Data capturing: Auto Management System and E-Synergy systems

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Nowadays organization are operating and competing in an information age. Information become a key and vital resource of most organizations, economies, societies, the quality of information become one of the important factors to their success and poor quality information can have significant social impact and business impact (Khosrow, 2007), Information quality issues have become critical for organization that want to perform well, obtaining competition that is driving a demand for innovation, faster time to market and lower price.

Accounting information systems “subsystems process financial transactions and nonfinancial transactions that directly affect the processing of financial transactions” (Hall, 2011) Data capturing is “the process by which survey responses are transferred from written questionnaire to an electronic format for tabulation”. (Constance & Daniel, 2011)

Data capture systemis a one of important element for any organization’s success. Whether for sales purposes, product improvement or customer services feedback, successful organizations not only capture data but effectively analyze the results and implement developments. Manual data recording has many disadvantages in speed, accuracy and cost. . ( Effective Data Capture System from Touch4)

Data Capturing Definition Advantage and Disadvantages

Data capture means gaining data for a computer by gathering documents to be typed and entering in, making measurements and inputting in and inquiring people to fill in questionnaires or feedback form. . (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY / Data Capture and Input Methods) Automated data capture means obtaining data directly through input device without using a keyboard or entering process by using document readers, bar code readers, scanner Data Capture and Input Methods and using sensors for Data Logging. (Zhang, 2007)

Data Capturing includes getting information into a plan , design or outline that can be progress by a computer there are many methods of data capture which are physical and manual entry transferring the data from paper into computer system; Manual entering from image through scanner and present on a computer screen; Optical Mark Reading (OMR) – the special scanners data is automatically extracted form at the point of being scanned; Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) the software that is used that attempts to recognize handwritten text on scanned image; Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) – A digital handheld device is used to log and record information by an enumerator (Alternatives are Pocket or Portable PC’s); Distant capture of data either by automated telephone interviews or entry of data via a dedicated. Each method has advantage and disadvantage and the best one should accurate to ensure the integrate of the data stored, faster, not involving labor work cost which is usually the method to be automatic.

In reality there is no single method of data capturing can satisfied all the above conditions due to the way of capturing which is by inputting it data via keyboard and this way is slow , inaccurate some time and also expensive due to the cost of wage and time consuming but there is another way which of collecting data which is cheap through computer – readable document like magnetic link character recognition , optical character recognition or using voice recognition . (Doyle , 2000) .


The method require simple not complicated software that is reasonably low cost software and low of local skilled manpower, assist in collecting recording developing and measurement and communication process.


Needs very large numbers of employee to be involve both staff and management and the work taking time more than the usual automate data entry solution, possibility for making mistake during data entry so feature control procedures like double entry will necessity to be implemented, Adjustment of operations is difficult as performance may be separately dependant, the staff need to be encourage and motivate and supervise due to the repetition of the work ,physically largr amount of paper work need to move from an input storing to output computer storing ,no physical back up paper form ,time consuming and the risk of losing the batch integrity (N.D, Census Data Capture Methodology, September 2009)

TriStar Company for General Trading

TriStar is based in Erbil city -Kurdistan Region, Northern Iraq, the Authorizes dealer for DOOSAN wheel loaders and excavators, BOBCAT skid steer loaders and mini excavators, DAEWOO BUS and INGERSOLL RAND portable air power compressors, and providing efficient after sales support to all its customers.

TriStar was incorporated in 2005 as a wholly owned division of the Al-Sayer Group, who are one of the largest and most successful automotive companies in Kuwait, having over 50 years of experience in the Automotive and Heavy Equipment industry.

TriStar is the first company in Kurdistan to represent leading brands in Heavy Equipment, Material Handling, Construction Equipment and Transportation.


To be recognized as a world leader in the engineering, manufacture, and Marketing compact industrial, construction, and agri-business Equipment, attachments and related sales services. Offers to the customer’s quality products backed by the highest level of after sales service, and by being a concerned corporate citizen, contribute to the social


To be the largest and most successful company in Kurdistan, in the Construction, Material Handling, Transportation and Agricultural Equipment

TriStar Company for General Trading using Auto Management System for processing and storing all their financial records ,activities and transactions, all the payments, and deposits .There are four departments in the company which are sales , parts , service and HR & administration the process of data will be accordingly, according the activities of each departments

TriStar Company is using tow systems for their operation in their departments Finance and Human Resource ,Parts ,Service and Sales the first is Auto management system, the system in which supports competitive companies modernizes their business systems. An automated software that can eliminate many boring and time-consuming business tasks, making business management more operative. Benefits of an suitably selected and properly used automated management system include control over processes, clearer visibility of operations, supply chain streamlining, and more effective information storing and recall. Such systems also can help business increase efficiency, keep staff responsible, gratercustomer service, and bring superior value to the business.

