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Look Into The World Of Superheroes

The first comic book can be dated back to the 1800’s but the first superhero was created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel in June 1938 At the age of 17 their small time comic was published as a newspaper strip, they later went on to create National Allied Publications before being taken over by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson who changed the name to DC relatively for the name Detective Comics, though the release of this first superhero was under the sub heading of Action Comics.

DC weren’t the only comics in the running; Timely Comics as they were known back then released a superhero onto our pages ‘an intentionally patriotic creation that was often depicted fighting the Axis powers of World War II ’. This superhero become Timely Comics best selling comic in 1939 Stan Lee was sacked by Martin Goodman and re-launched Timely Comics as Marvel Mystery Comics.

The first part of this dissertation will be to discuss the differences of how Superman is betrayed as a perfect being and how batman is a normal human who risks if life for the public. Looking in depth into the moral code of a superhero and how they go about living a double life, how and why they would choose to be on this earth for this reason and if they could ever leave it behind. We will find out how Superheroes become who they are and if their worthy of being classed as our superhero’s.

I will also discuss how groups of superheroes and how the psychology will work by having many alter-egos with individual powers like X-men and the Fantastic Four.

I will use their opposite alter ego, there villain to backup my research, discussing whether a villain has a strong character and if they are relevant for all heroes to be heroes.

Comic books were once in popular culture and they were continued to be published through the great depression of ____, and through Hitler’s world domination in ____.

I feel in this time and age all things retro like comics are making a comeback even through Britons recession. They can be found on billboards, tv adverts and there is now a blockbuster film being released for every superhero ever created the brilliant and the down-right cheesy. I will interview comic book writers, colourists and illustrators and asking if they believe this is true and the changes that have made this possible in the comic book world.

You can’t be expected to look into the world of superheroes without first of all discussing the first ever super hero created by the Canadian Joe Shuster he had an idea of an visitor being left behind on earth and to grow thinking he was human as Clark Kent a clumsy individual. This visitor would have great ability and power unlike normal men. This hero is modest and takes no credit for saving the day this hero is superman.

Superman is stern with a masculine physic, he’s betrayed as ‘perfect’, in many comic strips classes as a man that any women would be happy with. But he’s not just any man or even human.

What is a superhero, why they do it

Let’s talk about what a superhero is and what we expect of them and they expect of themselves. The English Oxford dictionary states that

• noun (pl. heroes) 1 a person, typically a man, who is admired for their courage or outstanding achievements. 2 the chief male character in a book, play, or film. 3 (in mythology and folklore) a person of superhuman qualities.

   — ORIGIN Greek heros.

In our society we can relate to this through courage in soldiers who are brave enough to fight for the country, We have a history of myths and legends related to heroism and Villinary stories from the bible with reference to Jesus and mosses.

“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a tegion of supernatural wonders: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from the mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man” (Campbell 6)

The definition found in the English oxford dictionary is a ‘superhero is a being with "extraordinary or superhuman powers" dedicated to protecting the public’. Out of the dictionary definitions authors have given us quotes like “Superheroes also serve as models of moral behaviour”. (Reference psychology of superheroes, page:2)

The economic collapse spread over the world leaving Crime to take over the mob seized what they could get their hands on, and war loomed over the country, men fought to support their families, though they managed to hold onto one thing that got them through they could listen to stories being told on the radio and read heroic novels. Renewing the hope and strength of the nation Shutter and Siegal gave to the world a un-human force from planet Kryton, men need not feel small and unable to fight anymore superman would teach us to fight for truth and justice.

The Krypton universe was melting and Krytonians were doomed a scientist named Jor-El he had studied earth all his life he tried to persuade his colleagues that humans were much like Kryptonians and they would blend in and could slowly take over. They laughed at him and told him it wouldn’t be possible but Jor-El wanted his raise to be known, his first instincts were to send his wife to earth Lara Lor-Van but she wanted to stay with her husband. Jor-El had an infant son named Kal-El.

