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Control objectives related to information technology is a control framework for IT governance COBIT has been developed, organization, business strategy and objectives in a manner consistent IT compliance organizations, risk management and help meet the challenges. Most companies of any size, for the transfer of data between IT systems and business groups are more than a way to report that must be tested, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of the first transaction. You need confidence to control and accounting to demonstrate the accuracy of the data. This issue is addressed in the COSO framework. Series of resources to support the whole kit-IT â„¢ Control COBIT framework is included, you can download now. To be included in the tool kit is as follows. A detailed set of aligned framework plan policy enforcement, the policy framework, management, presentation, IT Glossary and audit kit.



• Make decisions based on the information to understand the level of risk associated with it, in order to reduce incidents of information security.

• In order to maintain high quality information to support business decisions, and provides a tool for the organization.

• help the organization to meet the requirements or government regulations and audit.

• I understand that the relationship between IT best practices such as COBIT approach to governance.


• To achieve the strategic objectives to achieve business benefits through innovative and effective use of IT.

• You can support the enforcement of policies, regulations and relevant contractual arrangements, to gain organizational competitiveness on the other.

• The integration and improvement of the guidelines to become operational excellence through reliable technology and standards of information security, reduce complexity and good practices, and / or the implementation of an efficient cost effective easy I'm improving.


COBIT first version was published in 1996. Sponsor the IT Governance Institute and the Association of Control and audit information system (ISACA) is (ITGI). According to ISACA, "COBIT is a supporting toolset that allows managers to IT governance framework to bridge the gap between the needs of enterprise risk management, and technical issues .Organizations generally good practice and development of a clear policy for the control. To help organizations increase the value derived from the attention is not compliance, allowing adjustments, COBIT is the COBIT framework. "COBIT 4.1 is facilitated through several iterations the current version of the application.

Considerations when using the COBIT

COBIT Implementation is the use to understand the key concepts and principles of control. From four COBIT domains: identification and planning, organization and acquisition, support and service delivery and monitoring and evaluation .Four IT domains, including 34 goals high-level control. You need to exercise the right of 210 detailed control objectives of information systems and business processes to achieve this. For more information, see the COBIT framework.

Task - 2


SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By definition, the Powers (S) and weaknesses (W) and internal factors over which they have some control. Also, by definition, opportunities (O) and threats (T) are considered as external factors over which you have virtually no control.

Boston Consulting Group Matrix (BCG)

The BCG matrix method is based on the theory of the life cycle of a product that can be used to establish priorities should be given in the product portfolio of a business unit. To the creation of value to ensure long-term, a company has a product portfolio includes both high-growth products have to cash in-and low-growth-generating products need a lot of money.

Porter's Five Forces

Often used to determine, in order to determine, the business strategy Porter's model can be applied to a sector of the economy to the profitability and attractiveness find. The structure of an industry Porter's Five Forces Analysis is an important tool for evaluating the profitability of an industry. With some modifications, is also useful as a way to power relationships in more complex situations.

Analysis of the Net Present Value (NPV)

The difference between the present value of the cash flows and the present value of the cash flows.NPV is used in the capital budgeting to analyze .The efficiency of the investment program or project.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on investment (ROI) measures the gain or loss on investment relative to the amount of money invested. ROI is expressed as a percentage and is usually used for personal financial decisions, compares the profitability of a company or to compare.


A performance measure used to identify strategic management to various internal functions and external results of their results and improve. A balanced scorecard attempts to measure and to organizations to contribute to the implementation of the strategies and objectives.

"Net Present Value - NPV"

NPV compares the value of $ 1 today, with the same value of the dollar in the future, taking inflation and returns into account. If the NPV of a project for the future is positive, must be accepted. However, if the NPV is negative, the project should probably be rejected because cash flows also negative. For example, if a retail clothing company wants to buy an existing store would be the first estimate of the future cash flows to create store and then discount the cash flows at a present value lump sum, namely $ 565,000. If the store owner was willing to sell for less than $ 565,000, his company, the acquiring company is likely to accept the offer because it gives a positive NPV investment. Conversely, if the owner would not sell for less than $ 565,000, not to buy in the shop, as evidenced a negative NPV investment in time and thus reduce the total value of the clothing company.

VPN Benefits

OF is easy to use, easy to compare and adjust. OF simply and clearly indicates whether a project adds value to the company or not. It is easy to use in decision-making is one of the advantages. If the NPV is positive, it adds value to the company. An investor would have a negative NPV project, not to perform. While all of the options may be reduced at the same point in time, VPN allows an easy comparison of investment options. The investor should invest more NPV, if possible. An advantage of the NPT is that the discount rate can be adapted to a number of factors, such as market risk.

Return on investment

Use of money in a company, the ROI (Return on Investment) is the amount of profit or cost savings. A ROI calculation is sometimes used to develop. Combined with other approaches to a plant for a specific purpose, the total return on investment for a company is sometimes used as a way to grade how well a company is run. If a company immediate objectives of gaining market share, revenue, infrastructure, placing it for sale, and other objects, can be measured in terms of achieving one or more of these purposes and not gain immediate cost savings or ROI.

The benefits of ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is a simple and common criteria used by investors and managers of the company by analyzing the performance of a company and the decision of the investment. Investors see the investment of the company and learn to return management was able to produce; administrators take on new investment projects only if you promise a satisfactory return. Companies use other more advanced steps in choosing between competing investment opportunities, but also because of certain advantages of using the ROI, the measure has not yet been widely adopted for the evaluation of asset managers and transfer business results for investors.

Task - 3

Ethics is about doing the principle of choosing between competing alternatives. In the simplest ethical dilemma is a choice between good and evil. Then ethic highly subjective in many cases, it connects to the "right" with our feelings "wrong" with our basic sense. This means that you can use to determine the strict ethics difficult. Is much less secure computers in a network will apply to the ethics of it, it's a matter of "out" connection, and specifically, as copyright infringement such unethical, it is also more susceptible to the activity. Despite the PR response to unethical hackers, more computer activity, in many cases, the employees dissatisfied run by people in their company. In addition, when you use the computer, but as well as ethical issues, there may be damage to all the data they are working with information systems specialists do. The challenge for IT managers is that, as the weather requires corrective action, when it seems to poor people, to understand the current ethical climate in the organization, will. But for IT management is willing to aggressively addition, there is support for guiding the assessment and corrective action of a small organization. It has been proposed assessment tool in this study, a model for ethical growth. The people and organizations, levels, reflecting the level to meet the challenges of today's computing environment ethics.

Expert systems and health problems

Is there any ethics / responsibility minds many human engineering problems / health IT-related jobs, but hopefully, that requires work from all of course, to focus on this. This, on topics such as the importance of ensuring that the use of the computer, take adequate rest is the screen in accordance with the provisions included. Also, check the appropriate equipment and the seat to users and provide support for the feet if necessary. In some organizations, I will give you a special employee counseling, about these things. Development and use of expert systems business organizations have research information system experts completed a vocational qualification recognition. The population examined the number of processing Data Management Association (DMPA), and 499 surveys were found to have returned. DMPA is the largest association of computing common in the U.S. In this study, we investigate how to develop an expert system knowledge. Respondents said individual experts in the organization that we should be informed of their participation, but not forced to participate in the creation of their existing systems. They also said that it was not the owner of the final product.