TriStar company using Auto Management System for recording processing and reporting all the financial transaction from the invoicing, paymenst, credit, debit, customer’s records, and selling activities which make the work easier, accurate & sophisticated body that allowing for quickly determine the operation to be performed. And the second one is E-Synergy that brings to HR and Administration staff most dominant online benefit management tools in a wide-ranging, simple and permanent web application. As the support to all plans, E-Synergy delivers not only the highest level of functionality available in employee benefit administration but also offers employers and staff the following:

First, Independence, E-Synergy functions independent of assurance carriers and adjudicators offering real administration permanence nevertheless of carrier variations , Second , Choice, E-Synergy is designed for multi-carrier plans bringing true options to one carrier offerings Converting out a carrier when obligatory is done automatically with no waste of company resources or loss of appreciated company data. Third, Control, E-Synergy allows immediate operation of any plan changes from reduced payroll deductions to increased benefit lines. Invaluable employee and claims data allow administration to access, transfer and analyze any detail to support plan enhancements promptly.

Fourth, Flexibility, E-Synergy assists and facilitates completely customizable plan designs tailored to the sole needs of each employer and their workforce while boosting and enhancing ownership and control. In short, E-Synergy converts rigid plan designs into adaptive and current employee indemnification programs .E-Synergy offers: Automated future registrations, Instant changes, salary changes, and status changes, full suite of electronic claims and enrolment forms, easy access to online plan policy, internal messaging system, Email reminders and task management system.

Using e-synergy Accounting Purpose:

TriStar Company using E-Synergy and Through e-synergy the finance department has to take approval for petty cash expenses for company normal expenditures, and also for the sales department commission’s approvals ,Any sales occurred, the salesmen having a commission percentage from that sale, that commission approval should come through the e-synergy.

The other using of e-synergy for payroll, deductions/refund, adding /removing allowances of the employee, raising leaves and enchasing leaves, all these should be done in e-synergy system and the way of approval is comes as follows:

The employee will create the request and will be submitted to the line manager, the line manager will approve it, and then it goes to the HR department- payroll/ compensation section for checking and doing the calculation as per the employee’s data. Accordingly they will release the request to finance department for processing it.

This was in in general for the requests but inside each request there is different additional needed for recent request.

Finance department will combine all the expenditures of the month and will close the accounts, the cash payment, and bank payment, both systems (e-synergy and auto-management) to make the balance sheet (TriStar Booklet for E-Synergy)

Data capturing manually and entering in to the Auto Management System in all departments accordingly

Admin & HR departments

There are two types of expenditures, capital expenditures (CAPEX) and non-capital expenditure (NON-CAPEX) expenditures. The second one, for purchasing the items who are used for one time, such as building maintenance, printing broachers and flexes.

The process starting by manual data capturing by filling the form of Local Purchase Order (LPO) Appendix (1) Local Purchase order Form ,which is like an agreement between the company and the supplier, first, the departmental manager will take the approval for purchasing certain item, secondly, requesting the purchaser to get at least three offers from the suppliers, the offers will be checked by the Administration Manager. The finance department should release it according to the budget.

Manually the Local Purchase order will be filled with the best offer that has been chosen by Finance department according to the budget line. The local purchase order will be signed stamped by both parties (Company and the supplier).

The second step, actual procurement process, after the local purchase order been approved, signed and stamped, the item with an invoice will be taken from the supplier, Finance Department, translating the invoice from the local language to English into the company serial voucher number and attaching the supplier invoice with it - Appendix (2) Company Serial Voucher Form .

Then, Entering the vouchers in the Auto Management System, this system is a pure financial system which is used by the whole group, includes Tristar Company, and it been controlled by the Finance Head office in Kuwait State.