He built him a rocket ship to send him to planet earth. He said that humans would take him in and raises him as his own while not knowing of his extraordinary powers. He tells Kal-El

"They’re a great people Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, they're capacity for good; I have sent them you, my only son." (Superman).

Right from the offset superman was sent to us for good, to watch over the human race. When Kal-El landed in Smallsville he was found in the back gardan of a home that belonged to Jonathan and Martha Kent. They name him Clark after Martha’s maiden name. At the age of eight Clark adopts the name of Superboy and starts his mission on fighting crime, Tragedy of human life for Clark Kent then starts when his adoptive parents both die, After his graduation from high school he moves to Metropolis to attend University, He changes his name from Superboy to Superman. Now trying to live an adult life on human earth with extraordinary and what we would see as ab-normal powers. This is where an Alter ego is needed for Superman to finally fight crime as a day job after graduating university he gets a job as a journalist at the newspaper called the daily planet.

Many other comic book heroes follow an alter ego but Superman’s Alter ego is in fact his human persona given to him by the Clarks.

Clark Kent is known as a nervous and clumsy individual, the furthest thing away from a Superheroes personality you can get, this is to keep his friends that he’s grown up with safe not letting his enemies to find them letting him engage the world to see him as a normal human being.

Tarantion’s Kill Bill the eponymous Bill calmly explains to Bertices “Clark Kent is how superman views us. Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the whole world”.

He also conducts what I’m trying to explain of superman being superman and Clark Kent being the alter ego.

He makes an interesting point as he exclaims to Beatrice that she as a killer has an alter ego. Bill suggests that Clark Kent is actually the truly heroic persona. It is Kent who has insensitively make his way through a world where he could take over everything become the world’s weapon become a god for all to see but instead he chooses to be represented as a geek, with thick black rim glasses and tweed suits someone way from being heroic as Clark Kent is never around when superman saves the day and Clark is the one always running away from danger. Tom Morris also en-lights us on this alter ego subject saying

“The superhero identity is a secondary, artificially constructed identity, while the original, ordinary civilian identity is the real one, but that for superman, it’s the other way around”. (superheroes philosophy, p257).

He goes on to say how superman is really an alien and born onto krypton and sent to us as Kal-El. He then took his secret identity as Clark Kent, This persona ‘Clark Kent’ is the disguise. For a while i did disagree with this notion saying that no one knew he was an alien and he didn’t need to hide that part of him from anybody but now being older i can see recognise that his parents knew there was something special about him and that he was here for a reason, them choosing the name for their new adopted son was his secret identity if they didn’t know what they were doing or if they didn’t know.

This resemblance is also found in many other superhero related comic books another clumsy un-popular individual is Spiderman even though he’s idolised by a in crowd high school footballer Flash Thompson, Flash would persistently bully Spiderman’s alter ego Peter “puny” Parker. It seems that many of the aspects that made Spiderman such a popular figure was his misleading weak alter ego, his alienation from those popular, sense of responsibility to all those around him and the fact that his super powers did nothing in helping cope with the pressures of growing up, this can also be found in a Mark Miller 2008 comic strip where a group of Teenagers question why an ordinary kid can’t become a superhero and start fighting crime, so one by one the costumes are put on and inspire others to do the same. Through this series instead of just seeing a superhero fight for justice and man-kind, it goes through the activities a teenager’s life and how becoming a superhero doesn’t help with adolescence or even getting the girl, this is also soon to become a blockbuster film.

There are also some elements that seem to apply with some irregularity to the TV series Buffy the vampire slayer.

Spiderman was Peter Parker before he got bitten by the spider, and before his secret identity batman was a child of a wealthy business man that ran Wayne enterprises. Daredevil was an excellent student a normal nice guy; Matt Murdock took his second identity for a purpose like all the rest, because they got hurt and they don’t want anyone else to suffer because of these so called criminals or villains.

