Market Analysis for Cemerlang Tuition Centre

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Market Analysis Markets can be segmented in various ways, including demographic, geographic, product type, price point, customers served, and so on. In order to understand and deal with the behavior of the customers, Cemerlang Tuition Centre needs to focus on selected segmentation. Segmenting Market According to Department of Statistic of Malaysia, the population of Setapak has been increase continuously over the years. Research shows that the population has reached 900,000 as at 2013 which is about 0.3% of total population in Malaysia. This is due to the rapid development of Setapak area which consists of partition such as Jalan Genting Klang, Wangsa Maju, Air Panas and so on. As the population of Setapak is keep on increasing, there are many number of primary school has established nearby the area such as SJK(C) Lee Rubber, SJK(C) Chong Hwa and SJK(C) Mun Yee. Hence, Cemerlang tuition Center is more focus on providing tutoring service for those primary school students who live within 15miles from our tuition centre.

Since Cemerlang Tuition Center is located at Setapak which surrounded by household area, our target market for the service is for those family whose their parents are both working and do not have free time to educate or ability to give their child the additional attention on their study. The main buyer is the parents. They would tend to know more about what is our curriculum and what we promise to have their children to improve in their results. Besides that, most of the parents will choose to send their children to our center which is nearby their primary school as we provided day-care service.

Declining in overall Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) performance among primary schools have lead them to focus on students who need additional help or weak in the main subject such as Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Chinese, Bahasa English and so on. According to the sources from New Straits Times, the UPSR result of year 2012 shows a decline in the overall performance with approximately 45,054 students achieving Straight A’s in their result, this indicate a 0.45% drop compares from last year’s which has 46,012 students. We believe that primary school is the most important times for students as it lays the foundation for child’s learning and development in their future.

The standard of living at Setapak is increasing over the years. According to the data from 2012 Household Income Survey, the average monthly income of household in Malaysia shows an increase of 7.2% annually which is from RM4,025 in 2009 to RM5,000 in 2013.This indicate that most of the families have the financial ability to send their child to tuition center as they think education is the key to success and very important for their children. Thus, Cemerlang Tuition Center targets on families who earn monthly income of RM2,500 to RM4,500. This is to make sure that parents are afford to pay for the service we provided. Target Market The main target market of Cemerlang Tuition Centre is primary school students who aged 7 to 12 years old, especially student from SJK(C) Lee Rubber which is the nearest primary school from our tuition centre. We have provided transportation service special for them from their school to out tuition center. This is much more convenient for the parents as it can help them to save time and transport fees. Customer’s needs and wants According to the survey we had conducted, we have found out the customer’s needs and wants of the tuition centre ,which are :

Improvement in academic performance The main reason that students go for tuition is to improve their academic performance, especially for those student who are not able to catch up with their regular education or weak in particular subject. As student is learning the same subject from two different places, there will be different perspective from the subject. Through this, student will has the wider understanding of the subject thus able to overcome the difficulties. Comfortable study environment Students are more preferred to go to a tuition centre which is comfortable, secure and clean instead of bad and dirty environment. With high-quality classroom environment, students will feel safe and valued thus increase their self-esteem which able to motivate them to engage in the learning process. Besides that, students are able to pay fully attention during lessons as our class size is not that large which only fit around 10 students each classroom. Smaller class size also offer more individual tutor and student interaction and allow tutor to identify the strength and weakness of a student.

An experienced and qualify tutor Some parents are willing to spent thousands a year to send their children to tuition centre. Therefore, they are expected that the tutors in tuition center are knowledgeable in their respective subjects, experienced in teaching and diligent so that they are able to provide the best education for their children. From the viewpoint of students, they need a friendly and approachable tutor which makes them unafraid to ask question or get suggestion from tutor. Besides that, the tutor in tuition center may be exceptionally talented and their teaching method is different from teacher in particular school such as tutor is using mind-mapping methodology in teaching which is more effective. Reasonable and affordable price For those family whose has low income is prefer to pay their tuition fees at a reasonable and affordable price. As the tuition fees are increasing over the years, some parents with low monthly income are not afford to manage and pay the fees. They need to choose the package or the promotion that offered by us. With this, they are able to make their payment while enjoy the same quality.

Management Summary

The management team of Cemerlang Tuition is comprised of people who are Bachelor Degree Holder and have knowledge and experience about tutoring students. There department in management can be divided into reception & communication department, teaching material department and Account& finance department.

Emily Lo En Fui is the Head of reception & communication department. She graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman(UTAR) and is a Bachelor degree holder form Mass Comunication Course. She has excellent communications skills, good typing skills and is able to work with telecommunication system. She is in charge in providing secretarial and administrative support to the organization to ensure that business is operating in an effective and efficient manner. She is responsible in day-to-day activities such as handle caller’s inquires, communicate with customers direct or indirectly, assist in preparation for meetings, taking payment and so on.

Kong Wei Ling and Teoh Pei Yi are the Head of teaching material department. They are graduated students from University Tunku Abdul Rahman(UTAR) and holding the Bachelor Degree of Business Administration (HONS) Entrepreneurship. They have 2 years teaching experience in others tuition centre and well-handle in operation progress. They are responsible in supervising, managing time schedules and preparation of teaching materials according to standard 1 to 6 and mock exam conducted in Cemerlang Tuition Centre. Kong Wei Ling is in charge for standard 1 to 3 while Teoh Pei Yi is in charge for standard 4 to 6.

Yogeswari, is the manager of Accounting and Finance department. She has the accounting skills, computer skills and technical skills. She is responsible in focus on data entry, bookkeeping, issuing cheques and posting transactions, reporting financial performance and able to manage the resource of funds. She is graduated students from University Tunku Abdul Rahman(UTAR) and holding the Diploma in Business Administration and Bachelor Degree of Accounting. Operation Plan

Cemerlang Tuition Centre is located at 17A, Jalan 6/23E, Danau Kota Setapak, Kuala Lumpur which has high population as it surrounded by household area and primary school. The operation hours for our tuition center are 10.00a.m to 9.00p.m on Monday to Friday and 8.30a.m to 2.30pm on Saturday. We will provide essay-teaching classes on Saturday which included Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa English and Bahasa Chinese.

Our tutor working time can be divided into two types which is part time and full time. Both of them have their own different working hours and salary rates. For part time tutors, their working hours is 9 hours per week and is RM20 per hour while for full time tutor, they work 8 hours per day and salary is about RM900 to RM1500 per month. Besides that, they also have different lunch time hours. Since full time tutor’ working hours are fixed, they can have their lunch time between 2.30pm to 4pm. For part time tutor, their working hours is flexible thus lunch time hours is depends on their time table.

The subjects we offered for primary school students are the main subject in UPSR which included Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa English and Bahasa Chinese, Mathematics and Science. Each subject is RM70, however we will offer discount for those students who taking 5 subject in package. Other than tutoring service, Cemerlang tuition center has provided day-care service, showering service, transportation and meals for students who attend the classes. We also provide comfortable and clean study area with full equipment such as whiteboard, air- condition, chairs and tables for students, making it as their second home for living.