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Attitudes Towards Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide

A literature search was performed using a range of online databases, of which two relevant papers were chosen, reviewed and compared. The subject matter concerned attitudes towards euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide (PAS), the authors of the papers sent questionnaires out to a number of currently practicing doctors and analysed the results using data analysis methods. The results were then delivered in a series of tables and graphs....

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How To Meet The Individual Need Of Mvp

The initial inspiration for this proposal was a conversation with colleagues which then progressed into an observational survey over a period of eight hours. Ten staff nurses and one sister then took part in answering a questionnaire. (See appendix 1 \ 1a for results) The hospital where I work does have a care plan for oral hygiene (see appendix 2) but it was designed for ‘general use' rather than to meet the specific needs of mechanically ventilated patients (MVP). It soon became apparent from the results and the conversations that there was a need for an assessment tool and guidelines...

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Investigation On How Written Information Benefits Service Users

This research proposal will explore the uses and benefits of carrying out research on how written information benefits service user prior to treatment. Before being hospitalised many service users know very little about the disease in which they are suffering from, it impacts on their lives and kind of adaptation needed during and after the treatment. This lack of knowledge can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress on top of the physical suffering to a patient. Therefore, this signifies the need for information prior to treatment towards patients extremely important and significant. Limitations of verbal communication especially lack of recording...

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The Causes And Management Of Emotions By Doctors

The following research proposal is presented with the objective of outlining a plan for a research on doctors of a Cardio Department of a hospital with an objective of understanding how these doctors manage emotions and respond to various emotions needs at work....

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