One thing that i keep coming back to his the idea of Superman’s alter ego, of course he didn’t originally or deliberately create the unmasked disguise of Clark Kent for any purpose at all. As a small baby abandoned in a space ship they did what every good Midwesterners would do not call the national enquirer, they took him in gave him their family name, if people knew of his identity they’d for sure take him in and forth-right with experimentation. Obviously because of this he didn’t want anyone to know he was superman and in the normal cases of normal people becoming superheroes and using their secret identity they had a core personal identity of a normal sort before the transition, Clarks developed in his civilian identity gradually as he grew up and was not of a human in anyway, Uniquely it seems his superhero identity is his real core identity.

I think the definition of an alter ego is relevant to discus

‘An alter ego (Latin, "the other I") is a second self, a second personality or persona within a person, who is often oblivious to the persona's actions. It was coined in the early nineteenth century when dissociative identity disorder was first described by psychologists.[1] A person with an alter ego is said to lead a double life. (

The Morals of a Superhero

Superheroes are defined as such because they fight evil or crime. (Arguably, superheroes are more interested in evil than crime. You don't generally find Spider-Man or Batman going after jaywalkers, tax evaders or those who speed on the freeway”. Though comic book villains aren’t your average everyday criminal, how would a superhero cope with our societies criminals, they have almost a code to protect good innocent citizens and with all there will always to what is right but what would superman when summoned upon by police cope with say gangs of protesters filling the street, there doing no harm but it is still need to be moved on. Brian Haw has been illegally protesting for 2000 days outside the House of Commons. Someone had to work outside the law, someone who could protect us from corrupt politics and corporate powers this someone was Batman. Witnessing the death of his parents he swore to bring the killers to justice and make sure no one had to experience this again he decided to fight all criminals, but the anger that lives inside of him the human part of him makes him fight not for good but for revenge.

A anti-hero is hard to place it could be someone who goes against the law but does it all for the right reasons for us to deferrer him to the villains category or someone too evil to become a hero. This good guy who does bad things for all the right reasons has not always been correctly appreciated in literature or in psychology for that matter. Take for example the story of Judas Iscariot where Jesus asks Judas to betray him so that his martyrdom can fulfil the plan and cause Christianity to take off. Had Judas not committed that betrayal the story Jesus would probably have had a far less impact on the world. Though Judas is now widely recognised as a bad guy, not quite a villain but he’s thought upon as nothing more than a traitor.

The classic superheroes live a life in very much black and white they fight their evil villains not real life, every day criminals maybe Batman is the only superhero readily made for anti-heroism a person who on occasion does bad things for the right reasons. We often hear Joker sniggering at Batman that there alike in many ways.

— The Joker to Batman, in "The Killing Joke", saying that anyone can become a villain. All it takes is one bad day.

In the tail of the Dark Knight (2009) The Joker attempts to prove this to Batman and sets a plan of psychology. In evacuation of Gotham City officers board Civilians; Women, Children and men, and secondly a boat full of Criminals and officers. Once the boats have securely moved away from the City the Joker lets each one know he has set a bomb on board (after cutting the power so they have no communication with the outside world). This bomb will blow both ships up at 12:00 o’clock, giving them thirty minutes to discuss what they will do. Joker has also told them that when this time runs out both ships will be detonated. While Batman stands there helpless the members of each crew are arguing and debating who should press the button. In the ship containing prisoners, the decision to detonate becomes apparent and anyone willing to grab the detonator could do so at any time. In this situation early on anyone of us should have a preference for survival.

On the civilian ship, the decision method becomes a simple majority vote.  When the votes are collected and counted, the decision to detonate the other ferry full of prisoner’s is apparent, yet there is no one on their ship willing to step up to the mark and carry out the decision and the majority will is not overcome as no one is willing to push the button.  This psychological separation of voting to kill others versus carrying out the task, is also asking us if a rational decision get’s answered by your subconscious or conscious mind? The civilians act rationally as long as they are not too involved in carrying out a potentially morally guilt rendering act. We can assume that there are some social benefits from being a moral agent; however, being moral is not as beneficial as being alive, since survival trumps morality.

While not the moral of the story that Batman wants the Joker or Gotham City to learn he tells the audience and the Joker that people are not all evil - there is some good in Gotham.

