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Analysis And Investigating Organizational Data

Information Technology plays very important role in Business. ...

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Customer Satisfaction Hsbc Online Banking

This study is concerned with the pattern of online banking services in HSBC, UK and the customer satisfaction towards these services. This proposed research is to study firstly the online banking situation in HSBC banking business.  Then, because of the recognized growing importance of Internet banking, to see how this will affect customer satisfaction....

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Foundational Forensic Techniques

The overall goal of this study is to look at the mob ile devices using different tools like Susteen DataPilot Secure View and Paraben Device Seizure, mobiledit oxygen pho ne manager. and determine if they create and preserve a forensically sound case file. ...

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Hand Gesture Detection And Recognition System

Recent developments in computer software and related hardware technology have provided a value added service to the users. In everyday life, physical gestures are a powerful means of communication. ...

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Investigation Of Application Traffic

Investigating the old students projects related to topic ...

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New Media Technologies

As the method suggested, the details of Radhia's phone usage was recorded in the diary. On average, she uses her phone once every 2 hours... ...

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School Of Computing And Engineering Systems

Background: Home Area Network (HAN), the consumer level Smart Grid communication is based on the wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and Zigbee. ...

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Utilization Of Internet

The study findings would help the customer to know the potential of internet marketing and also future measures such as Integrated marketing... ...

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