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MEETING 1(Phase 1)

MEETING 2(Phase 2)

MEETING 3(Phase 3)






Active Listening



IT SkillS


Presentation Information

Outline of Presentation


One to one discussion with project mentor

After complete and comprehensive work over my Rap report I decided to finally approached any PSO high ranked officer to clarifying the questions which I couldn’t clear in my complete RAP report preparing and to experience some totally professional environment because that was my First experience to rushed over any professional field, finally I approached to Mr XYZ who was appointed as XYZ in PSO head office and luckily after explaining my complete ideas for research and completing my project, he accepted my request and Finally I got my mentor.

There were very busy schedule of my mentor but finally we decided some appropriate time of two hours meeting every meeting will be consist for two hours and 3 meetings to complete my research study. That was an amazing experience with him his company was very excited and his behaviour was humble 1st time I observed what is professionalism! Because there were a discipline in his life and total knowledge to his job discription I was very astonished to see the balanced life, so what I was searching for I was getting that from my mentor in just 1-2 hours of our 1st day I learnt a lot from him.

1st day or introductory meeting was consist over ideas sharing and presenting mentor outline to study thoroughly to follow mentor instructions and enriching the skills during mentoring. After our 1st sitting I detailed share some agendas to follow during the complete mentoring process as follow

  • A brief introduction about the purpose of all our activity (which in our case varied from one to two hours).
  • Developed the agenda and clarified the step by step data to follow it (I detailed discuss the issues and update her issues I was facing about the quality of financial, fundamental, technical, stock behaviour analysis, insights into competitor analysis , sources of information used in the research report)
  • To have a better control summarized view points, used active listening and conflict resolution skills.
  • Also discussed what my observations were from my personal calculated data and my recommendations over different issues most of them were very close to him and I felt more passionate to my coming meetings.
  • I found that some of my points were unfinished in my report and started evaluation in my meetings.

All the meetings were held at venue given by PSO Head office management.

Following are the detailed meeting details through which we go through during all the meetings at PSO by me and MR XYZ.


Before the day I went through OBU BSc Hons latest 2013-14 information pack available on ACCA global site, site consist of different topics and I was very much clear about my area of interest and my recent work core focus so I decided for Topic No. 8 (Financial analysis of the business over a three year period).

There were several reason to choose that topic like my personal interest was toward the financial analysis my whole research study was over financial analysis, evaluation of financial performance, stock behaviour analysis, forecasting the behaviour of company future performance what I was special in I got that so I was very happy to see that.

Initially, I discussed with my mentor about the topic which I believed can be well handled by me However, after a detailed discussion with my mentor, I got a clear understanding of the topic and realistically decided to move ahead with Topic No. 8 which can provide me the chance to hone my financial analysis skills which is beneficial for my career growth in the long run.

I just decided to learn as more as I can in short time because I say Mr XYZ cannot give me that time due to his vast responsibilities and work load so for visiting the head office he handed over me to his assistance and passed him instructions for letting me show all the relevant and informative data.nmnm

His assistance named “Nadeem” was very polite and cooperative hence I got a new friend to discuss and get all information about my research work. In our 1st hour we were in financial department there were complete financial data and all the financial information which was also at their website.

I started to meet all the workers and get involved with them when I was introducing myself and asking them about their self I found that there were many people in just finance department and I observed that finance department is very important and has hectic work like compiling all the files preparing all the financial data and all routine activities. The most significant aspect of this first meeting was that I had expert guidance and acknowledgement of the reliable information gathering sources and how can the relevant information be extracted that were considered reliable. I was also able to draft a tentative RAP timetable, understand the scope and learning outcomes of my research.

Nadeem reminded me that I had to fully understand the key learning aims and outcomes of each research phase, as it will help in the key understanding required to complete RAP, further elaborated on the need to undertake a hand on proactive and inquisitive approach at every stage of the RAP from the information gathering phase and all the way through calculation, interpretation and analysis of the financial information till the conclusion.