If the people aboard both ships believe that the cost of dying is probabilistic, and then they would cooperate as long as the benefit to cooperating trumped both the probabilistic chance of punishment and the likelihood that the other ship decides to detonate, they must determine a biased chance of the game being false. If the passengers believe that the Joker is lying about the deadline, if they think there is a chance of technical failure, that their detonator may actually destroy their own ship, adding a hidden cost, Or if they live in a world with Batman, I would have to then consider that the probability of dying is inversed, though earlier on the film Batman did let numerous individuals (including police) down.

There are a few other situations in this movie that are prone to game theoretic applications.

As far as the Joker's objective, he was trying to prove that deep down everyone is at least a little bit like him; he also wanted to prevent Gotham City trying to restore order after the criminal underworld was taking over. His best chance at doing that, he realized, was by bringing down Harvey Dent. If he showed the people of Gotham that they couldn't rely on elected leaders, they would lose hope in their city's government and think that the only way to get their city back was to follow in Batman's footsteps and fight criminals with their bare hands, breaking the law themselves, which would lead to an anarchist society. He also wanted represent the human race as unmoral, thinking that they would choose survival at all costs when faced with a choice of killing others or even facing certain death themselves.

What does matter is that we consider the ethics questions The Joker's experiment poses. The experiment asks us to think about the comparative strengths of moral obligations. Do we have an obligation not to kill other human beings; unless we have an even stronger obligation to do something that can't be done without killing other human beings? I want to find out if Joker’s experiment helps us to respond to this question.

The Original experiment called PD; “Prisoners Dilemma” A form of the Prisoners Dilemma, a problem in game theory. This social experiment came to light in 1950 by Merrill Flood and Melvin Dresher while they were working at RAND.

The prisoner's dilemma (PD) is presented as follows:

Two players in the game can choose between two moves, either "cooperate" or "defect". The idea is that each player gains when both cooperate, but if only one of them cooperates, the other one, who defects, will gain more. If both defect, both lose, but not as much as the "cheated. The whole game is somewhat uncertain in his outcomes i find this a suitable game for The Joker to play as it fits his personality and he is excited to see what the outcome may be, because even the Joker doesn’t know.

Let’s just look at the sanario of this game theory we are presented with: Two suspects are arrested by the police. The police have insufficient evidence for a conviction, and having separated both prisoners; visit each of them to offer the same deal. If one testifies for the prosecution against the other and the other remains silent, the betrayer goes free and the silent accomplice receives the full ten year sentence.

If both remain silent, both prisoners are sentenced to only six months in jail for a minor charge this way would be the better option if were thinking of this in terms of morality, but they don’t know if the other is being moral towards them. If one of them betrays the other one, by confessing to the police the defector will be freed. The individual who remained silent, on the other hand, will receive the full punishment, since he did not help the police, and there is sufficient proof. Each prisoner is guaranteed that the other will not know about the betrayal before the end of the investigation. The dilemma resides in the fact that each prisoner has a choice between only two options, but cannot make a good decision without knowing what the other one will do.

With Batman, instead of prisoners, it is ships of captives, and if one betrays the other, the other dies, but if neither betrays, they both live. So what it says is that cooperation is more beneficial than detonation. When the citizens and the cons decided not to blow each other up, it showed that Gotham still had hope to become a better city. The Joker was trying to prove that, when chaos is introduced to a society, the population falls into mayhem. The Joker is the unstoppable force because his societies always progressively move into rebellion, and Batman is the unmovable object because he refuses to be corrupted. Joker, at least in The Dark Knight, was trying to overthrown society and show that having plans is pointless.

Villains now a days are defiantly based more on rape and terrorism like sin city and Hellboy, I also feel that people are relating more to Villains as they have become more normal, still mental but more human, where as Batman is very much human it seems impossible to do the things Batman would do as a normal citizen and he becomes more psychotic and un normal in a social context. So what does make Batman different from Superman?

Yes batman is human and has the same feelings that we can all relate to, he knows and recognises he lives in a life that doesn’t make sense and has empathy; His abilities are due to his determination and obsession of being the best he trains every second of everyday to be stronger and be able to fight.

