What to expect from our Thesis Writing Service

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We provide complete theses for American and Australian undergraduate and master’s students and a chapter-only service for PhD students:

Our thesis writing service features

Expert research from professional thesis writers

Our thesis writing services are split into two distinct categories: a complete thesis writing service for undergraduate and master’s students studying in the US and Australia; and a chapter-by-chapter thesis writing service designed for PhD students.

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Undergraduate and master’s service

When you order a thesis to help you with your undergraduate or master’s studies, you receive only the highest standard of original research. We’re capable of delivering theses that utilise either primary and secondary research, or secondary research only.

If you’re given a choice of either a primary/secondary study or secondary research only, we recommend that you choose secondary. The reason is that secondary research is less time-consuming when completing your dissertation. It also saves you money as additional requirements, such as designing questionnaires and interviews, as well as the collection of primary data, incur an additional cost.

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PhD thesis chapter writing service

In addition to our undergraduate and master’s service, we also provide a chapter-by-chapter PhD thesis writing service. Due to the complex nature of a PhD, we currently only take on single chapter orders as often a complete thesis will take a couple of years to complete.

If you’re interested in ordering a PhD thesis and would be happy working on a chapter-by-chapter basis, then get in touch with our team and we’ll get to work matching you with an expert writer in your field. It takes a lot of dedication and skill to write a PhD thesis so we only ever use our finest writers who are willing to work closely with you on a collaborative basis to complete your original research.

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Microsoft word format

Your thesis writing order will be delivered in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format as standard. If you are unable to use this format and would like your work delivered in an alternative format, such as the options below, then please request this when you fill out the order form.

  • Open Office Writer (.odt)
  • Apple Pages
  • Rich Text Format (.rft)
  • PDF

Our in-house team uses advanced software to ensure that we are able to fulfil the majority of format requests from students. Our team also has access to software such as MATLAB and EViews to help with any statistical formats you may require.

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Qualified Professionals

We understand that having faith in somebody's academic ability is crucial when trusting them to write your thesis. This is why we've developed an in-depth recruitment procedure for our writers. In order to write for UK Essays, every writer must provide evidence of their qualifications and experience.

When it comes to choosing a writer for your thesis we use sophisticated matching software that will only allow writers with qualifications higher than your required grade (a 2.1 for example) to complete it. This ensures that the person who writes your thesis is highly qualified and will provide the best custom writing to meet your needs.

Additional service features

Helping you to get more from our thesis writing service

We offer the following additional features as standard with all thesis orders:

  • Changes to your work within 7 days of delivery.
  • Bibliography and references are excluded from the word count you order.
  • Help locating the sources referenced in your thesis.
  • Complete confidentiality, as we don’t share your personal details with any other company.
  • We don’t resell or publish the work you paid for; it’s unique and just for you.
  • All our writers are tried and tested before working on customers’ orders.
  • We guarantee delivery of minor changes within 24 hours.

We can also offer the following at an additional cost:

  • Upgrade to our Elite service with one of our top 3 writers in your subject, changes to your work allowed for up to 3 months and your own personal account manager in our Customer Experience team.
  • Additional thesis requirements including calculations, diagrams and statistical analysis.

Why choose UK Essays

The premium thesis writing service

We know that choosing a company to help write your thesis will probably be one of the most important decisions you make during your academic studies. Here at UK Essays, we have earned the trust of thousands of students from around the world through our consistent reliability and our commitment to ensuring the highest quality in all of our writing services. If you're struggling from pressure, time constraints, or just need a pointer in the right direction, you can rest assured that when you order through UK Essays, you'll get a thesis that's on time, to standard, and plagiarism-free!

Guaranteed quality

When you place an order with UK Essays it comes with a promise – the promise that we'll care for your thesis as though it was for our own degree. Every single thesis order is released with a comprehensive quality report, so you can see that we've taken the time to check your work thoroughly. It has taken 10 years of experience and over 70,000 orders to attain this level of reliability; we possess a level of experience unparalleled elsewhere in the thesis writing industry.

