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Without a marketing strategy a business cannot run. In every business there is line between success and failure. This line is called marketing. If a business has poor marketing strategy, success will be hard to come even though you have good product or service. Financial Information plays a crucial role in marketing strategy (Mowery & Oxley, 1996).

Financial information plays a important role for every marketing strategy formulation. The data's are usually generated from financial statements (Homer, 2008). It also keeps the track whether the organization meeting the targets, full filling the objective or not.

Measuring Success

How does an organization measure success? Financial information helps the organization to measure success (Atrill, 2010). It brought out sales, profit and loss. If the organization fails to meet success, they apply new formulas. To have more success organizations goes for new marketing strategy which includes new financial information. When a new marketing strategy is deployed, it is financial information, again, which is used to measure success (Arnold, 2008).


SWOT analysis stands for Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. SWOT analysis helps to develop marketing strategy framework. Usually, SWOT analysis used to measure company performance (Marsh, 2009). They also measure the other factors. SWOT analysis works with internal and external information. So it helps the organization to compete with the other competitors.

Task 2

For the larger finance information, we have chosen Standard Charter Bank (SCB) as it has its operation throughout the world [online]. We are listing below the part of the last three years financial published statement in references. Just to understand different scenario of the financial condition we have chosen SCB of Ghana's 2011 statement, SCB of Pakistan's 2010 and 2009 statement [online].

The way of statement:

Each of the statements carries the same information. We have seen in 3 financial reports that it has comprehensive income of end of the year, what are the changes in equity and cash flows thought the whole year (Dyson, 2010). The yearend financial statements are approved by the World Bank. The statements gives us proper books of accountant the have been maintaining. This statement is made also to maintain International Accounting Standard (Marsh, 2009).

Use of Stakeholders:

The stakeholders use the financial statement to understand the influence of the market for the bank (Melany, 2010). The yearend financial statement brings out the sustainability, credit rating and profit and loss of the country. So it becomes easy for the stakeholders to take major investment decisions.

Long term - Short term:

After going through the financial statement, we understood the credit rating has been used raised and used for both long term and short term. Credit loan has a strong impact on financial statement (Dyson, 2010). It can the whole financial year. So, does not matter it is long term loan or short term, if there is not properly balanced then it will create problem.


We can find the yearend financial data from the statements we have chosen. As example, we can see in Ghana in 2011 the Net Interest Income was 150,403 (In Ghana Currency) which is better than year 2010. Same in 2010, Pakistan had highest long term rating specially in private sector. Pakistan also had a noticeable effort in the field of education, preventable blindness and HIV awareness. Basic earnings per share was 3.97 in 2010 in Pakistan which was better than 2009. In 2009 the basic earnings per share was Pakistan was 3.64. In 2009 yearend statement of Pakistan we can see that, SCB performed as highest rating in particular areas and in loaning sector. In year 2009, the statement shows that Pakistan suffered 10.2% terms-of-trade loss. GDP growth falls from 4.1% to 2%. Pakistan also had to take emergency loan of 14.4 billion US dollar in the year 2009 [Online sorce].


All the things in this world have weaknesses. Like, financial statements also have some weaknesses. Sometimes the financial statements do not meet the objective to provide information about the financial position, performance and changes in financial position of an enterprise that is useful to a wide range of users in making economic decisions. Also, financial statements are sometimes not clear, relevant, reliable and comparable (Brickshaw, 1998). Liabilities and equity are sometimes not directly related to an organization's financial position. Finally, financial statements of poor reported quality defeat the basic purpose of readers who wish to have "a reasonable knowledge of business and economic activities and accounting and who are willing to study the information diligently (Berry, 1992).

Task 3

There are big differences between the Private and public sector organizations. In public sector, all the decisions are made by the government rule. The political condition plays a vital role for many decisions (Wolch, 1996). Corporate Governance is the system to direct and control the organizations. It involves market mechanism and roles and relationship between a company's management. It also includes the stakeholders, and other important people those are related with the company. Corporate Governance focuses on company's economic efficiency. It takes care of shareholders welfare. Usually in public sector Corporate Governance works only with high level employees. The Government plays a vital role for the important decision (Brit, 2008). On the other hand, in private sector decisions are made involving the whole management system. Each and every organization has its own policy regulation. In large firms, if they have many share holders the upper management takes the decisions (Makela, 2007). They have a principle rule to control shareholders. The problem arises when the share holders, board of directors and management have different opinion or decisions. For this type of aspect, there are many public debates and development of regulatory policy. For modern corporation practices, the interest has been renewed, particularly in relation to accountability (Dyson, 2010).


Financial Information gives a complete statement of the current situation of the organization. By publishing statements end of the year the share holders also get the clear view and the organization also shows their transparency which is very important for the organization's stakeholders. In retrospect of the marvelous growth of consumer banking revenue over the last 20 years and contemplating the intensity of competition yet to come, it is crucial for SCB to rethink its strategies and marketing plan to sustain the growth consumer banking revenue. All together, the whole report contains different types of financial documents getting used in all over the world.