I’m skipping over the moral facts of Superman I mean when have you ever seen Superman kill someone? Punch someone? Trip them up? Superman is obviously a hero. I’d just like to point out one similar fact between my next target ‘Daredevil’ and Batman and that is one simple word ‘revenge’. We all know Batman’s parents died in front of him when he was eight which most people would describe as the reason he decided to dress up as a Bat and run around the streets and night. Daredevil started out as Matt Murdock he’d lost his mum earlier on in his life, and was raised by his dad would used to be a world champinge wrestler, One night his father was asked to lose a match but refused and was shot this is the part in the movie where Matt see’s his father dead but in the original story of the comic book Matt is a adolescent youth away studying law at university when finding out. Later on he sees a man crossing the road with a truck speeding towards him; Matt jumps into action and flings himself into the man. Matt lands in drums of toxic waste. Which is how the original joker is made may i add, but Matt turned into no villian, The toxic waste masked him blind and he gains super senses. Are now all anti-heroes brought up to fight for revenge? And then at some stage in their life decide that no one should have to go what they have been though?

The truth is Superman has killed, twice It’s hard to take that Superman was nearly an ideal candidate for the perfect Superhero. Though it was his moral duty to save civilians and he did what needed to be done. I stated earlier revenge led to anti-heroism but i now am considering that to be a true superhero you have to a product of anti-heroism, to stand up above the law and do it your way. It’s a hard subject to underline, we know that from comic books through TV series and finally to movies each specific hero has changed but you have to remember they arn’t just changing to make a blockbuster film look better and gain more action sinarious, but because society is changing in its needs, people are much more forgiving of anti-heroism and more forgiving of villains or criminals than you’d expect, but none of this changes the fact of what makes a superhero. A Superhero carries his moral code where ever he may go, to me a hero has to have more to them than just a hero status looking back at the Oxford English Dictionary. It state that an "In recent (often nonce) formations after SUPERMAN, used to designate a person, animal, or thing which markedly surpasses all others, or the generality, of its class." A Moral code for a superhero should state they should be able to rise about the morals we hold, as in ‘i shall not kill’. The willingness to protect all life regardless of the risk and like superman holds your own moral slandered incredibly high. Treat life as a sacred thing this is one of the things that truly make a hero a ‘superhero’.

are often faced with having to look stupid or weak to those who 'don't know' their real super identity. In a way, this is where they have to demonstrate a kind of spiritual superstrength, to not allow their ego (when they are being misjudged) to get in the way of their conscience. Ironically, this is a very human struggle and I think this is one of the most important 'lessons' these stories teach.

A Hero in all The reason why society needs superheroes

Chapter 6: world domination

After world 1 ended in 1918 Germany were forced to give up land and banned from having armed forces, in 1933 The German people voted a new leader this leader promised them that their country would be great again and to do so they would seize land from other countries, This leader was Adolph Hitler he led the political party ‘National Socialist’ known better today as Nazis, 1939 on the morning of Friday 1st September 1.5 million German troupes swept into Poland.

On the 3rd September 1939 a British Prime minister Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany. This year The Bat-Man was also created but shortly after Hitler banned all comics and superheroes though he saved one of his favourites, Mickey Mouse.

Though Superheroes were still a powerful weapon against this wall Superman and his pals were some of the finest propaganda tools in the Allied arsenal. Those first thirteen pages of Action Comics #1 would change the publishing industry forever, the images and words found on every page would bring such changes to the war time propaganda through radio marketing and merchandising. Comics echo real life they follow us through war, civil rights movement and space expiration obviously there is a big difference between life and comic strips that is in a comic strip there’s more superheroes, All these outcomes have given the comic book world a whole new set of enemies, one common thing i always think of is that a villain is always seeking world domination and where else would that story of come from other than the notorious Adolph Hitler. Robinson‘s tells us in the Unauthorised exploration of the psychology of superheroes that villains will always change with the times. The first villains in the comic books were hijackers, fraudsters and bank robbers.

