Benefit of online banking — China Construction Bank (CCB)

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Benefit of online banking

—China Construction Bank (CCB)

Date: 09/09/2014


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Nowadays technology is improving and advancing. People have more income. There is no doubt that people like convenient and efficient life. They want to change their life and enjoy with their own families and friends. People will pay more money in many different ways. Such as having delicious food, traveling all over the world, buying many types of clothes, giving a gift to others, going shopping with friends or shopping online and so on. They need to move the money in and then out of the account. It will cost us too much time. So many people choose online bank or E bank to transfer money.

Online bank include many types of services, such as online inquiries, account balance, trade record, transactions, download date, transfer and payment and so on. The bank sets up an online shopping services on the net, has provide high quality financial services or related goods information services in the same types of service varieties. That improves to strengthen of commercial bank competitive advantage in the traditional field of competing between banks. There are many online banks in China. Just like Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China construction Bank. These are four main banks in China. More and more people are choosing them when they buy something on net. Because it has many benefits and advantages. I want to choose China Construction Bank to explain it. It reduces costs of business and production, not be limited by space or time, accesses all over the world, fast, security and convenience. I will explain them further from these six aspects.

Main body

First of all, using online bank can reduce costs of business and production. People like shopping on the internet. They do not need go out and sellers only need send the goods to customers by express delivery. Customer just waits at home. The shopkeeper’s costs are very low and earn higher profit. It has very obvious difference between traditional banks. The cost can be saved and be sharing with customers. Online bank provides more profit than general bank. Besides, CCB’s online bank is popular because it has many services without any charges. That means free services are provided and customer does not need to pay for it. General speaking, the online bank’s create cost is only amount to the traditional bank to open a small branches. Online banking reduces the bank operating costs and improving the profitability of banks. It can let the bank work effectively. It also produces many advantages to bank worker. It not only saves the processing of large amounts of paper currency cost but also save too much time. This way is very environmental and save many resources. Customers can apply for bank card or credit card and loan on the net. They just need to fill the request note on the bank website. It is very save time. For example, computer helps bank worker record the transactions and customer does not need form a line and wait long time in the bank, especially on weekday. The bank will send a message or email to you when you cost cash online or someone transfer money to your account. When your card is completed, the bank will tell you. Businessman likes the online bank too. If he wants to check his business or cash, he just needs to check the mailbox or messages. Then he can know his bill clearly. So, online banking has many benefits to sellers, businessmen, the bank workers and customers. I believe that will have more and more people take part in online banking in the future.

Second, online bank is not limited by space, time or other factors. It has interactive and constancy service. The online bank systems and its customers can achieve real-time communication through E-mail, account inquiries, application of loan or files updating and other ways. And customers can be offered the financial services of bank at any time, stay any places through the internet. Online banking is not limited by time and space. On the one hand, it can provide services with 24 hours of uninterrupted service to customers every day. It can be achieved only need a computer or a telephone line, whether at home or enjoy in the journey, you can be connected with the bank easily. On the other hand, Online baking’s client is made up by standard PC and browser. It is for bank to maintenance. And E-mail communication on the Internet is very convenient between the users and banks, as well as the communication among the internal banks. All in all, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can be connect with bank and buy anything quickly. So online banking is also called “3A bank”. Because It not limited by time or space, It can provide financial services at any time, in anywhere and by anyway. China Construction Bank has a large number of users because of its good services.

Next, it accesses all over the world. As one of the four state-owned commercial banks, China Construction Bank has been in the forefront of reform and development in the mainland banks of Chinese industry. From the first listed in building the overseas market successfully in 2005 to purchase America Bank(Asia) Limited by share Ltd in August,2006 and then acquisition of USA Credit International(Hong Kong) Co. Ltd in August,2009.At the same time, set up business offices in New York, London successfully. Looking for the opportunity to implement the overseas M&A, CCB construction of institutions in the overseas market development actively and steady at the same time.CCB set up the seventh overseas bank in New York on9th, December, 2008.This is the first branch is established in New York. The main business is deposits, loans, trade financing, foreign exchange settlement and financial market business etc...CCB has more than 1300 agents in 130 countries and regions. Its online banking becomes an open system and a global bank. The online bank use Internet to provide financial service all over the world. Users can switch the different languages quickly. Through Internet to extend CCB’s financial services and market to every corner of the global, to everyone in the world to be their potential customers to win. It makes the banks compete to break the boundaries become a global competition. All users can use online bank in other countries which has CCB banks and net. For example, my friend needs money and she is studying in New York, but I am living in China. How to borrow money to her? Well, it is easily. I just need to transfer money on the Internet and don’t need go to bank. It is not limited by distance. So it doesn’t care how far the distance between two users is because websites and internet access all over the world.

