Education and future career planning

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Course Learning Outcometimes 12 spacing 1.5


1. Be able to construct and analyse financial statements using a range of techniques and appropriate e-tools in order to critically appraise their value in decision making.

2. Critically appraise current developments in accounting and finance including evaluating contemporary theories and empirical evidence within the context of contrasting global business contexts e.g. the ethical and international issues facing organisations when formulating, implementing and reporting financial strategies.

3. Recognize the contribution of accounting and finance to a diverse range of enterprises and society as a whole and be capable of contributing to accounting and finance research using appropriate data and methodologies.

4. Be able to engage in the workplace as an ethical professional with the essential graduate attributes of enterprise, digital literacy and global outlook.




Introduction to Accounting

This course is showing the basic of accounting.Let people learn to recognize the simple understanding of accounting knowledge, "introduction to accounting" is not only a basic discipline, but also a theoretical discipline in the accounting discipline mansion, it is extremely important foundation deserved.

Introduction to Financial Statement Preparation

This course is same like Introduction to accounting and relative to (Loc) 1 and (Loc)2 .By setting up and registration books can be classified summary of accounting information. Constituted by the account books of different interrelated. Through books and records, one can classify the various types of accounting information to reflect, to provide details of a certain period of economic business. On the other hand can be calculated amount for balance, providing information on all aspects of accounting sum needed to reflect the combined value of indicators of financial condition and results of operations.

Dealing with Accounting Adjustments

The study is that people use to reflect accounting and control of economic activity the most general laws of science, as long as proficient knowledge and grasp the general law, you can use it to study other accounting science.

Producing/Interpreting Group Financial Statements

Reflect the entity's financial position and financial statements of foreign accounting business accounting entity to offer, including a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, or changes in financial position, schedules and notes that the financial statements are the main part of the financial report does not include included in the financial statements or annual reports information on the directors' report, management analysis and financial situation and so on.

Accounting Issues.

This course are expert to critically evaluate financial reporting regulation and professional ethics.


1st Year


Accounting & Finance

1.Degree is not qualify to be a accountant or auditor.

2. First correct attitude towards learning, start with the basics. Slowly grasp of accounting theory and more deeper things.

3. For Chinese students, the language is a big problem, so trying to learn English, the maximum possible reduction in learning about the language barrier.

4. and friends together to discuss issues of exchange of learning on their own to learn more useful knowledge from someone else's body.

5.. participate in badminton, athletics, table tennis club, enrich their extracurricular life.

2nd Year

Accounting & Finance

1. Purchase accounting related books to read.

2. Multi-watching American TV, and some can increase the level of English talk show, make foreign friends, improve their speaking skills.

3. go to the library to study, serious homework, reading classes in business administration and accounting books to prepare for the future accounting qualification examination, the primary accounting books certificate, intermediate accountant certificate, and ACCA exams.

3rd year

Accounting & Finance

1. University of the last year I have more things they want, I'll do a good job than to develop their own learning more hobbies, such as singing. Participate in various singing competitions, exercise their courage and self-confidence.

2. Learn to dance and guitar, piano. And maintain a good lifestyle, and exercise every week, do aerobics, yoga.

3. domestic friends to learn, contact the community has to work for a friend, understanding and accounting related occupations, develop career planning for their future intend to do.

4. IELTS interest groups, learning IELTS, were speaking, listening, writing, reading and many links to go to Australia after the examination for graduate study preparation.

Future career planning(2017+++):

1.From students to professional people - three years before the:

Just out of school, everything is fresh. Everything is strange, student pride and longing for a better future will cause profound sense of loss. After all, a dedicated professional who needs to build a more comprehensive, need to recognize the social, career awareness, understanding work. This is a very important period for the first three years of work, is the foundation, is the first step in understanding the society, the right attitude, pragmatic study concluded that effective practice is to note that this period is very important. There are a lot of people because the initial career choice is not appropriate, cause a psychological shadow, resulting in prejudice to the work and disappointment, cannot work with a positive attitude to face. However, some organizations have provided a suitable environment for the growth, positive, cooperative, motivated, such an atmosphere gave everyone a warm feeling, but it will also work on a career full of confidence, develop a constructive attitude.

Three years ago, focusing on the solid foundation works. Comprehensive, solid do their job, carefully study the characteristics of the industry, to develop good study habits of work and life, develop their own sense of personal connections, learn to communicate effectively, develop their own sense of professional people, these are the basics is a further development in the future play a decisive role, which is an important condition for the realization of a student's transition to professional people.

2.From general accounting to financial managers - the second year:

This year, it should be a gradual transition from role to role of general accounting manager. That is, to change from the ordinary accounting financial manager, the first three years of practice, basic business knowledge already skilled, capable and jobs. But from his point of view to enhance the line, in order to get further development, we must adjust their knowledge structure, add the necessary next step in the progress of knowledge.

The second is on its own study concluded in a timely manner summarize the experience and lessons of success and failure, keep improving the work-related problems, stop progress. Second three-year period of time, expertise is still important, but enhance the overall quality of it is to play a decisive factor in the cause, a good financial manager is an expert in this area first, followed by a competent manager.

3.From a financial manager to Chief Financial Officer - Third year:

Chief Financial Officer is a symbol of financial staff on career success, not only means high pay jobs, and has been a "hot demand" talent market. Many accounting staff engaged as Chief Financial Officer will develop their career goals.

During this period, the overall quality of the further development of a career often plays a decisive role, a competent CFO must have a higher overall management capabilities and ability to integrate resources. This is likewise a prerequisite for achieving this leap from treasurer to CFO's. Role not only in charge of corporate finance who served as chief financial officer, but the role of a corporate decision maker.


in my opinion, where are independent study activities will help you to achieve those outcome.

  1. Learning IELTS, English interest groups participated: You must learn English, because in today's world, English is the world's most widely used language, you can help me learn English to communicate with others, communication and learning problems, and also can help me expand vision, destined for more countries to travel, communicate with the local people to learn about the local political, economic and cultural. You can also help yourself to learn more accounting expertise.
  2. Microsoft Office- Excel, word and power point.Participation in computer training, a certain amount of computer knowledge, the financial statements will be drawn using a computer to work.
  3. Participation in the simulation market team activities, to develop their team spirit and ability to learn to cooperate with colleagues to complete the task in future work, unity and cooperation.
  4. Learn to golf, bowling and other social movements, develop their own sense of friendship and cooperation with the customer, the formation careful thinking patterns to help future work.