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Delivered on time

The second we assign a researcher to your order, you will receive confirmation of your delivery date. We stay in touch with your writer throughout the writing process to ensure that your order is provided to you on time, and at the high standard of quality that you expect and deserve.

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You can be assured that when you pay for a thesis from UK Essays, we're paying a professional rate to a professional writer. Cheaper services pay less to their writers; as a result, those writers are more likely to be tempted to rip off other work from across the internet to get the job done fast and make more money. We're the only thesis writing service which has its own specially designed software to perform all of our plagiarism checks and each order comes with a complete and detailed plagiarism report.

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Fully qualified and experienced writers

We pay the highest rates in the industry and work hard to keep our writers happy. This ensures that they can focus on writing the best theses for you and keeping you happy. When recruiting new researchers, we only take on applicants with high level degree qualifications, and we only do so after we've seen evidence that they can produce consistently high quality academic writing.

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Beyond Guarantees

Our measure of excellence

Whilst other thesis writing services provide guarantees that the work they deliver will be original and to the standard that you ordered, it doesn't mean that they compare to our service. Guarantees are provided by the vast majority of companies simply to make you aware of the compensation that you can receive if anything goes wrong with your order. Here at UK Essays, we value your education and know that guarantees aren't enough – receiving a refund for your order is no compensation for failing your degree. This is why we have a high focus on quality checks and actively preventing mistakes.

Since 2003, we've been the UK's market leader and are renowned for honouring our guarantees and doing everything possible to ensure that every single customer leaves happy. We felt that there was more we could do, not just to honour the guarantees that our competitors have copied, but to take the next step and prevent mistakes. In December 2012, we expanded our Quality team to ensure that all our orders meet our guarantees, as well as your exact requirements, and pass all of our quality checks.

Since the implementation of these quality improvements, we have ensured that a refund truly is the last resort, and that's our promise. We appreciate that, although they're very rare, mistakes can happen. If, for any reason, we deliver work which is not to the standard you originally requested, is not plagiarism-free, or arrives late, we will provide a full refund.

  • To standard - Every single order is now delivered with a full quality control report that details all of the quality checks that have been completed on your order. These checks take three times longer than our previous checks, but we know it's worth it to ensure your order makes the grade

  • On time - We've learnt that working closely with our researchers is a vital part of ensuring that they deliver your order on time. We now follow up with all researchers after the assignment of an order to confirm that they are aware of your deadline. We've also reviewed previous late deliveries and removed any researchers from our books who were repeat offenders - a process that is now undertaken daily.

  • Plagiarism free - Our plagiarism scanner has been updated and is now in its third generation, which is both faster and more accurate. This has allowed us not only to better prevent plagiarism, but also to scan the original work along with any amendments, so that you can feel secure in the knowledge that everything we deliver is 100% original.

These changes are just the start – we're always working on improving the quality of our work to ensure that we consistently deliver to the same excellent standards. We're so serious about achieving our targets that, in 2013, we turned away over 500 orders in situations where we believed a customer would be at risk of our not meeting our stringent quality control standards. Ultimately we prefer to turn customers away rather than take a chance and end up letting a customer down upon delivery by having to provide a refund under our guarantees.

When you place an order with UK Essays you know that, if we accept it, you can be at ease, safe in the knowledge that we value the strength of our service over the remedies of our guarantees. We're extremely grateful that our dedication to getting things right first time has been recognised and resulted in some outstanding feedback from our previous customers

Our Order Process

Placing an order couldn't be simpler

If you’re an undergraduate or master’s student, placing your order is simple; go to our order form and select ‘Dissertation’ from the service drop-down menu. However, if you’re a PhD student, we advise that you call us first to discuss your potential order with a member of our team, who will then advise you on the best way to proceed with your order.