Americanization plays a part in comic books as far as I know Comic books and Superheroes are an entirely American invention it wasn’t till after World War 2 Brittan started to notice the excitement of Superheroes in the 1950’s by the 1960’s Brittan had Batman and Robin TV series showing daily.

I believe that superheroes are giving hope, helping us stand up for what we want and what we need in society, society without superheroes is a society without hope; we all need to have a role model at some point in our lives to help guide us through these tough times that the world stumbles through. But are superheroes a good influence upon our society? In the New Scientist magazine claimed that “Superman is too good a role model.”  (Anna Gosline -19 November). This social psychology experiment included an application for volunteer work, candidates were asked to list the qualities of ‘Superman’ or any other famous figure and then sign up for volunteer work.  Those who wrote down Superman’s traits were less likely to volunteer.  The reason for this, the researchers argue, is that people feel that they can’t live up to Superman. I feel superman is a great role model, if our children are growing up looking up to superman they are learning to be strong and independent. Remember when you used to be scared of the dark and your mother told you there was nothing to worry about a million times i bet many have thought about being grown up and pretending to be superman and be afraid of nothing. I’m sure young children understand and wouldn’t put be put down by the fact that people feel superman represents perfectness; after all he is an Alien.

Besides i can only assume that superheroes were invented so our nations had someone to lead the way. We should follow their example’s they are constant reminders of right doing and justice, human traits we should all learn from. Male or female its always the same i know male superheroes are the main object when thinking of heroes but there are female superheroes such as Marvel Girl, Wonder women, Psylocke and Shadow Cat. i’m assuming that because man has always been announced first and betrayed as a dominant party of the human race is why female superheroes fall short, secondly if i was creating a comic book i don’t feel a female superhero would go down so well and become as popular so in my need to add a female to my characters they seem to seamlessly fit in to the role of supervillian’s. African American and Native American characters are more likely to be portrayed as victims and villains. this is seems to me not racist at all its just like the world moves the comic books move, i feel as though comic books and superheroes have stopped aging and are still following the norm of 1930’s success. Whatever way we decide to look at superheroes we still can’t get past the fact that we need them, they have fitted nicely into the society we lead. New and old all are invited, I’ve talked about how these heroes plunge in and out popular culture but to be honest if you look at anything in our years of popular culture you’re bound to find a superhero not far from the pack. I’d say that instead of appearing as our saviour and vanishing again it’s been more of a steady growth of heroism growing in our world since superman was founded. New heroes are being made constantly with superhuman powers to save us. So i come to the question of this chapter again: Why do we need superheroes to exist, why does society need them. Why are we in demand of these fabricated characters? My take on it is that it’s part of our human nature. To want someone larger than life to make all the bad things go away, to make life safer and easier. isn’t that why inventors invent equipment to make our life’s easier so we don’t have to stand outside and wash are clothes with a bar of soap and a bucket they made a machine that injects soup and water into a tumbler and spins it extremely fast. According to the films ‘Back to the Future’, inventors are supposed to of supplied us with flying cars and hover boards instead of skate boards by this day and age, a step towards humans flying. Wouldn’t being able to see through objects and reading people’s minds make day to day activities perform easier? Is wanting a hero another product of laziness we strive for to make the day’s activities less stressful and uncomplicated? We don’t need superheroes to solve all our worldly problems; we need a hero to set an example. Show us what we can become, what we can solve by ourselves when we put our mind, heart and soul into it. We need Superheroes for the same reason people believe in God. Many pray for god to give them courage and give them hope in a time of need, in a time of a crisis. Its part of life that not everything goes your way, it’s something we have to live with. Knowing there is or may be a greater force watching over us gives an individual strength to believe and be greater people.

We all have villains we wish to defeat in life someone who really makes you boil, who you wouldn’t mind getting even with, when someone annoys you or the stress of work gets on top of you, you have a mad rage and stomping fit and shrug it off the best you can. This can be classed as morality fighting back your will to do wrong. You think your far off a superhero, but look around you, my mum is my superhero from birth the bond is strong and it grows stronger, she juggles day to day life of work and cleaning then still has time to see how your day was. She teaches you morals of life how to be you after all humans follow by example.

