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Politics Dissertation Titles

We have provided the selection of example politics dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

British National Party : An investigation into the reasons for BNP's success in European Parliament elections in June 2009 with reference to the UK's immigration policy.

Conflict, Ethnicity and Religion in the Ivory Coast.


Has the misinterpretation of the conflict in the DRC and its root causes created the mis implementation of international intervention (or words to that effect)?

Is the U.K too 'soft' on immigration policies?

Is 'Third Way' a political ideology in it's own right or a modernisation of social democracy?

Poverty alienation through increased private sector or state control in Nigeria, what is the way forward?

Should the United Kingdom general election voting system be reformed in order to give the electorate more choice and accountability, and increase turnout?

Under what conditions did the European Union exhibit leadership in international climate change negotiations from 1992-1997, 1997-2005 and 2005-Copenhagen respectively.

What is the greatest threat to stability of contemporary non-democratic regimes?

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