Fairtrade Cadbury Dairy Milk Goes Global Accounting Essay

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As everyone is fond of chocolates and in fact everyone loves to eat them. Mostly, when we talk about chocolates, the most familiar and quality oriented brand that stands first in choice is Cadburys. Cadbury is in existence since 18th century. But with time the mixture of cocoa with other resources gave rise to other products years by years. Cadbury is a leading confectionery and manufacturing company of products like chocolates, gum and candies with Cadbury, Trident and halls as a brand name.

Dairy milk chocolate was first introduced in 1905 and slowly and slowly it becomes everyone's favourite and with this popularity it takes the UK market in 1920 and still with us as e megabrand. It is available in different varieties and is one of the favourite products of company.

With a so long success history, hard work and quality oriented service and satisfaction of customers the Fairtrade foundation along with Cadbury has decided that dairy milk chocolate will display fair-trade mark and this is very historic moment for the company. This progress is going to benefit the existing authorized farmers in Ghana as the sale of cocoa is going to triple and open new opportunities for other farmers to establish business and gain profit under fair-trade system.

The fair-trade mark on the display of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate is going to set new standards for the quality of product and is going to advance existing standards and conditions of farmers ultimately leading to a sustainable high quality of cocoa for the company and helping the company to achieve new standards of quality through continuous improvement which is the basic demand of quality by involving all levels of the company that is suppliers to production ,maintenance, supervision and finally delivery.



As we know the brand's popularity shows a picture of its quality and we can review it as follows:

Cadbury has introduced HRET Policy to include the highest global standards that reveals security of workers in terms of their health and safety, fair wages, equal respect and opportunities for the workers for overall development and finally leading to company's growth. That is the company has removed the barriers between the staff and providing a space of communication to improve the quality of their product as quality depends upon the efficient working of the staff and this is also a demand of TQM.

Cadbury has decided to implant zero accident culture and for this company has launched EHS Policy and there is proper monitoring of this policy by using international standards like LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) to have zero defects.

As far as the quality of Cadbury Dairy Milk is concerned it can also be reviewed as follows:

To assure the quality of product and for the continuous improvement as stated by Total Quality Management the company has adopted the Pathatrix Pathogen testing system to judge the existence of food borne bacteria and the company has adopted this system because it help the company to mark the presence of pathogens in a very short interval of time. This testing system is comprised of Pathatrix Workstation and a tube system. Actually after the manufacturing of the product it is pumped for thirty minutes around the tubes and in this time period magnetic particles of small size surrounded by antibodies judge the presence of pathogens in the product and actions can be taken to avoid the further circumstances.

For the overall quality assurance and continuous improvement to maintain the standards of their brand the company has spent £20m for the production and testing processes as one of them stated above. These changes were brought in the company after the existence of salmonella-contaminated chocolate in UK market last year. But the company handled the problem so efficiently and improved their quality control standards to save the brand name and the satisfaction of the customers.

In order to maintain themselves in a market of competitors the company has to meet the demanding needs of the customer as the chocolate they are manufacturing has many substitutes and therefore to ensure the success Cadbury examine the process of production with the help of Total Quality Management and for this the Cadbury has appointed the supervisors and their role is to maintain the quality assurance by monitoring the manufacturing machines, workers and the product.

While monitoring for the TQM the things which are concentrated mostly includes the taste of the product that it appears good to the customer, tempting to the customer and taking feedback from the customer and trying to solve if any issues arises.

The maintenance of product being manufactured in terms of quality assurance is also a very difficult task but Cadbury has a very resonant maintenance programmes and services which includes identification, that is equipments are enclosed with a bar signs or code to help in maintaining electronic proof along with computer management maintenance systems to raise the capabilities.

Further quality management is also assured at each and every part and processes of the company as stated above and others like programme of lubrication management which includes product procurement and stock supervision and management.

Monitoring the apparatus conditions which further involves three steps or methods that are vibration analysis, thermography and the oil sampling. All of these methods are used for different purposes to ensure continuous work with zero defects.

So, to ensure Total Quality Management the Cadbury is concentrating on each and every part of the organization and has different management systems for continuous improvement and leading to high level of performance overall. As we know for every organization the customer and the expectation of the customer is on the first priority and as it is very difficult to satisfy the customer in such a competitive world but Cadbury has marked a incredible history by satisfying the customer need and has set standards and know they are just working for maintaining them that is know they are putting less efforts and generating more outputs.

All together the company is adopting all the best tools and techniques in quality control to improve continuously for the high profits in the coming time along with some eco friendly activities to control the essential elements like the company has decided that to conduct water reduction activities in the areas having scarcity of water to control the quality of water management and decided to reduce 50% carbon emissions.

Cadbury is setting out new targets to overcome the competitors based on the previous commitments and with the continuous improvements.


In the last all we can say is that it is because of this excellent profile, image, taste and the quality that Cadbury confectionery business stands at the number one or two ranks among the world 50 largest confectionery markets. And this is because the brand has maintained its quality standards to satisfy the customers and because of this satisfaction the company is working in 60 countries, gaining every year 4% - 6% revenue increase and is going to mark more remarkable history in the coming years by improving every day in their brand, taste, service and quality to satisfy the customers need and expectations.