an account, not only we should evaluate the financial statement, but also come out what we get from the form and present it out. So the expression for us is important. As English is a global language, we ought to know well about it. Thus, the English use in college is not enough. We need to use it more widely in daily life and practice it more professionally.

Large amount of practice in free time

I must have a good attitude to practice because sometimes it is the summary of what we learn in a course. It is a benefit method to check whether you understand what you learn. Besides, a large amount of practice could be very accurate to evaluate the information. Only the best practice makes perfect accounting knowledge .Only in this way can also lay a foundation of accounting. Thus, far away from lazy, I need to become a laborious bee.

Part d)

Career path

After graduation, I already have knowledge of accounting and Acca. In order to further research and study, I decided to continue my studies.

To become a competent accountant is my first planning after master graduation. I hope I can start from the grassroots to play after the foundation of the more senior accountant in the future. Use this one to two years of work time to learn from the experience as accountant and use the learned knowledge practiced in school. At the same time, I supposed to learn the knowledge behind the Acca course, I hope I able to finish the examination of course for four years after graduation.

The followings are the details about my planning:

1/2017 The vacation after graduating from college-I plan to find an internship job about accounting in Malaysia.

2017-2019 Two years after graduating from the university, I look forward to further researching the accounting and completing the MBA. In the process of learning, I hope to continue the practice about accounting work in order to accumulate work experience.

2019 After master degree graduation, I want to take advantage of my languages and accounting basis, and strive to apply for the world’s five top companies, then start from the grassroots.

At the same time, I must go down to the Acca courses. I look forward to have opportunity to done Acca after working.

2020 hope to have a happiness family. Ultimately dream-become a qualified senior accountant.

Develop main competences to achieve the path

Advantages of self-competent to achieve my career path


As far as I am concerned, patience is very significant for accounting study. It is a careful process to produce the form. And I feel good about my self-ability of patience which could help me more accurate to form. I am confident that it is benefit for my career path.

The ability of seeking information

To learn from a complex book the needed and the important information is very basic for accountants. And the ability of getting information is an outstanding strengths for me compared to others. In my future career path I ought to take good use of it.

Ability of dreaming

The ability of dream, sounds like very empty. In my opinion, dreaming is a necessary thing in our life, if one day we implemented? I know that my dream is very far, but only in this way can I pursue and implement it step by step. I take pride in having a huge dream.

Aspects that need to improve to achieve my career path

Attention control



Through the analysis of self-ability, I learned that I am lack of concentration. With the purpose of enhance my account ability, I should pay more attention to focus on learning, like setting a study or working plan with time limited, to improve the learning efficiency

Staying power

Although there are clear goals, but I often anticlimactic. This is my biggest problem. As a college student I realize I must be responsible for myself. Nothing could stop me going forward to be a competent accountant this time. The shortcoming must be corrected, either in my work or life.

Team work force

Team work is discussion, it also can mean by learning. We could learn from each other through teamwork: Learning strengths in communication with others and making up for self-shortcomings from others experiences .Only in this way able to absorb the maximum degree knowledge of accounting, and less detours.