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Helping Project Manager For Managing Multi Diverse Teams Management Essay

The principle of this term paper is to discover text that recommend that multi-diverse project teams consist of members from different diverse surroundings convey new and fresh thoughts that move towards a problem solving approach. The dispute, though, is so as they also establish diverse perceptions and prospects concerning team self-motivation and combination. So for this reason there comes a communication gap and trust. A successful team depends on trust among members which is only created by open and successful communication. So for high quality project success, output is totally dependant on its strong basis which can only be building trust among team members having diverse cultures but building trust in multi-diverse teams is not an easy job without proper communication. The problem develops into how a project manager can successfully and efficiently build trust through proper communication in a multi-diverse project team, keeping in mind that how to achieve success by managing diversity in teams and satisfying the end users of the project after completion. So while preparing this term paper, we will go through several related articles, discover some key findings, and then we will establish the methodology use for conducting this research that which method is to use in order to answer our research question.


The research question for this study is;

“How communication and trust helps project managers for managing the multi diverse teams”

Literature Review:

Managing and leading diverse teams are very much difficult because of globalization and international alliances even though organization can achieve big performance advantages from diverse teams (Preston G. Smith, 2001, p.294). A successful team depends on open, efficient communication, which in turn depends on trust among members (Preston G. Smith, 2001, p.294). Communication is considered very much important for managers in managing the diverse teams but there are some barriers to it like different time zones and cultural differences (Preston G. Smith, 2001, p.294). But for getting success, it is seen that devlopment of trust is not only important among diversed teams but it is also in every team having local employees (Preston G. Smith, 2001, p.295). So it is given more focus on creating and maintaining trust (working together) through proper communication among diverse team members and project manager.

According to the definition of a cosmopolitan leader in an “An effective cosmopolitan leader is one who can access the strengths of his or her employees while minimizing the weaknesses.” (Wallace V. Schmidt, 1999, p.123). Managers are responsible for monitoring and managing the correct communication structure patterns that lead teams towards increased productivity (Wallace V. Schmidt, 1997, p.130 & 131). However, most of the researches are more focusing on the communication gap between the employees and project manager. It is also stated that having a multi-diverse team is valuable but it is not easy to get benefits from this team without establishing proper team communication strategy for achieving productivity and success for the project (Wallace V. Schmidt, 1997, p. 131).

Matveev and Nelson (2004) in Wallace V. Schmidt (1997) states that by maintain a proper cross cultural communication in team can improve project performance by 20 percent. Most of the scholars and practitioners are also agreeing on the fact that for ensuring group performance communication, integration and clarifications are the keys (Wallace V. Schmidt, 1997, p.137). So for that reason Wallace V. Schmidt (1997, p.138) is saying that ”Establishing a communication pattern in the early phase of a team’s development is important for helping groups make decisions and solve problems.” Wallace V.Schmidt (1997, p.138 & 139) also states that according to social cognition theory proper communication, trust and confidence in the other teams members skills is required for a leader of the project but then the author also states that there are some communication behaviors in team members that encourage or discourage trust building.

Researches have shown that for proper collaboration among team members, trust is a basic and important key which results in communicating among members which results in higher quality decision making and risk taking (Jarvenpaa & Leidner, 1999; Kanawattanachai & Yoo, 2002 in Vittal S.Anantatmula, 2010, p.61). So for in this regard effective communication can be attained by proper leadership and by trust building between employees (Vittal S.Anantatmula, 2010, p.65). Importance of communication and trust is also shown in a model which states that the successful global project management with diverse teams starts from the culture adaptation for team members and manager also which then depends upon the fast and reliable information system as well as on the relationship created between diverse team members and project leader/manger through trust which then ultimately increases and strengthens the communication path which lead to a proper planning execution and control of the project which positively results into high level of stakeholders and customer satisfaction, which means that project is completed successfully (Vittal S.Anantatmula, 2010, p.66). It means that for planning and execution in this model is totally dependent on the proper employment of communication to meet stakeholders and customers satisfactions.

(Vittal S.Anantatmula, 2010, p.66)

Research Methodology:

For answering the research question, we will choose the positivist approach because this approach will help us to strengthen our ideas with the previous held researches on this topic. All the empirical data planning would be done based on the preceding research related to that how communication and trust is helping project manger in multi-diverse teams. We will take into consideration all of the relevant work done in this area. The basic reason for choosing the positivist approach is the fact that we want to get opinion of large group of industrial people, so that we can come to know about their point of view. Therefore, research would be quantitative so that we can conduct our deductive approach in order to get the answer of our research question.

For further proceedings with the positivist approach, we will make the questionnaire in such a way, so that it can answer us all the objectives of our research regarding communication and trust among team members from different countries. We will distribute the questionnaire to those organizations that have multi diverse teams and where project managers need to manage the multi diverse teams by keeping in consideration the project scope as well. We will formulate the questionnaire with open-ended questions so that our respondent can give the one specific answer, which would ultimately result in better analysis. First, there would be pre test questionnaire to finalize or get to know about any other improvement. We will also take interview from the from the project managers of the large organization in order to know the difference in practice of successful and unsuccessful project managers. We will choose those members of organization who have some different cultural or working background, in order to get our answers for the employee satisfaction and their impact on the project performance. Whole data will be analyzed with the help of SPSS, in order to answer our research question in a better way.


In literature review, we analyze different articles regarding that how communication and trust is helping project manger for managing multi-diverse teams and we came into a conclusion that project manger has the key and important role for employment of proper and structured communication with in the whole project team having multi-divers members. When communication will be proper and structured then it will automatically build trust among employees from different countries. But there are some cultural and behavioral barriers in creating trust among team members because of the diverse culture and different time zones. It is also analyzed in the most of the articles that most of the employees don’t want to mix up with the other team members because of lack of trust so early in their professional career which create communication gap with in the team which ultimately has a bad affect on the performance of the project. In this regard project manager have to engage all the members of the team in such activities which can create trust and this can only be done through proper communication. After getting the results from our survey will be in a better situation to answer our research question in a better and detailed way.

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