TriStar Company using Auto Management System for processing, storing and reporting all financial transactions, under the payment folder, Supplier /Customer Payment by entering the type of payment supplier or customer, the date of payment, the payment method paid to the supplier either cash or cheque, company voucher serial number, and in the field of remark entering the all voucher details Appendix (3) Entering all the payment that company paying plus all the deposit to the Bank.

And for the CAPEX they are following the same procedure but the initial of the General manger, administrations and Finance, it is been done through HR and Administration system which called E-Synergy system.

Sales Department

TriStar company sales department selling heavy equipment and the procedure for selling and receiving the payment which is either advanced down) payment or full cash payment .There are two types of manual receipts one for advance payment and one for full cash payment. For the full cash payment they hand over the machine directly to the

Customer and the customer will pay full amount. But for the down payment, the customer will be advance as reserving the machine and when he receive the machine he has to pay the balance, then accordingly the sales department will hand the machine over to him.

Invoicing process

There is a manual invoice to be filled by the sales department, which contain the details of the machine, such as chassis number, model of the equipment, customer code, specification, the price and singed stamped by the sales manager. A copy will be given the customer and the other one which belongs to the department will be entered in the Auto Management System under deposit folder,( supplier customer payment).

Service Department

TriStar provides complete aftersales service, from routine maintenance, to warranty repairs to full engine and vehicle rebuilds, any vehicle entering the workshop for repairing should have job card form which is serialed ,and this form should be filled manually by entering Job card date , Date -In , Promised Date, Estimator /Service Advisor ,Customer Details , Address and Telephone Number, Model Variation , Year of production, Chassis #, KM Reading and the important thing the Estimated Charges and the form should be signed by the customer and by the service advisor.

This job card is like a documented agreement between the customer and the service department. In the same time, the job card is replacing the normal invoice, as when the customer comes to take the car/machine from the service, the job card will be stamped again by the service department with a delivery note paper.

The invoicing process of the job card in the system, it is also been done the Auto management system, with the special folder named, job card folder, Appendix 4

Parts Department

TriStar company parts department selling spare parts for all their equipment’s and also for the Toyota used car and the procedure for selling and receiving the payment, the customer should paying the total amount before receiving the parts or paying down payment when doing the order and paying the balanced amount upon the delivery ( in case of ordering the parts from the mother company warehouse Al Sayer Group in Kuwait .

Invoicing process

There is a manual invoice to be filled by the salesman in the parts department, which contain the details of the parts , such as parts number, model of the equipment, customer code, specification, the price and singed stamped by the sales manager. A copy will be given to the customer and the other one which belongs to the department will be entered in the Auto Management System under deposit folder, (supplier customer payment).

Finance Department

The finance manager in Finance department his role is to enter the normal cash payment voucher in Auto-management system ,making the cashbook (summery), of receiving the payments from the department and entering them in the system for advances and full cash, Following the bank payments and statements of each month also transferring payment outside the country and to the group for consolidating our accounts there and creating the items in the system and make the buildup cost, such us FOB price, transportation cost, customs cost, unloading cost, others, then it will build the landed cost price, they are adding % on above for making the selling price. Accordingly when the sales department sales the item, its already there they will chose it from the system and making the invoicing for it for selling and depositing payment also Collecting payments from government offices by cheque

Conclusion & Analysis

TriStar Company using Auto Management System and E-Synergy systems the advantages of both systems are as follows:

First ,the Group has more than 30 companies in different place / countries in the world all connected centrally by a big IT department Second, Secured and couldn’t be infiltrated, third, any defect/fault happens in the system will be solved immediately by IT group helpdesk ,fourth ,the records of the Group are saving for non-ending period , fifth, Since every single receipt-voucher is recorded in the system that decreased saving them manually and archiving, taking too much place in the company, sixth easy to recognize each employee record by using information that already printed on it, seventh ability of storing information in very simple , clear and interesting way, finally, The way of expending is clear and there is no room for confusing.

The dis-advantage of both systems

It takes times for getting approval for releasing the payment which cause losing the deal sometime, the routine paper works slows the process of starting or ending the job, technical problem and company polices for leveling , some staff has certain level to access and some doesn’t have which cause delay in processing the request if the persons not in place. Solid system and there is no flexibility in changing sometimes what been ordered or for giving discounts.


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