If annotated the emphasis on religion a few times so far, the need has come to get religion in the ranking of what an actual superhero is. Since the whole idea of superheroes can be found in any form of social being I’m legislated to look upon religion. I take you back to our first comic book hero Superman many have compared superman to Jesus Christ, I’ve always brushed the idea off and thought maybe it’s not a prominent topic as is politics in the superheroes’ world though I’ve found this interesting fact that Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel were in fact Jewish. Now i suddenly am enlightened on all the similarities between Superman and Jesus? Superman was sent from his home planet Krypton to earth by his father Kal-El to save man-kind from itself, give us hope and something to believe in to make the world a better place. He landed in his rocket in western A couple find him who are incapable of giving birth to their own child. When realising his destiny his father gave him he decide he need a disguise that came as the journalist Clark Kent. God had sent Jesus to earth from heaven he was sent to the Mideast, Bethlehem. Jesus must also take on an alter-ego of a small town boy Jewish boy turned prominent itinerant preacher. Jesus chose not to keep his secret identity under wraps he chose to let everyone know he was the son of god and had been sent to earth by him to tell the people that life would be so much better for them if they could just get along, he continued to inform them that Christianity can help them find the way and will finally bring peace. Lessons learned by Shuster and Siegel never reveal your true identity, what did they do to Jesus they laughed in his face and then nailed him to a cross. There are a lot of similarities that could draw superman to faith but if you compare the quotations of comic to bible the words from either father are reversed Kal-El says to his son in the superman movie “Even though you've been raised as a human being, you're not one of them. They can be a great people, Kal-El. If they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all - their capacity for good - I have sent them you, my only son”.

The gospel would not relate to humans as ‘great people if they wish to be’ the Bible instead it is spoken: ‘instead it would say they will never be a great people nor do they wish to be one’ and In addition it would not say ‘they only lack the light to show the way’ but rather that ‘they cannot be shown the way and that is why you must take their place as a sacrifice for their sins’. Superman turns out to be less of a religious figure. He does not come to sacrifice himself in our place because of our desire for evil, but he comes to awaken the good in all of us. Superman came to be like us, Jesus came to be different. Jesus though did fight for our lives, the only thing he wanted was for our sins to be saved, now less and less every day to we believe, Superman was sent to save the planet after the mess we’d layer upon in. Batman was created to start further down the scale he’s here to save the city from criminals. He’s here to fight for justice in a corrupt country. (why hes so popular in this day and age) If you consider Jesus as a hero then back in 30BC they really needed one, the world was run down with poverty, death and slavery. They need their messiah someone who could lead them to defend them in a position of world domination, they wanted the power of God to take effect, but they didn’t get what they had dreamed of they didn’t get their saviour, to show them how to win the war they were fighting. (this is why we need superheros. A feeling of void, a sense of emptiness that can only be filled by a hero)

Matt Murdock is in fact presented to us as a Catholic school boy. As daredevil he resents the evil in the world, he takes it personally. In some strips can be found on his knees with his hands together asking god to help him and protect him. Any superhero can be aligned with religion is you look deeply enough you’ll find something.

What is it about our culture then that needs an action figure known as a superhero to solve our battles with the world? Superman has been with us since the great depression he now represents a world of optimism. Superheroes message has always been work it out for yourself but that’s the greatness of a superhero it spans that discussion yes there is that rugged individual like peter parker in spiderman, but we also have teams of superheroes, x-men, watchmen, fantastic four, justice league even captain planet and the planters. They help each other out and rescue each other when ones impearl. What’s happening now in American culture is an interesting contrast with the development of CDI and high definition animation, were going through a ‘super’ realist phase in pop culture, where were embracing documentary and other forms that represent the world in a sort of naked and emotional context, more than were ever seen in popular entertainment. Were looking forward and now focusing on things that are real or could be real now were going to see some real heroes. Not to be confused with Generation-X, Generation Kill is a new film even though it aired in 2008 it is still relatively new it’s about a guy who was a former Marine it captivates the essence of what the invasion of Iraq was like to the men who were there.

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