Then we all know online bank is very convenient and fast. Customers stay in home can finish all things. It saves more time and do not have to go to the bank and lineup. Stay at home or anywhere has network can be handled convenient at any time, is not effected by business hours. In addition, much software supports the CCB online bank. Such as Aliped and U shield. Users just need to download the installation of a construction bank online banking security controls and U shield program. As far as I am concerned, I like Alipay. Because it is useful. It is committed to Chinese electronic commerce provides ‘simple, safe, fast’ online service. It was found by Mr. MaYun, who is Alibaba group CEO in 2004.It has always been to ‘trust’ as the core of product and services. End of December, 2010, the registered users more than 5500 hundreds million and the number of transactions reached 85 millions. The reason why it is so popular is it can check my EMS and payment on online shopping. It can record how much I paid and what things I have bought clear and definite. Sometimes, I want to remove my order of goods, I open it and choose cancel, the money can back my card account. It only needs 1 minute. Moreover, I sitting at home can click account balance, transfer, transaction records, the time and cost of the province to the bank or ATM.I direct download transaction data to my most like financial software. It is transfer to various accounts and just less 1minutes.For example, I can pay for my telephone fare, water rent, power charge and other expenses. I just move my finger and open my computer or phone, import my account and password can finish all these things. I can give suggestions online and be offered perfect service. If I have some problem I can leave word on message board on the Internet. The custom service can reply me very fast and solve my problem quickly. Therefore, I choose CCB online bank and feel the services are very fast and convenient.

Last but not the least, CCB online service has high quality security and standardization. The bank through the private yards and public code encryption system to protect customer’s privacy. Ensure online bank trade system safety is related to the bank within the whole financial network security, which is the most important problem in the construction of the online bank. It is also the fundamental considerations bank guarantee client fund safety. In order to prevent the transaction server is attacked, the main technical measures of the bank is the following two aspects:

  1. Set up a firewall:

Separation of Internet and transaction server, to prevent the illegal intrusion of Internet users; be used to separate the internal network transaction server and the bank internal network, protecting banks effectively and prevent the invasion of internal network transaction server. The server uses a special trusted operating system, with its unique architecture and security check, ensure that only legitimate users can send a transaction request to the application server for further processing by specific agent.

  1. 24 hours real-time safety monitoring:

Online trading is not face to face, customers can request at any time, any place. The traditional identification methods usually rely on user name and login password for identity authentication. However, the user’s password in plaintext in the network transaction, it can be intercepted by an attacker easily. Then can fake user identity authentication mechanism will be broken. About this, the bank carries out new encryption. The bank checkout the user’s digital signature and password, the user’s identity can be confirmed through after all passed. User login password for transmission to the cipher text way, to ensure the safety and reliability of identity authentication. It can make sure users to access a real bank website. Users can set a password to remember easier but not only the birthday, the phone number or other information is known by others. You must keep your password secret. Do not tell others.

Besides, online banking provides service is more standard than outlets. It can avoid the difference caused by the staff of the business quality and emotional quality of service satisfaction. It provides more effectively services. Users do not need to worry about their account and information to be grabbed by others. And the CCB online bank provides very safe service on the net. You can ask questions to custom service online, do not need to say who you are and your personal information. It protects user’s information and fund safety.


More and more people choose CCB online bank now. It save time provides many free services and reduce costs of business. And not be limited by space or time. Wherever you are, just having Internet, you can use it easily. It accesses all over the world, even you are in England or other countries, you also can use online bank. It was supported by many software and you can download which you most favorite. In a word, it is convenience and fast. People stay in home can achieve transfer money, pay online, self service payment, self owing on the loan service and so on. It can do many things and not need too much time. Finally, it protects our money and personal information. We set password, only ourselves can use the account. And we can complain the service if we are not satisfied with the serve and give the staff suggestions and let them improve their level of serves. But online banking has many risks. Some users not attention to their password and the account fund was stolen by illegal people. Though the online bank is safe but we should not take a casual attitude, we must improve personal vigilance and protect our property. Everyone should be opposed to the behavior which illegal misappropriation of property of others. Let us establish a safe, reliable and trusted environment of online banking.