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For many years, it has been discussed that Total Quality Management enhances the performance of business organizations. In latest studies, Total Quality Management established substantial notice and has also been proposed to augment for excellent business performance. This research has been carried out to find "the relationship between Total Quality Management" and business performance.

This research will look into the scope of Total Quality Management and business performance as well as the degree to which both of them are linked. This study will also enable to know how Total Quality Management influences on several levels of business performance. Organizations are surviving in difficult situations except those who create complete competitive lead over their challengers, and this is the result of competitive environment which is taken out from globalization (Adam 2001).

By means of rising competitive environment with business pressures as well as the self motivated and customer oriented environment, total quality management is considered as the most imperative and key issue which may create a considerable interest of managers and researchers towards it ( Benson 1991).

In 1980's, considering Total Quality Management as one of the successful mode of improving the competitive leads of any firm or organization (Keiu 2001). It is also declared by quality gurus like Deming (1986) and Juran (1993), that competitive lead may be obtained through the provision of quality goods or services. Moreover, nowadays global marketplace demands high quality as an important competitive edge to capture global market place (Eng & Yusof, 2003).

Additionally, Total Quality Management is consider as an effective management tool which is used to provide businesses by means of development, stability and prosperity (Issac 2004). The main advantages of quality development may not only be a sign of decrease costs but also to maximize quality standards and business profit ratio.

According to Freiesleben (2005), it is emphasized on maximizing the profits and revenue generation in terms of reducing costs as well as enhancing quality but it should influence quality and superiority to generate profit. Hence, this research on relationship between quality management and organizational performance is critically assessed for companies as well as to get the better understanding the effects of quality management on various levels of organization's business performance.

So as to attain the entire requirements of quality, business organizations must have to spend time in addition to the efforts to execute Total Quality Management. Organizations can commence true quality management practices though communicating Total Quality Management principle or philosophy successfully. Additionally Total Quality Management and its applications can also be implemented in order to enhance the association between organizations and their suppliers. Furthermore, the execution of Total Quality Management may also improve customer satisfaction by means of giving most excellent goods or services.

Aims and objectives

Subsequent study is to find out the association between Total Quality Management and business performances of organizations. Based on this study, basic aim of this research is to gauge how Total Quality Management and business performance are interlinked and how different business performances are influenced by Total Quality Management. The key objectives of this study are

To understand the concept of total quality management

To investigate the total quality management models and theories from existing literature

To study the total quality management approaches applied in Millat tractors Limited.

To determine the effects of TQM implementation on the performance of Millat tractors Limited.

To explore the challenges in the implementation of TQM practices in Millat tractors Limited.

Research Question

What are the influences of winning accomplishment of Total Quality Management on the performance of the company?


The proposed research will be a case study based on Millat Tractors Limited. Triangulation methodology will be adopted in the proposed research. Qualitative and quantitative research methods will be used to find the relationship between TQM and Business performance. Subsequent research is basically used quantitative approach. Likewise it a structured approach by using Quantitative method since the researcher will find out the concrete results from the opinion of several participants. Primary and secondary data will be incorporated in the research. It also low cost and provides quick responses from the respondents. Survey tool is used in this research to find the link between TQM and business performance.

In this research, given Company is targeted to explore the effects of TQM execution. These seven attributes are supposed to be more important for successful execution of Total Quality Management and thus recommended to form a survey Performa. Questionnaire is formed into three main sections that involves

Background of organization

Execution of Total Quality Management

Particular questions designed regarding Total Quality Management practices

Total Quality Management attributes will develop through suggested (proposed) research model. Judgment sampling method is used in subsequent study because this study requires those participants who have excellent prospect intended for accurate information. Close ended questionnaire tool is used in this study.

Majorly two basic categories of data collection sources are utilized so as to access relevant data required for this study as in the view of fact that gathering data and all relevant information is a broad practice from all accessible sources. This study access insufficient primary data that is necessitate for research because of financial as well as time limitations but in this study secondary data sources are used widely. According to Dawson, Catherine, (2002) primary data sources are considered as initial stage of data collection where secondary data sources are served together data and information in combining and interpreting data that is evaluated before.

Scope of the research

The outcomes of this research may be functional for the researchers well as practitioners in the field of Quality Management zone. This research enlarges the scope of Total Quality Management applicability, wide ranging cultural as well as industrial environments for attaining higher customer demands and focus with improved customer satisfaction that leads to enhanced business performance. It also pressurizes the want intended for more logical researches on this topic. Factors of Total Quality Management for example philosophy of management, dimension and / or open organization all have imperative bonding with business competitive lead and hence impact on its overall performance.

Thesis structure

Subsequent chart present the chapters of this thesis and the study material within these chapters individually. Apart of these chapters, thesis also contains appendix or appendices which are presented at the end of thesis.

Chapter One: this chapter entails introduction, aims and objectives for writing this thesis, methodology of thesis, scope of research and structure of thesis.

Chapter Two: this chapter contains the theoretical framework of the study, like preceding research references on Total Quality Management and business performance, and their association as well.

Chapter Three: This chapter will focus on the history and the current status of total quality management in Pakistan, the challenged to TQM implementation in the country and some statistics to show the progress of TQM and national quality award.

Chapter Four: it will comprise of methodology of thesis. The research and its methodology, and research design, research approach, along with data validity & reliability.

Chapter Five: data analysis will be presented in chapter four which will then show the procedure and results of data analysis. Discussions will also be a part of this chapter.

Chapter Six: this chapter will present the conclusion which will be taken out from entire research and suitable recommendations will be suggested for further betterment.

Chapter One


Chapter Two

Literature Review

Chapter Three


Chapter Four

Data Analysis

Chapter Five


Figure 1 Thesis structure


From the entire discussion, it is stated that this research is proposed to investigate the relationship between Total Quality Management practices and business performance. It also explores several levels of business performance. Core objective of this research is to provide experiential evidences on the factor either implementation of Total Quality Management practices are influenced on several levels of business organizations performance. This research further contributed to suggest a model that may study Total Quality Management influences in more successful way and consequently, implement Total Quality Management in an effective approach.