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Life Death Immortality

In this paper I discuss whether immortality in the physical form is desirable. In accordance with the deprivation account... ...

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Significance Of Realistic Physics In Simulation Games

This dissertation is on the significance of realistic physics in simulation games....

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Ellis Behaviour Therapy

Philosophy Dissertation - In the world, everyone is unique. They usually differ on the basis of family in which they grew up and the values, culture... ...

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Justice And The Role Of Accounting

Justice means different things to different people. ...

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Virtue And Pleasure In Aristotle And Kant

Every action and choice is thought to aim at some good; and for this reason the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim. ...

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The Modernist Dogma That Form Follows Function

The aim of this thesis is to discuss the modernist dogma ‘form follows function. A good architecture is meant to create a better functional design in course of lifestyle, amusement, work, study, and so on. Hence, all design decisions at the architectural level should be made within the context of the functional, ergonomic, and social requirements of the system being designed, which is a principle that equally to form follows function. The theory of form follows function could be implicated to evolution, economics, culture tradition, and aesthetic. They are closely linked with form, to produce different visual effect and results....

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God People

Philosophy Dissertation - Therefore neither can an animal move about in the closed as such, no more than it can comport itself toward the unconcealed. ...

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Context Sensitive Consequentialist

In this chapter, I outline a way of approaching rationality assessment which I call the context-sensitive consequentialist approach and provide an example of how it can be applied to empirical data obtained from experimental studies based on reasoning tasks ...

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Censorship Society Materials

Philosophy Dissertation - There are different types of freedoms or forms of liberations that everyone needs to be able to feel comfortable and... ...

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Nonhuman Animals

The trajectory of our anthropocentric thinking on the moral status of nonhuman animals has its roots in classical antiquity and has been guided along by the relatively unchallenged assumption that cognitive inferiority is a relevant measure of moral inferiority. ...

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Craighead Nemeroff

The term anorexia nervosa was effectively invented in 1872 when it was first used to describe a disorder occurring chiefly... ...

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