After completing our survey to finance department we rushed back to my mentor he was out of office after some time he came and asked about my today experience I was very excited to tell all that to her step by step told her about whole staff 1st meeting experience some question was arising in my mind I started discuss with her most of important were

  • What are the basic tools to handle all financial transaction?
  • Which management style company follow?
  • How company evaluate any employees performance?

Although that was an amazing day I learnt a lot and at the end of day feel confident and wrote all that in my RR. In our course I studied about performance evaluation so I requested to evaluate mu 1st day performance and he gave 4.5 out of 5 stars I was very happy to see it.

MEETING 2 (Phase 2)

My second meeting was after 2 days so during 2 days I worked a over the draft of report Based on the day 1st visit and all activities I done draft included the introduction of the topic, the reasons why I chose this topic, the introduction of the industry and the business operations of PSO. The draft also included my initial work on financial performance analysis, that I carried out by studying the exact figures about PSO’s annual report which I took from PSO’s financial department during my 1st meeting business performance, their detailed annual accounts and investigated their competitors’ performance for analysis.

So the 2nd meeting time started as per the commitment I was on time and my mentor was also in his room I was worried to show him my report as it was not my class room it was totally diverse and practical environment, finally I given my rough draft to my mentor and he started viewing it he was very confident and happy over my report because I worked more than his expectations he tapped my back from here I got what our teachers taught us to motivate your all mates to enhance their performance in practical field he did the same it was an honour for me.

Well I highlighted some points in my draft to let her know about the problems I faced during the 1st meeting. He also answered the queries that I had raised and resolved the ambiguities I had regarding the information about PSO’s financial performance. His guidance assisted me earmark the areas of the business performance and the ratios to calculate and interpret for the comprehensive analysis of my research report.

There were a lot of irrelevant data he addressed me to compress and only add relevant data during the data compression taught me how to add graphs in presentation and report and after adding the graphical representation it give an amazing look to my report.

After my second meeting, I was confident that I am on the right track and more focused towards attaining the learning outcomes of my research report alongside submitting it on time. I also learnt how actively my listening, speaking, public dealings and problem solving skills helped me and my mentor develop the environment where we optimized the time to set an effective tone towards working for the completion of my research report.

MEETING 3(Phase 3)

I was very confident in my 3rd meeting my research work was almost done now it’s time to represent the report to the mentor I done all that work in MS Power point I was not that aware with that software for that I got help one of my uncle and that training impact major changes at my IT skills now I feel more ease to use PowerPoint. Meanwhile I searched out some presentation skills from web and learn a lot about standing, speaking, giving postures to audience how to respond any question etc. So I was ready to present my presentation to my mentor if he would ask to present.

Finally I arrived to office and after salaam I presented my report to him and told her about all the work I done and some questions I asked him to clear my mind, I was waiting that he will ask me to present all that to me so at the moment I was thinking he asked can you please present it to me and my staff members I said will be an honour for me to present it to you people so we rushed to conference room where some senior and junior members were also sitting it was my 1st professional presentation so I was a little confused.

So with the name of ALLAH I started and elaborated all the financial performances evaluator tools to all the staff members which includes ratio analysis, income statement, balance sheet, statement to retained earnings, and cash flows statements I explained very well I could see the facial expressions of all people which was very confident and calm to hear me at the end of which a questions and answers session was held. Different questions regarding the financial analysis and PSO were raised and I answered them all in a reasonable way. My mentor appreciated my efforts and complimented on how well my report was briefed in the presentation.

He further pointed out to the inconsistencies I had in my competitor analysis with reference to the profitability ratios and asked me to elaborate well on how PSO was doing better in terms of its profitability and working capital scenario as compared to its competitors in the industry.

My meeting ended with a note of thanks to my mentor for his guidance and a helpful discussion of what I had learnt from this valuable experience. At the end I submitted my complete research report to my mentor and he wished me best of luck.

I also obtained the contact details of my mentor so that he can be contacted by Oxford Brookes University to confirm that he had undertaken the mentoring of my research report.


I presented my research report using MS Power Point. I covered all the necessary facts using graphs, flow charts, used quality images and precise bullet points to invigorate the interest of audience which in my case was my mentor, followed by an interesting questions and answers session.

Although it was my first presentation in front of the audience and very first experience in tackling the question and answer session. I delivered the presentation, with utmost confidence and moved through the slides at my pace, pausing at regular intervals to maintain audience interest. I finished the presentation on time followed by a brief questions and answers session which took more time. However, I managed to answer all my questions precisely.

Throughout my presentation, I maintained the eye contact with my mentor and perceived his expressions about the slides, which helped me to decide the intervals to pause and maintain my professional presentation tone.

At the end, my mentor applauded my efforts and my ability to withhold my confidence and my body language and the ability to present my research report and address the questions in an impressive manner.


At last I was more confident and active than the day first because all the three meetings went well as my mentor actively participated in our discussion and reassured his co-operation towards my work all along. Based on his expert guidance, I completed my work in an organized and timely fashion and submitted my report well before he due date as per my RAP timetable that my mentor approved of in the first meeting.


While making the Research Analysis Project on Pakistan states oil I have answered all the research questions which were:

  • Performing business analysis of PSO using SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Fives Forces Industrial Model and PEST Analysis.
  • Conducting Financial Analysis of PSO using Liquidity Analysis, Activity Analysis, Solvency Analysis, Profitability Analysis, Investor Analysis and Competitors Analysis.
  • How to use the financial statement to find out the complex situations in presentation and answering the listeners.
  • How to use internet based financial reports and how to conduct a complete company analysis over the facts based.
  • How to weight fundamental analysis to rate the company future stock price.


Communication is the way to live with other people so communication skills are necessary to be successful in the job market without this skill it would be very difficult to strive in any organization if you are a good communicator then you can win you bosses and your subordinates with this skill. After the project I felt that my interpersonal skills are groomed I am very intelligent than before while meeting different people at PSO how to extract required information from an organization with diplomacy and tact. Also I learnt how to deal with other people in a better way by taking the whole company as a community and everyone is working to develop and grow as a whole.


It was very difficult for me to answer some of questions on 1st day asked my my mentor because it was totally difficult environment for me and I was not sure what to do about the RAP of PSO More or less I replied most of them I also had many questions in my mind so I asked all to My mentor and he answered most of the questions I had and I started working on the project. For the 2nd day I got fair idea to prepare my RR so I further asked to my mentor about all the RR work for get it prepare my mentor assist me for their competitors I must choose for the analysis. To ask right questions before going to every meeting I compiled all the questions.

In the third meeting most of the questions were asked by my mentor and I had answers to all of them and the project was nearing the completion.

Active Listening

TO listen actively is very important during all the session my behaviour was very professional toward the task Active listening always helped me with this research project as with the help of active listening I was able to understand the information given to me by PSO employees and my mentor.



RAP has been very beneficial to me after studying all the ratio analysis formulas by applying them practically on a firm I have learnt insights on financial ratio analysis. Mean while more than books or out of books I saw what is real world fundamentals of ratios and all other accounting standards of professional life I learned a lot from RAP.

IT Skills

My IT skills are also polished I can use MS PowerPoint better than before and my typing speed has definitely increased alongside my skill level in MS Word and MS Power Point.

Stock market analysis

I can also little evaluate stock price behaviour what are the impacts of company performance at stock price. How to technically analyse the true or forecasted price of stock.


Presentation Information

  • Date
  • Start Time
  • Finish Time
  • Location
  • Equipment Used


Outline of Presentation

Why Choosing this Topic:

Why Nishat Mills Limited:

Research Objectives

Research Methodology

Business Analysis

Financial Analysis



PAKISTAN STATES OIL | Outline of Presentation